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Mahogany hair color – sexy and elegant

The use of mahogany hair color is not restricted to a particular pocket of society. It is possibly the most evolving trend in the hair color arena, one that most people can easily pull off. For those of you, who are interested in staying top of focus trends, must know that certain factors can help you choose the best shades of Mahogany.mahogany hair color

Due to the popularity of this hair color, several shades of Mahogany can be found today that seamlessly fit just about any skin tone out there. The key to choosing a mahogany hair color is to ensure that you have the right cut and know how to deal with this color on your hair. Plus, if you decide to do this on your own, you must know how the whole process unfolds so that the color comes out great.

Mahogany hair color cuts

The hair cut that you have is the most critical point that determines the best shade of Mahogany. For those of you who are looking at the mahogany, here’s where you should get started:

  • Brighter hues work with short hair
  • Go dark with long hair
  • Bangs can be great

For those who have short hair, the use of more colorful hues can help to make this pop while people with longer hair will find that more vivid shades can almost be too much. It is why the use of dark burgundies can be a great option.

mahogany dark hair

Those with bangs will find that the mahogany color can make their whole faces light up, thanks to the way this color compliments various skin tones. All of it perhaps boils down to one point: you should choose a cut that you are comfortable with. One that matches with your face shape, and then chooses the best share of mahogany color. Do this and you are going to emphasize and highlight this haircut.


Those with rounder faces, for instance, will find longer cuts work best, while others with more square-shaped faces will find they can wear a multitude of different cuts for their face shape.

The Color Effects

The effect of the color on your hair is one point you must take into consideration. As for Mahogany, it is:

  • Lasts up to a few months
  • Can moisturize hair
  • Does not damage hair

Those who get a permanent application of Mahogany will find that the color will last for several months. Usually, the fading of the color will only happen when the roots are growing out. However, those who get a semi-permanent color will find that it washes out in a few weeks.

The use of demi-permanent color will gradually fade; the time it lasts will depend on how frequently a person washes their hair. By mixing your color up with some choicest of ingredients, you can make it last longer. For example, you are using products meant to protect the hair such as shine serums and the like. A huge plus of the use of mahogany hair color is that this does not damage your hair.

Those who use this type of color often find that their hair is more moisturized, behaves better and looks much healthier. It can be attributed to brands putting in essential oils or plants to make the hair respond better to the color. Most hair colors with these ingredients are not going to affect the quality of hair.

DIY mahogany hair color

If you are interested in doing your hair color, then mahogany hair color as is good as any color you can choose. To do this, you will need:

  • The color
  • Gloves
  • Hair clips
  • Conditioner or petroleum
  • Towels

The process of doing your hair dye is relatively straightforward, but it will take time. The hair dying process cannot be rushed, as this can result in the color not taking correctly. First off, be prepared with what you will need. You will need to have towels for when you wash the color out of your hair, as well as hair clips if you have long hair, so you are sure to get each portion of hair dyed.

In addition to that, the use of gloves is recommended. It will prevent the hair dye to affect the skin. A good tip is to put conditioner or petroleum on the skin around the face to avoid the dye penetrating the skin. Most mahogany colors take color rather quickly since they are darker. Thus you will want to leave the color on the hair for the recommended amount of time: most brands recommend 30 minutes or so.


mahogany hair dyeOnce the color has set on the hair, you must wash your hair out by mixing in cold water. This tip can help make the color more vibrant. After rinsing hair, you need to make sure to put on a glaze treatment for a few minutes to help the color to lock-in. After coloring your hair, you must wait at least 48 hours. The DIY option is ideal for those who are looking to go with the mahogany color, as it can be done in 45 minutes.



Makes everyone looks great

The use of the mahogany color on hair can be a trend that makes everyone looks great. The color is rich and deep, which makes the hair look healthy and gorgeous. Remember that the shade of mahogany being used should be combined with a haircut that works for your face shape for the ultimate look.

Also, the color is not going to affect the health of your hair. In all likelihood, it will improve the quality of hair. The time frame for which the mahogany color lasts depends on what type of hair color you are using. And obviously how you treat the hair after being colored.

By following the simple steps to color your hair, you can give yourself a hair color that looks as if it is done professionally.