Prepare your hair for fall

September 25, 2019

Are you blonde? Then it is time to do your hair ready for autumn

Summer is over, and the days of beach hair and sunshine seem far off already. If you are very blonde, this is why you need to think about making your hair fall-ready.

The nuances don't just change in nature and maturity. Summer's bright lures are changing too, and it's not always a shade you can preserve throughout the fall. But change is joyful, so read on here, so your hair gets the healthiest possible through the color changes.

  • Color changes may not always happen quickly, so it's a good idea to plan a few weeks or months ahead to achieve a successful result, hairdresser, and stylist Andrew Jose told Vogue.
  • It is essential to start working towards a goal if you want to change and gradually change your hair for the coming season.

blonde hair color

A color change may, therefore, require more than one hairdresser's visit. Planning and giving the hair time ensures that your desired result can be achieved as nicely as possible and damage the hair as little as possible.

Are considering getting closer to your natural color, then the first step is to get some streaks, in a tone that is very similar to your hair color and thus minimize your germination.


If it is a lighter blonde color that you have in mind - but perhaps a more subdued version than this summer's balayage trend - then it is crucial to building it up by gradually increasing the number of streaks/highlights in your hair. When you put these on, be sure to get a Smartbond or Olaplex treatment or similar at your hairdresser. Your hair needs all the boost it can get to stay moisturized and healthy as you color and bleach it. A treatment usually lasts only a few weeks, but you can extend the shelf life by using a special shampoo at home.

blonde hair color


Instead of darkening from one day to the next, Jose recommends gradually switching to the darker lures. Jose recommends building lowlights and thus reintroducing your natural or desired color in stages, so the change and contrast are not so drastic.

To change from light hair with highlights to a soft brown shade, pre-pigment is needed as the basis for the next color. It adds the underlying tones of the color first and builds the pigment back into the hair so that the top color gets better and fades less.

One last important element to consider when it comes to fall hair is rejuvenation because the sun, salt, and chlorine in previous months are likely to have weakened the condition of the hair. Therefore, the essential thing before thinking about dyeing is to work on getting healthy hair again. Rebuild your hair with treatments and hair cures that can get your hair back in top shape.