Beach blonde

September 19, 2019

Beach blonde summer hair for everyone

A month of sun and saltwater provides the most amazing blonde summer hair. We want to help you, if not just you can look forward to a month on the beach this year, but still want to be part of the hot beach blonde trend. Here you will find all the best tips and tricks.

Sun and saltwater affect your hair, be it black, brown, dark blonde or light blonde. Depending on the color, condition, and texture of your hair, the sun and sea can form bright highlights or make all your hair entirely blonde. But the sun and sea are no longer the only way to capture summer in your hair. Here you can see how to make the hot summer style.

blonde hair color

Beach blonde look for brunettes

Pigmentation gives the magical "summer hair." UV rays in the sunlight break down the color pigment in your hair, and the saltwater highlights the bleaching effect. A lace ring mimics the impact of the summer sun. Lightening your hair at home will brighten dark brown and black hair two to three shades. Light brown or medium brown hair becomes brighter up to eight shades. Be sure to adhere to the time intervals set so that you do not get panic surprises.

Beach Blonde: Highlights for the dark and medium lace

Light streaks are tremendous and are quite typical of the sun's magical effect on our hair. Stripes are the perfect solution for medium and dark lace, who want to capture the sun's fantastic results, but who don't want to light all their hair. If you acquire one of the special strip kits, you can create the effect of the sun at home. Use a brush or a hair dye brush to apply the dye in your hair locks. The stripes get brighter up to six shades, depending on the hair product and your hair color.

Beach Blonde: Sun spray for blonde

Are you by nature blessed with light hair? If you are, you are just one step away from the beach-blonde dream look. You can only use lace spray (bleaching spray) that can give your hair some summer highlights. Use the lace spray or liquid on a pair of your hair locks or all over your hair. Each application will brighten your hair by about a quarter shade.

Beach Blonde: Pastel light reflection in your hair

Pastel hair color is the keyword when you want to be a fashionable beach blonde. Light blonde hair and discreet pastel tones all play together and give an interesting effect. You can achieve the look by using color treatments that make your hair reflect light in pastel colors (pastel luminaire). This effect looks particularly useful in light blonde and dark blonde hair.