Best way to cover gray hair for brunettes

January 14, 2020

The best way to cover gray hair for brunettes

If you are a blond or already have a light shade dyed hair color, the first strands of gray would be barely visible for you. It’s not so easy for brunettes, however. The darker your hair color is, the easier it is to notice the few strands of gray or white peeking out. 

Now, there are lots of ways you can deal with your new predicament. You can let the gray shine and accept it as part of your life. You could even purposely color your hair silver to flaunt the new shiny locks the way they deserve. Or, you could try out different hair colors that can cover your now gray locks. The choices are all yours, and we have excellent advice for you in all cases. 

1. Gray for the win!

Okay, so you have decided to embrace the grays. What do you do? 

Well, colorists recommend that if you are going to let the gray grow, it’s best to transition into it slowly. That is, you can start by using a light shade of brunette hair color before gradually going into the all-out silver. You can begin with semi-permanent hair colors. When the color begins to fade out, the grays will start to show. 

L'Oréal Paris Colorista or SoftSub Smokey Pink are all good transitioning hair colors for this purpose. L'Oréal has a range of really soft shades one can try out while SoftSub is, in general, a pretty pink that would look even prettier when the grays begin to show. 

2. What About Sticking to Brunette?

Well, if you aren’t ready to go gray yet, what shade of brunette should you go for? If you used to have dark hair, it doesn’t mean you have to pick dark hair dyes naturally. It’s one thing if you are in your youth and have gray hair due to genetic reasons or health problems. Then, you can color your hair as dark as you want by all means. Clairol instincts have some of the most beautiful shades of permanent dark hair color for you to choose from. 

However, if your gray hair is a product of natural aging, not only your hair, but your skin will be affected too. You have long since lost the pink glow that you prided in. If you add a dark hair color on top of that, your skin is bound to look more tired. 

In that case, the logical option is to go for less intense hair colors. Like we said, in case of going permanently gray, when the gray hair peeks out every once in a while or so, it will be less evident with lighter hair shade. 

Compared to cool tones, warmer shades are better as they tend to intensify the fading blush of your cheeks. Golden brown, ash brown, and butterscotch are excellent choices for those who have a cool skin tone. 

You will love L`oreal Diarichesse if you want to try out butterscotch. Il Salone Milano is the right choice in color and it will keep your hair moisturized. Additionally, it is a paraffin-free product. 

3. A Change in Your Shampoo

Okay, now you have colored hair. What happens after that? Your colored hair will only last for so long if you know how to take care of it. If you don’t provide it with the complete care, the color will fade in no time, letting the gray become more and more visible. Your hair is also likely to become more brittle from the disregard. 

The first step is to make a change in the shampoo. Your shampoo and conditioner should specifically be made for dyed hair. If you have decided to run with the gray, there is no other obvious option than the Loreal Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Shampoo and L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert conditioner

As for other ranges of dyed hair, John Frieda is a customer’s favorite. It also has a complimentary gloss range known as  John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss. 

4. A Change in the Hair Wash Routine

Just like you should change your shampoo, it’s time to revamp your hair wash routine too. This is a piece of obvious advice, but the more shampoo and water that invades your hair, the quicker the new hair color will start to fade. If you are using semi-permanent dye, then it’s even worse. 

The oils in your scalp are also going to be stripped away quicker, leaving your hair dry if you wash it too often. Don’t wash it more than once a week, and if it gets too dirty, you can rely on dry shampoo for a while. L'Oréal TECNI.ART volume Super Dust is one of the best dry shampoos in the market. It soaks up the grease your hair has collected over the week and once you are done washing, you will find your hair looks more voluminous. It also has a slightly matte finish to it. 

5. The Drying Process

Be gentle with your hair. When you are drying it, don’t use the towel too roughly. Excessive rubbing can weaken your hair, and it will have a hard time holding on to the color. For your towel choice, it should be of the soft kind and not a coarse one. 

As for the excess water that you want to dry, use what we call the downward squeezing motion. This way, you wouldn’t be rubbing the cuticles with the wrong method. 


We understand it can be hard to let go of your gorgeous dark locks, and seeing your actual hair color slowly fade away can be incredibly heartbreaking. A little touch of color is never a bad idea for your hair, as long as you learn to take care of it. 

In your bid to cover the grays, you have to be sure you don’t end up hurting your already weakening hair. Do everything with care and research beforehand. Before buying products, read up on customer reviews to be sure of your purchase.