Hairstyles for heart shaped faces

Woman with heart shaped faces knows that it is the curves that define a heart shape. Typically you are rather wide at the top of your head and cheeks, and then your face will rounds down into a pointed chin. This will bring attention towards the top, and it’s best to balance proportions by capturing and moving the viewer’s eye further down the face.hairstyles On this picture to the left you see two of Hollywood’s most beautiful female celebrity’s and they certainly do not let their heart shaped face stop them from trying different hairstyles. This is good to know as this clearly demonstrate that as long as you take percussion, there is absolute nothing you can’t pull off with the right hairstyles for heart shaped faces!!

Long hair, shorter hair, long curls and even shoulder length bob can work out for you if just you remember to combine with a good side bang. This is course of the nature of heart shaped faces with a wider top and narrower chin which can make your hair look quite thick in the upper part if not proper addressed. Try to balance out the face with long, side-swept bangs which “draw attention down and towards the eyes, letting the longest pieces hit just around the outermost corner of your eyes and the shorter pieces should hit the face someplace around your eyebrow.  Most professional hairdressers know this and will attend it during the haircut, but be sure that it is not cut too short. Many think that bangs add a bit sexiness and flirtiness to your hairstyle and to be honest,  that’s what every woman wants.

Before picking your new hairstyles for heart shaped faces, do not forget to take into account how much work you want to put into styling your bangs every day. As beautiful as it looks as much attention you must put into it. Side bangs are usually a section of your hair that needs a daily refreshing to look its best, even if you skip a wash and pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail. Beauty doesn’t come easy!!

Hairstyles for heart shaped faces, Do’s


hairstyles for heart shaped facesMost types of bangs look on to you – especially the longer model that goes down over the eyebrows, or the one that starts at the side and runs across your forehead. Use your bangs to make your hair take some of the focus away from your chin, and while it can be used to cover a broad forehead.




hairstyles for heart shaped facesYou can try to cut off your curls and go for a short hairstyle, however, be sure to keep the top layer relatively long.





hairstyles for heart shaped facesA good old page is something that you can pull off. Please pay attention to the length and do make sure that it is no shorter than the chin.




hairstyles for heart shaped facesYour hair should preferably fill most just around the chin. It creates harmony because it smooths out some of the heart-shaped.





hairstyles for heart shaped facesYeah, curls and ringlets are super good. But they are best when they first start at the ears and bottom – it gives more body to the lower part of your face.





hairstyles for heart shaped facesIf you have thick, long hair, it is a good idea to get it cut in soft floors, so it frames the face.




Hairstyles for heart shaped faces dont’s

Short straight bangs:

hairstyles for heart shaped facesBe careful not to cut the bangs short and straight across. It can easily look strange on your broad forehead.





hairstyles for heart shaped facesYou can easily have short hair, but do not take up too much of on top of your head.





hairstyles for heart shaped facesIn general, you should steer well clear of styles and hairstyles that occupy the top – unless you want to show off your heart shape.