Platinum blonde

September 18, 2019

You should know this before you become a platinum blonde

The platinum blonde color is trendy, but there are some things to consider before bleaching your lures.

Lately, several familiar faces have sprung out in the bold, platinum blonde color. However, if you are thinking about jumping on the startling hair trend, there are some things to consider before letting your hair color platinum blonde.

blonde hair color

Can all hair types be dyed platinum blonde?

In principle, yes, but depending on how damaged and porous the hair is, it will look even more worn after bleaching. Likewise, the length of your hair will also affect the final result.

Our experience is that page and very short hair work best for platinum blonde dyeing. In the long hair, it can be more challenging to achieve a uniform color result. Small differences in color will often occur when you subsequently wash the hair with a silver shampoo. This is because the oldest hair in length is more worn and open. Therefore sucks more color as opposed to newer hair on the top of the head, which takes on the interior color.

In the short hair, there is not much difference in the condition of the hair from top to bottom, which is why the hair absorbs the color more, which gives a better result.

What to Consider When Choosing to Bleach Platinum Blonde?

With a professional color treatment, excellent care, and maintenance, many can quickly achieve a beautiful platinum blonde hair color, but it is one of the colors that requires the most commitment. Once the hair is dyed, one cannot just undo, just as damage to the hair is hardly avoided.

You must, therefore, also think about your styling habits. For example, if you smooth or curl your hair every day and want to become platinum blonde, it is pretty harsh treatment for your hair. If you continue to style your hair with heat after dyeing, the damage will only get bigger.

You also need to be prepared that a platinum blonde hair color requires time and money. It's not just a one-off fix, because maintaining the color and hair care is very important. And one has to consider whether one is willing to compromise with the length of the hair to get the desired platinum blonde color.

blonde hair color

If my hair is worn, can it still be platinum blonde?

Yes, but the brighter the color you want, the harder it is for the hair. There are now many right care products and more gentle colors that allow us hairdressers to do some bleaching we couldn't before.

However, there are cases where I advise my clients not to become platinum blonde. So, if your hair is long and slightly worn, it must be cut. So if you are very delicate with your hair length, a platinum blonde dye may not be the most optimal solution for you. Keep in mind that Khaleese's hair is a wig.

Can I even dye my hair platinum blonde?

We will never recommend home staining. When you buy a home color, it is not adapted to whether you are blonde, have fine hair, or are dark-haired with dense hair. Therefore, you may end up treating your hair with significantly stronger chemistry than was needed.

When mixing color, the hair salon, take into account how worn the hair is. Likewise, different sections may need to be bleached differently. You will get bleached hair that has already bleached may end up with damaged hair that breaks.

Quite a few girls who have dyed with home color to save money,  have ended up having to get the color corrected or pulled out by a hairdresser. It ends up being more expensive than if you had just gone to the hairdresser from the start. That's lousy money and can also end up damaging the hair, which can take several years to fix.

blonde hair color

It is hard for the hair to be bleached. Are there more gentle color methods?

The more of your hair that becomes platinum blonde, the more weakened it can become. Staining the entire hair, damaging every single hair, whereas, with reflexes, only half the hair is exposed to damage. Which makes the overall impression look healthier.

If you get reflexes, do not color as often as with full color. This is because a full-color blemish is more evident than with reflexes where the transition is softer and blends better with the rest of the hair. It might even be lovely that there is just a little bit of germination in a hair with reflexes. You rarely see that with full color.