Dark blonde hair

September 21, 2019

The gorgeous feminine beauty of the dark blonde hair

When the light falls on a beautiful mane of dark blonde hair, you will immediately see that it is, in fact, a brown hue with golden tints that provide texture and a sophisticated look. We show you how to achieve this beautiful hair color and how to care for your dark blonde hair

There is nothing boring about dark blonde hair. It comes across quite clearly if you allow your inner artist to enjoy the many sophisticated shades this hair color has to offer. The soft and light warmth of the color gives an expression of natural elegance and femininity. It is difficult to remove the eyes from dark blonde hair, especially if the hairstyle allows it to move freely, and stripes help to give it additional texture. Dark blonde hair manages to frame your face without it working hard or going over your face and makeup.

blonde hair color

How to dye your hair dark blonde

Your natural hair color must be somewhere between light blonde and medium brown if you want to use permanent or semi-permanent color products to achieve the desired dark blonde look. Take a close look at your natural hair color before deciding on a cold or warm dark blonde tone.

Caution: You may have previously dyed your hair blonde or made light streaks. These color treatments involve bleaching that pulls the natural red pigment out of your hair. This may mean that the dark-blonde color product may not produce exactly the result you expected. After dyeing your hair dark blonde, you can also give it some bright streaks, just as Kate Bosworth did.

 How to care for dark blonde hair

Only healthy and well-groomed hair with a completely smooth and intact outer skin layer will show the full format of the hair color. The pigments that determine our hair color are deep inside the hair shaft. When the hair shaft is covered with a durable and uniform skin layer, the beauty of the hair color will shine through. This is where color shampoo comes into the picture. In addition to acting as a conditioner, it also protects the full intensity and beauty of your hair color.

blonde hair color

Makeup tips for women with dark blonde hair

Dark blonde is a muted color with a natural look. A little nude makeup will promote this naturally beautiful look. Light facial skin combined with fresh, dark blonde hair looks fantastic with a bit of pink blush. Warm, dark blonde hair matches with a bronze-colored blush on light skin.

Styling and attitude can help give a person with dark blonde hair a more bold and distinctive look. Makeup choices also help determine whether you get a feminine or more daring look. Neutral colors are what work best with dark blonde hair. Bright colors don't match the muted tones of the dark blonde hair.

Gold, ocher, and brown are the ideal makeup colors for women with dark blonde hair with warm tones. Both the hair and the face color will get a warm glow. The cooler, silvery makeup colors match well with the dark blonde hair with cool tones.