honey blond hair dye

Honey Blonde Hair Dye to Highlight Your Beautiful Locks


One very effective way of changing the way you look is to get your hair dyed. However, after having taken a decision of dying your hair another issue to ponder over would be which of the colour hair dyes would be best suited for your skin? For getting an answer to the question that we just raised you would have to first understand about the various kinds of skin tones, and then accordingly find out as to which of the category of skin tones you belong to.


The three major categories of skin tones would be:

  • The Cool Skin Tone
  • The Warm Skin Tone
  • The Neutral Skin Tone

Among the above mentioned skin tones, it is only the neutral skin tone for which almost any kind of hair dye be it a honey blonde hair dye, or a golden hair dye or even the brown and many other such shades of hair dyes will match. However, if you fall in the category of the two other kinds of skin tones, then it is important that you realise which of them is yours and accordingly you can choose a colour for yourself.



honey blonde hair color


Like for example if you fall in the category of cool skin tone then your complexion will be high lightened when you are wearing a baby blue attire or a white attire, similarly if you are on the other side, which means that if you fall in the category of warm skin tone then a more rusty coloured wear or cream will highlight the complexion of your skin. One other way of finding out which colour will suit you the best is by going for a hair dye which is a shade lighter or a shade darker than your eyebrows, as it is said that the colour of your eye brows is what compliments your complexion really well. Hence if suppose you are going for a honey blonde hair dye, be sure to match the shade of this dye with the colour of your eye brows so that you are not in a loop later.


Honey blonde hair dye among all is one of the most preferred hair dyes, and that is because its shades and styles are such that it will suit almost every kind of hair do, but the trick is to understand which kind of look or hair colouring factor will suit you the best. Also one other factor to remember is that going for the type of honey blonde hair colour will also depend on the maintenance factor, as not many of us find time out of our daily fixed schedule to go to a parlour or for that matter take care of maintaining the hair colour at home itself, as there is no point getting a honey blonde hair dye done for your hair, but not maintaining it, especially when that kind of hair dye dies need some real good maintenance work on them. Hence if you are in a parlour ask your hairstylist everything, like how much of your time is required to maintain the hair style and what are the precautions you should take and the likes.