Honey blonde

September 10, 2019

Honey blonde - add a touch of golden glow to your blonde locks.


honey blondeBlonds have forever been in the talks, be it for their beauty or their complexion of skin to the color of their hair. Though many of us out there think that there are minimal options left for blondes when it comes to coloring their hair, there are many options. The honey blonde could be what you are looking for. Here are a few tips about a particular color type which is not only sexy and sophisticated but will switch up the blond look and provide you with the confidence to try a lot of styles with your hair. Or might as well leave them as it is, and just because of the color your locks will be shining to glory.honey blonde

The color that we are going to talk about or rather elucidating here would be the honey blonde, and will also provide you an insight into the various types of hairstyling that could be done once you have decided that honey is the color for your blond hair. But are you not sure what could you do with it, especially when you know that you stand out of the crowd anyways with those blond locks of yours? Then imagine what a touch of natural honey color could do to your hair.

Here are few of the tips that could enhance the honey blonde look, and also provide you tips on how to do up your hair. Apart from that, we are also going to discuss the various kinds of touching and coloring options and also include the skin type that would be most preferred for that look. This will help you get an idea as to which of the honey blonde look is meant for you:

Strawberry honey blonde

honey blondeThe first would be the strawberry honey blonde and is the most suited for those who are blessed with a fair skin type and will suit women with both dark eyes as well as those who have light eyes. However, this strawberry honey blonde look goes very well on a person who has light eyebrows. Also, one more point that you should remember before you have thought that strawberry honey blonde is what you would go for, and it is that the color usually does not outshine or let us say come out very well on dark hairs.


Honey color

honey blondeThe second kind is applying the honey color on your base, which means only the root of your hair gets the color. It is just apt for those who have a rather fresh complexion, and when you apply it on the roots of your hair, you will find a nice contrast in the color of your hair. Unlike the strawberry honey blonde, this base honey blonde look goes very well with those blessed with dark hair.



Dark honey look

honey blondeThe next in this list of honey blonde hairstyle is the dark honey look; this hair color is primarily meant for those who wish to stay blonde but instead want to stay with a falling blond texture. This type of hair color suits best for those who have a slightly darker skin complexion. Because of a different kind of blond look that this sort of hair color can illustrate, it looks different from the other types of honey blonde hair color or hairstyles.


Caramel Crush

honey blondeIf you have a bright platinum blond which you did love to flaunt and highlight, then this color option which we fondly call as the caramel crush would be just the right one for you. This kind of look is especially suited to those who have a somewhat fairer looking skin type. As we said if you love to highlight the platinum blond, then this honey blond look will prove to be the perfect contrast of color on your hair.


Honey brown

honey blondeWe understand that blond look can be quite a task to maintain, which is why there is an easy way of maintaining and yet at the same time retaining those honey blonde locks of yours. We fondly call it the honey brown. As the name of the color suggests it is honey blonde which is also a bit on the brown side, which provides a rather dark look to your blond hair type, and also does not require any particular maintenance.


Dramatic honey blonde

honey blondeThe other way to add some spice to your life and look is via adding a bit of drama to your hair. And this is where the dramatic honey blonde color comes in the picture. The one thing good about this type of hair color and hairstyle is that it will suit any complexion. We call it a dramatic look is because this kind of hair coloring brings out the two different shades of colors out in the open for everyone to appreciate it.


Overall honey blond

honey blondeThen comes the overall honey blonde look, something which is the favorite of most of the ladies. It is going all global with your hair color and leaving only a few strands of blond locks left for highlighting the real honey blonde look. However, one this to be kept in mind while going for this type of look is that it is best suited for those who have a rather light complexion or for those who have a medium appearance. So it will be best to consult your hairstylist before you take any decision about this type of honey blonde color.


Blended honey blonde

honey blondeIf you like the ashier blond looks, then you certainly are meant for this blended honey blonde look. One thing that stands for this type of blonde hairdo is that it can go well with any skin type. Unlike many others, and believe us that it will make the heads turn to have a glance on that perfect look that you have been able to attain with this blended honey blonde.



ombre honey blonde

honey blondeWe call this one the Ombre look of honey blonde, where the color of your hair goes light towards the end, and it is the scalp to the midline of your hair that enjoys the complete honey look.