Hairstyle by faceshape

How to find the right hairstyle

Long or short hair, oval or round face? It is not any hair style that suits your face shape. See which hairstyle suits you best:

Dreaming of a medium page, in a slightly messy look that’s modern now? Or do you want most long fluffy Hollywood beckons a la Jennifer Lawrence? Unfortunately it is not always that dream hairstyle suits the face shape you have.

The best you can do if you want a flattering hairstyle is as the first to find out what face shape you have. : It has great impact on whether you can successfully wear a short hair or long locks.

– Get your hairdresser to help your to identify the strengths of your face shape, so they can be highlighted, but do not let you limit. That’s the good thing about the times we live in; everything is allowed and we must stand out, says Lasse Pedersen, a hair stylist for TRESEMMÉ in Denmark and explains that you can just use face shape as a guideline for what suits you best.

Find your face shape among these four main types, and get the hairdresser’s guide to the hairstyle that suits you and what you should avoid.

Oval face

ovalThe oval face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead hairline with a rounded, slightly wider cheekbones and a narrower and slightly rounded chin. Proposal for a hairstyle: Do you have an oval face, you can enjoy that it is well balanced, and that almost all hairstyles will suit you. Both long, short, curly and straight hair. Go like for a hairstyle that highlights facial shape. A little more square and sharp cut bob that ends at the shoulders, with a soft bangs that flips outward, and a side or center parting.


Avoid: Hiding your beautiful face shape with very heavy, straight bangs or style your hair towards the face. Proposal for setup: Generally, you should avoid making too high settings so that the face does not get too far. Collect it in place in the neck, or optionally only the upper part of the hair, and leave the rest hanging loose in the neck in order to soften the edge of the lower face up.

Round face

roundA round face has full cheeks, a slightly narrower forehead and a round chin. This means that it is almost as long as it is wide. Proposal for a hairstyle: Medium and long hair like the round shape and draw optical face a little longer. If you have bangs, then let it be a little asymmetric, as it opens the face. If possible, get your hair cut in layers, as it gives a little more fullness on top and get face to seem narrower. Avoid: Hairstyles that make the face even rounder.

Avoid heavy bangs, which both makes the face smaller and wider, lengths of hair that ends at the cheekbone, and too round hairstyles. Proposal for setup: The round face can wear high settings, for example. a bun on top of the head, as it makes the face anymore.

Rectangular face

rectangularThe face is elongated by about the same width at the forehead, cheekbones and jaw and long, straight high lengths of the three parties. Proposal for a hairstyle: Here you have to face softened and choose a hair that does not make it seem longer than it is already. Get made fill with floors, possibly a 70s hairstyle and keep the hair short or medium to fill the page – like with curls or waves. A high side parting will also balance the length of your face, and a center parting can be soft corners up top. Bangs are also good, since the optical makes the face shorter.

Avoid: Very long hair, because it only gets face seem longer. Proposal to set up: You can put your hair up, just not too tight – think all the time: soft lines. Avoid high setups, and give instead fill the pages. Pull tufts free from setup, and let them go against the face.

Heart shaped face

heartshapedThe heart shaped face is quite rare and very lovely. The face is wide at the top, slightly narrower in the middle portion, and it has a very narrow jaw with an often small, pointed chin. Proposal for a hairstyle: Here we get hold of page hair, just without bangs, but perhaps with a few soft lures that can take some of the top corners of the face. The fullness due to be at the chin and behind the ears to balance. The hair may well be relatively flat at the top.

Avoid: Too much filling on top, then there will be too much width. Avoid short hairstyles. Proposal for setup: The new wet-look where the hair is ironed flat back and down behind the ears when it gets to be wide at the bottom, will fit super good for the heart-shaped face.