Light streaks in the hair

October 14, 2019

We will guide you to beautiful, bright stripes

Bright stripes, reflexes, baby lights, highlights, ombre or balayage… Dear child, has many names. However, popular color techniques have one common purpose: to brighten your hair.

But what should you be aware of before throwing yourself into the lighter lures? Can you do it yourself at home? And how do you avoid the yellowish glow? Read on and be guided to beautiful, bright stripes.

Highlights, baby lights, ombre, and balayage… What's the difference?

Fortunately, the 90s bathing cap with holes has been replaced with smarter and more gentle methods when you need to lighten the lids. But with new color techniques, new trends have emerged - and further, advanced French titles. The most popular, all of which are common names for light streaks, are:


Balayage is a freehand technique where the bright stripes are applied to the hair in sections with a brush.

stripes for your hair


In ombre hair, the light streaks are tightly packed, and the hair fades from dark at the top to light at the bottom. Read the article about ombre hair right here.

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The light stripes are made throughout the hair and covered in foil while the brightening in the hair is made

coloring your hair

Baby Lights

Babylights are small, beautiful light strips made with foil, which are placed in thin strips to achieve a natural color play in the hair.

Light streaks are great for you

  • When your hair is typically Danish/municipal colored ¬– also called “liver paste,” and you want more play, reflexes, or a “sun-kissed” hair with a natural expression.
  • You have fine or thin hair that does not withstand bleaching but still wants lighter hair.
  • When you want a more vivid expression in your gray hair, or want to make the transition to gray hairless clear.
  • And if you have dark hair that you want to give a lighter and brighter expression without it looking too colored.

Can I make light stripes at home?

The short answer is YES, you can! A busy everyday life and a tight economy are typical arguments for throwing themselves into a DIY stain with bright stripes at home. But even though the hair colors you buy at the supermarkets have evolved a lot in recent years, you need to be incredibly careful before throwing yourself into home coloring.

Tips & tricks for beautiful, light streaks

  • If you want long hair, it is essential to take care of the tips of the groin because they are prone to wear and tear. This can be done by leaving the clearing as short as possible in the tips. Ask to have the tips cut if they split.
  • Ask the hairdresser to apply three different stripe colors and choose colors that are close to your natural hair color.
  • The colors may suit the season: lighter in summer and darker in winter.

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How do I care for my light streaks?

Watch out for your bright stripes! There are many different products on the market that help your hair suffer minimal damage during bleaching and not become frizzy, filtered, and fragile.

Be sure to use moisturizing products, both when washing and setting your hair after getting light streaks.

Use hair products specially developed for bleached hair. We recommend IdHAIR Niophlex, a 3-stage system designed to protect against damage. The series consists of 3 products: 2 for professional use, we let them handle the hairdresser, while the third, the "Maintainer," is for home use. The "Maintainer" softens, strengthens, smooths the hair, and gives a high shine.

Some products can counteract the annoying yellowish tone that your hair can get when you have light streaks made. The Blonde products with an amethyst extract from our Elements XCLUSIVE consist of a protective pigmented shampoo that nourishes and cleanses the hair, while effectively combating yellowish tones. Blonde Conditioner is a conditioner that, in addition to adding moisture and shine to your hair, ensures that your light streaks do not dry up hot.

Use Miracle Serum from Elements XCLUSIVE for your lengths, and especially tips when you have dried and set your hair. Then you get both care and shine in one.

Are you as hooked as we are? Then it's just about getting to the hairdresser and getting your bright stripes done.