The right color for you

September 20, 2019

Find the blonde hair color that suits you

Platinum, bleach, balayage - are you also considering giving your hair a summer makeover? Be guided to find exactly the color that will bring out the best in you.

It is important to dress according to your body type, and in the same way, it is essential to choose a color and hairstyle that suits you and your expression.

There are a lot of options for choosing the right shade. The latest trend in Starland is blonde lures.

If you dream of getting blonde hair this summer, here are some things to consider before letting you color.

blonde hair color

Skin Tone

Initially, find out if your skin has cold or warm undertones. The chilly undertones are defined by pink or red hues, while warm undertones are more peachy, yellow and golden.

An easy way to determine your skin type is to look at the blood vessels on your wrist. If the bluish ones appear, your skin has cold undertones, and the gray ones appear, you have warm undertones.

Knowing the color of your skin is all about choosing a hair color that has different undertones.

Cold undertones

If your skin has chilly undertones, go for warm shades. Colors in caramel, butter, and honey shades will dress you up.

Warm undertones

Conversely, go for the intense colors if your skin has warm undertones. Think ash blonde as well as creamy and white shades.

blonde hair color

Healthy hair

As you know, dyeing hair is not the best hair cure. Therefore, it is essential to consider whether your hair can withstand a platinum blonde dye. Your new hairstyle can easily fall to the ground if your hair looks unhealthy and unclean.

Eye Color

Eye color is also an essential factor to consider when coloring your hair. Talk to your hairdresser about which shade suits your eyes best.

The good thing about blonde colors is that they happily dress most eyes, you have to find the one that works best for you.

Natural blonde

If you want natural-looking hair, you should go for soft streaks in different shades. It is also a great way to assess whether the hair color will suit you and what color direction you should go.