Medium blonde hair

October 3, 2019

Light stripes for medium blonde hair

Stripes or lighter tips that give a two-tone look emphasize the texture and beauty of the medium blonde hair. The combination of caramel-colored and light blonde hair creates a particularly beautiful and natural look. We show you how you can style a medium blonde hair and add bright details.

Medium blonde

blonde hair color

Medium blonde hair has made its entry into the fashion world almost entirely unnoticed. Traditionally, anything referred to as being "in-between" something else is in danger of being lost in the crowd and being perceived as ordinary. However, this is by no means the medium-blonde hair, which offers countless options and variations concerning reflexes and structures. Lighter streaks in medium blonde hair give a curious expression. Other changes include dyeing in two shades with lighter tips. Light reflexes in honey blonde or caramel-colored hair highlight the shine of medium blonde hair creatively.

Medium blonde hair that is allowed to move freely really evokes the golden shine and changing hair tones. The new and simple hairstyles are therefore the perfect choice if you have medium blonde hair. The hair color also gives short hairstyles, page hair, wavy hair, and set hairstyles even more style.

Hairstyles for medium blonde hair color

The styling of Kate Mara's medium blonde long page

blonde hair color

The long page is one of the most popular hairstyles right now because it dresses many women incredibly well. Kate Mara (see photo above) has dyed her wavy hair medium blonde with lighter tips. The slightly darker hair at the roots and the loose hanging hairstyle give her page a modern feel.


  1. Apply salt spray to your damp hair. Then blow-dry your hair with your head down. We recommend using the diffuser head for your blow dryer to get the best possible result.


  1. Take some hair curls and hold them between the straighteners - follow the hair curl to start from the top. Turn the straightener a whole lap at the spot where you want to make a wave. Then use a little force to pull the curl through the straightener down towards the tip. This gives the lures a beautiful S shape.


  1. Apply hair spray for extra hold.