Best leave in conditioner for blonde hair

March 19, 2021

How to find the best conditioner

A healthy hair care routine, especially one that includes conditioning, is necessary to have healthy and shiny hair locks. Everyday washing and shampooing strip the hair of its natural oil, which gradually makes our hair brittle and dull. Deep conditioning replenishes the lost moisture and makes your hair look shiny and fresh, not to forget the soft feel! Deep conditioning your hair once a week is something you should never overlook.

Can blondes use a regular conditioner? Whether you are a natural blonde or bleached your hair blonde, you can use any conditioner. However, using a purple conditioner offers additional benefits for blonde hair. Along with keeping your mane protected and hydrated, purple shampoos remove unwanted brassy tones.

Here some of the best conditioners for blonde hair -

1. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner

You will see a drastic change in the quality and feel of your hair after using this conditioner. It adds shine and makes your hair appear voluminous. This conditioner also promises to lighten blonde highlights when you use it with the Sheer Blonde Go Blonder shampoo. John Frieda products are made in the USA and claim to be free from peroxide and Ammonia, making them suitable for everyone, including sensitive scalps.


  • Hydrates add shine and soften hair
  • It lightens blonde hair without causing excessive dryness
  • It is a mild conditioner, so that you can use it twice a week
  • This conditioner is suitable for natural as well as colored blonde hair
  • This product is Ammonia and peroxide-free
  • It has a fresh and soothing citrus fragrance


  • It may require a few washes to get the desired effect since this is a mild conditioner

2. L'Oréal Paris Ever Pure Sulfate-Free BrassToning Purple Conditioner

This Purple conditioner from L'Oreal is exclusively meant for treating dull and frizzy blonde hair. Like Purple Shampoos, this conditioner is also potent in neutralizing brassy tones/orange tones, which will reduce the need for frequent salon visits. Along with preserving the beautiful blonde color, this conditioner leaves your hair well-hydrated, soft, and squeaky clean. The L'Oréal Paris Ever Pure Sulfate-Free BrassToning Purple Conditioner is 100% sulfate-free and is perfect for highlighted, bleached, and silver hair.


  • This conditioner is Vegan, Paraben-free, and Sulphate-free
  • It is perfect for natural as well as colored blonde hair
  • It makes your hair feel soft and well-moisturized
  • It does not include any harsh chemicals and salts
  • Suitable for frequent use


  • It leaves a slight purple hue on the fingers after washing

3. Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Conditioner

This refreshing and lightweight formula from Paul Mitchell balances out excessive brassy tones plus imparts a healthy shine and softness to your blonde tresses. The formula contains natural extracts of Macadamia seeds and Sunflower seeds which treat your strands from root to tip to make them appear lustrous and full. You will see the results after just one wash. This conditioner works best on blonde, silver, and white hair. The Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Conditioner is available in different sizes and is paraben-free.


  • It is a color-enhancing and lightweight formula
  • It includes several natural extracts
  • This product is paraben and gluten-free
  • Suitable for all types of blonde hair


  • It is not a cheap option

4. ArtNaturals Purple Conditioner For Blonde Hair

Bleached hair is often considered high-maintenance hair, which needs frequent treatments to retain the blonde color. But, you don't have to worry about your blonde tresses turning limp when you have the ArtNaturals Purple Hair Conditioner. With just one wash, it makes your hair feel nourished and soft. This Vitamin E-rich formula is designed exclusively for treated hair. Along with improving the color of your hair, it also enhances your scalp's blood circulation, which results in healthier hair. This brand has so much faith in its products that they are willing to offer customers a 100% refund if they are not happy with the results. Now, this is something you don't see in other conditioner brands!


  • This conditioner is Sulphate-free
  • The formula is developed with vitamin E and coconut oil
  • It has a heavenly fragrance
  • Preserves hair color for a longer time


  • The fragrance can come off as a little too intense for some users

5. Global Keratin GKHair Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment

GKHair Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment is excellent for fine, damaged, or fragile blonde hair. This deep conditioner can be used to treat all kinds of hair (straight, curly, oily, or dry) and restore its natural health and glow. The formula contains Juvexin (keratin anti-aging protein blend), which is suitable for taming frizzy hair. Another key ingredient – Jojoba oil, is known for promoting healthy hair growth.


  • This conditioner is Sulfate, paraben, and gluten-free
  • It is fit for all types of hair
  • It improves hair tone and also enhances the overall health of hair
  • Enhances the volume and shine of your hair


  • This is an expensive conditioner

6. Purple Conditioner For Blonde Hair By GBG

GBG is extremely popular for its haircare range; the Purple Conditioner for Blonde Hair by GBG is another excellent product. It turns dull and dry blonde hair into luminous stresses after the first wash itself. You can use this conditioner on natural or colored blonde hair as well as on grey tresses. This conditioner creates a layer over your hair strands to protect them from heat damage from curling and straightening irons. This conditioner is infused with several potent natural extracts and plant-based glycerine to make your blonde hair silky and healthy, giving you a salon finish at home!


  • Improves overall health and quality of hair
  • Perfect for a variety of blonde hair types
  • Builds a Thermo Protective over your hair
  • Enhances hair color
  • Includes a 100 % money-back guarantee


  • Some users have mentioned hair breakage post wash
  • Sometimes leaves a purple residue on fingers

7. KC Professional Color Mask Platinum Treatment

If you are looking for a lightweight formula that can take care of your colored hair, you should give the KC Professional Color Mask Platinum Treatment a try. This deep conditioner is enriched with the goodness of Keratin and Pro-Vitamin B5. It rejuvenates your hair and improves the color of blonde or gray hair by keeping unwanted yellow and orange tones at bay. This is a perfect blend of all the ingredients that are necessary for repairing and strengthening hair.


  • It is Vegan, cruelty0free, and paraben-free
  • It repairs and restores chemically-treated and damaged hair
  • This conditioner is enriched with Keratin and Pro-vitamin B5


  • The color tone may not last long

8. Mark Daniels Lush Luminous Blonde Conditioner Powerful Purple Conditioner

The Lush Luminous Blonde Conditioner gives hair a naturally healthy boost and volume. This purple conditioner is sulfate-free and contains natural blue cypress oil, an ingredient known to prevent excessive yellow tones in blonde, colored bleached, white, or gray hair. This product contains Pro-Vitamin B5, which restores chemically-treated and dull hair. A single wash is all it takes to transform damaged hair into silky soft, lustrous locks. This conditioner also contains antioxidants and Vitamin A and C extracts to soothe a sensitive scalp and boost natural hair growth.


  • This conditioner is Paraben-free, Silicone-free Sulfate-free and is also Vegan
  • It contains several natural extracts and Vitamins A and C


  • It is not suitable for fine hair

9. Punch Skincare Purple Conditioner

The Punch Skincare Purple Conditioner starts showing results in one week. Whether you are naturally blonde or bleach blonde, you can use this conditioner to get smooth and silky hair. The lather-enhancing natural ingredients in this conditioner clean your scalp thoroughly and make fine hair look voluminous. The natural extracts of Menthol and Jojoba oil make your scalp feel cool and pleasant both during and after wash.


  • Enhanced with natural extracts and vitamins
  • Lather-enhancing natural ingredients leave hair grime-free and clean


  • Like all other purple shampoos and conditioners, this product may leave a purple hue on your hands after a wash

10. TRUSS Blonde Conditioner

TRUSS is another trusted and famous name in the skincare and haircare range. The TRUSS Blonde conditioner is by far one of the best Purple conditioners meant for bleached, natural blonde and gray hair. It clears the brassiness, orange and yellow tones from blonde hair. The unique compounds in this conditioner helps prevent hair breakage and repair split ends caused by chemical treatments. This conditioner is apt for all hair types, and another notable feature is that it also forms a protective layer on hair strands to prevent drying and preserve the color for a longer time. This formula is mild and paraben-free; you can use it frequently without worrying about damaging hair.


  • Suitable for frequent use
  • The formula is Paraben-free
  • It preserves the color for a longer time


  • This conditioner is not silicone-free
  • May leave a purple hue on white hair

To sum it all up

We put our beautiful tresses through so much stress and strain. Occasionally deep conditioning them with a suitable conditioner can help you maintain and healthy and beautiful locks. Whether you have natural hair, bleached hair, grey hair, or white hair, using the right conditioner helps reduce brassiness and preserve the color for a long time.