8 second wonder water

April 12, 2021

L’Oreal 8 Second Wonder Water - a customer review

I was interested in trying the L’Oreal Eight Second Wonder Water. The reviews said that it would help make my hair smooth and silky.

So I logged on to Amazon and bought a bottle of this magic water. It's this one I bought: Wonder water from L'Oreal

The experience was great. The 8 second wonder water made my hair softer, no doubt about that. I must say that I did enjoy the experience and what it did to my hair.

What is this 8 Minute Wonder Water?

This water is a conditioning treatment that will leave the hair softer, smoother, and silkier. It is used between shampooing and conditioning and it will only need to stay on the hair for 8 seconds.

It can be used for damaged hair. The water will target only the damaged area and will not over-treat the healthy sections.

Sounds good so far.

How I did and what I feel about the 8 second wonder water

Once I shampooed my hair, I added the water towards the end. It did feel oily yet watery.

My scalp did tingle a little. I found it easy to apply to my hair without anything dripping or making a mess with the spray bottle.

I did not follow the directions strictly. I kept this on for 20 seconds. I wanted to make sure I would get all of the benefits. I followed this treatment with The Olaplex no.5 bond maintenance conditioner as I usually would. (You can read my review of it here )

After showering, I decided not to put any styling products in my hair.

I did not blow dry my hair either. I let it air dry. Usually, this means frizz for me, but I wanted to see if the water would improve my hair.

I was pretty pleased with my hair after using this water.

My hair felt smooth and glossy. It did not fix my spilt ends 100 percent, and my hair did not feel stronger. It did feel very silky. It was also shinny.

If you are looking for something to provide deep conditioning to your hair, you may want to use another treatment.

If you are looking for silky and shiny hair, this 8 minute water treatment is for you. I already purchased more of it.

Detailed product information on the wonder water

This wonder water is a rinse-out treatment that will go to work in just 8 seconds. The water is a liquid conditioner, and it will make the hair smoother and shiny. It works wonders.


Works in Just 8 Seconds. This hair treatment works in only 8 seconds. It will treat damaged hair. It will also make the hair smoother and leave a glassy shine. It will be soft to the touch.

New Technology. Wonder water is going to be the next big thing in deep conditioning. It has a lightweight formula. The amino acids in this water will treat the damaged parts of the hair. It will help form a layer known as a Lamella. This will help smooth out the hair in just 8 seconds. The hair will be healthy-looking, smoother, and will feel weightless.

Effective on All Types. This formula is excellent for long, dry, damaged, and curly hair. This treatment will work on all types of hair, from fine to curly. It is great for long hair, hair that is damaged, and frizzy hair. This formula is silicone-free. It will not weigh down hair. It is safe for color-treated hair. To see the best results use the Dream Lengths shampoo and conditioner with this. To make the hair smooth, it can be dried with a hairdryer.

The right way to use it

The Dream Lengths Wonder Water is meant to be rinsed out. It can be used two to three times a week after shampooing the hair. One dose can be used for medium hair, while two doses may be needed for curly or texture hair. If the hair is long, an extra amount can be used. This water is put directly on the wet hair avoiding the scalp. There may be a warm feeling as the product works. It should be massaged on for 8 seconds and then rinsed out. The conditioner can then be used. The hair can be blow-dried for even smoother results. This product should be used as directed. It should not be used near the eyes. If it does come in contact with the eyes, rinse them out using water. If irritation develops, do not use this wash. This is not for children. It is flammable until dry. Do not go near flames or open heat during the application process or until the hair is completely dry.