Blonde hair with dark roots

October 4, 2019

Dark roots in blonde hair

Do you play around with the idea of ​​dyeing your hair blonde - but are you always afraid of dying roots to hide the dark fades? There is no longer any reason to think about the dark roots! It is a thing of the past to be concerned about scabies. It was once a taboo and should be hidden as soon as possible. You no longer have to hide them.

On the contrary, dark roots in blonde hair have been accepted everywhere - including for the significant gala events. Take a look at the blonde stars in our gallery, which show several versions of the look. We also give you styling tips to help you get a naughty and well-groomed look until the next hair color.

More tones

blonde hair color

The two-tone trend has made the dark roots have been accepted into blonde hair. It has not been long since multiple erosions were severely seen. At that time, the ravages had to be covered. It also meant that many women had to dye their hair often. Today, however, the old taboo has become the start of a new trendy, two-color look. This ombre hair color will look great in your hair until the next hair color.

You can advantageously have a relaxed setting for small things such as dark roots. It is no use getting stuck in old rules, as it just puts a stop to creativity!

Dark roots in blond hair: From taboo to trend

Women with dark roots may still be considered 'rebels.' But on the other hand, this is brave to ignore the old notions that are full of strict rules such as 'dark roots in blonde hair must be hidden.' These individuals often go together to break the many regulations and conceptions. It just takes a bit of patience. But taboos die. Women with dark hair at the top and blonde hair tips can also say goodbye to the old rules. Soft waves, beach hair and cheeky puffs (like Cameron Diaz) are especially suitable for the look with the dark roots.

blonde hair color

How often you cover your dark hair roots is (almost) more about taste than about the need to cover those fountains. For modern women have finished following the usual rules.

Styling tips for dark roots in blonde hair

Have we convinced you? If you are ready to try out the casual two-tone look or want to extend the periods between your hair colors, then we have great tips for you.

  1. Two-color hair looks particularly good combined with soft and wavy hair. Both are casual in the right way, and it reinforces each other.
  2. Dark roots in blonde hair look more casual than unsigned as long as the hair is healthy.
  3. The dark roots look better without a sharp transition from the dark to light hair. Make sure the transition between the hair colors is not bright and clear. Soft, irregular shifts contribute to a better look.
  4. Whether you are unsure how to make a smooth, gradual transition or what products are best for the modern look, there is always a Professional Schwarzkopf hairstylist ready to help!
  5. Of course, it's still an option to cover dark roots with color. You will find a wide selection of kits to cover the fouling at the parting or where the fouling is otherwise visible. It extends the period between your hair dyes.