Make your dream come true

September 26, 2019

Here's how to make the dream of blonde lures come true


  • First of all: is there any shortcut to a blonde look?

- There is not any shortcut to becoming light blonde unless you are already light-haired and would like to be a little brighter.


  • How much can you tone your hair color at a time without damaging your hair?

- You can brighten your hair approx. Five tones at the hairdresser and still get a beautiful natural result.


  • Typically, how does the process go if a customer has to go from dark to light?

- It all depends on the hair color and hair condition. If the hair is very included, sometimes you have to clean it over several days in order not to spoil it further. It also depends on how bright the customer will be. One should expect it to take approx. Three hours per walk.

hair color

  • Have you successfully tried changing a brown hair to blonde?

- Yes, a lot of times. I especially do this when a dark-haired customer is turning gray and would like a hair color that is closer to her new gray color. Or if she wants a whole new look.


  • Can you cheat on a blonde look without having to go into total lace?

- You can easily make a blonde look only with stripes. If the client has medium blonde hair and wants to be light, this is the best and least harmful way to go from brunette to blonde. It is often also the approach that will look most natural.


  • What happens chemically in the hair when you color it?

- The natural color pigment of the hair is slowly cleaned out with a mixture of bleach, water, and some shampoo, which should work until the hairdresser is satisfied with the result. Since the color rarely becomes precisely as you would like it to be after cleaning, you often need to add some streaks to the hair or give it a rinse color afterward.



  • Can you do it yourself, or go past your hairdresser?

- You can do it yourself, but you risk ruining your hair, so I can only recommend that you go to his hairdresser and get it cleaned professionally.

hair color

  • What does it cost?

- Depending on the length, time, and condition of the hair, you should expect a price between DKK 1,200 and DKK 2,000 for the treatment.


  • How to care for hair that is lace-up?

- It is essential that you invest in hair treatment. The hair needs plenty of moisture and nourishment after such a procedure.


  • What to pay attention to when lacing your hair?

- Take care! Blonde hair never looks as shiny and shiny as dark hair, so a good shampoo and conditioner do wonders.


  • What do you look for when choosing the blonde hue for a customer?

- I always look at the eyes and skin tone. If you have a red undertone in your skin, you should not have warm colors in the hair because they highlight the skin's redness. So here I would only recommend cold shades. Conversely, I would color skin with a yellow undertone in a warm hue.

haie color

  • Can you say something about age, types and blonde hair?

- Entirely platinum blonde hair is not as tacky when you are up in age - unless you are silver-gray. Also, be sure to get too light if your hair is long - it doesn't look natural. It is an excellent balance, which also depends on how you dress.


  • What is the optimal blonde solution if you have dark hair from nature?

- It is quite clear to get light streaks because they give a natural result. If you choose stripes rather than a full color, different shades can be added to the hair. It provides a more elegant and more natural color play. It should be kept in mind that what is most important is that the hair ends up looking natural.


  • Can everyone become blondes?

- No, everyone can't become blondes. If you have beautiful dark hair by nature, it would be a pity to start dyeing it blonde. Then you have to go to the hairdresser every six weeks to keep it straight, and it will be too time-consuming and destructive to the hair.