Can I put my hair up after a perm?

April 13, 2022

Can I put my hair up after a perm?

Did you get permanent curls and not know if putting your hair up would ruin the waves? Don’t worry! The acid in the perm process works progressively. As time goes on, it'll continue to maintain those beautiful locks of yours so they can last as long or even longer than before without any worries about damage to their structure from the tight embrace.

The perm is the new straightening. No matter how much you put your hair up or down, it will not affect its natural wave pattern even if that’s what you go for with a clip in order to have some control over frizziness throughout different weather conditions.

But once done and dry (they recommend waiting 3 days), here are three things worth noting: firstly as time goes on it becomes harder to maintain those waves which could be due both to wear of tear at home but also just because we all need more upkeep these days! 

Secondly and importantly, always make sure whoever does this knows their way around chemicals before getting started so they don't end. 

What Is Permed Hair?

One of the most popular techniques used to change hairstyles is perming. Perm wand attachments can be purchased at your local beauty supply store and they come in various sizes depending on what type of shape you want for different lengths from short hair, medium-length locks all the way up to long flowing tresses with layers!

Perturbed textures often need extra attention when it comes time for them to give their look some depth by adding texture so this added product will liven things right back up again before styling as well because we're talking braids here too -so think creatively about how best utilize every inch. 

There are different types of techniques to perm your hair-

Spiral Perm

The spiral perm is a type of hairstyle in which tight, well-defined curls are achieved by using large rods. The size and shape determine how much curl you will have from this method. 

However, it's important to note that not all people can use the same kind of style because their hair needs different types for instance someone with thick fragile locks would need something else entirely other than another individual whose natural thickness provided enough protection against breakage (think: bobs).

Pin-Curl Perm

As the name suggests, this involves putting a chemical solution on your hair and then setting it in curl with pins. For those looking for something new or need an extra boost of volume without all that heat damage associated with traditional perms (which is usually irreversible), try out these perm alternatives!

Root Perm

Root perm has been a popular option for women looking to make their hair thick and voluminous. Just like its name suggests, root perms work by removing some of the topmost layers from each individual strand before applying heat or chemicals which gives an artificial boost in texture at just the roots.

In order to achieve this look, you'll need perfectly healthy tresses so don't do what I did last Halloween when my friend insisted we go as Marie Antoinette--use hairspray beforehand!

Stack Perm

To add some volume to your hair, you can use a perm. The process of stacking perms adds thickness and body by planting curls throughout the length on top while letting them grow out naturally at their natural pace underneath so they end up looking like layers in order for it all to stay together!

Spot Perm

Spot perm is the newest and fastest way to get that perfect curl you've always wanted. A spot-permed hairstyle will be placed at a particular area of your head, giving it just enough extra volume for those polished rolls we all love on our edges!

Body Wave Perm

The Body Wave Perm hairstyle is perfect for those who want their hair to have the tousled, beachy waves of an ocean breeze. This process uses long curling rods that give you smooth and shiny-looking finishes with lots of bodies!

Multi-Textured Perm

A multi-textured perm is a great way to add some variety and interest to your hairstyle. These processes involve mixing different types of curls, which can give you the perfect amount for each individual curl pattern!

How Perming Works

The disulfide bonds in your hair are broken using reducing agents like thioglycolates and bisulfites. These compounds permeate through the cuticle to break these links between two molecules, which allow for new cysteine amino acids to form after chains! 

Alkaline substances lift scales so they can enter more deeply into dermal layers; this helps bring up their pH levels while also making sure that any active ingredients stay inside where it belongs- deep within our skin’s pores.

Perming is a technique that was first used in ancient India and China to create natural hairstyles. Hair perms are set with curlers or rods, giving the hair desired curl patterns before it's neutralized using hydrogen peroxide for an overall professional look. 

Perms are among the oldest hairstyles in history, with roots dating back to ancient Egypt. The traditional style of perming was wrapping hair into rods and then applying a solution so that it would set into curls or waves; once this process has been completed after application on wet locks (with an acidic based product), Neutralizer is used to rinse off excess chemicals- all without compromising salon quality!

Over the years, new formulas and techniques have emerged to give you that perfect curl or wave. For example: perming!

In this article, we’ll take a look at different types of hair perm options for when your tresses need some TLC from time-to-time ̵ like between summer beach days with their friends in bikinis down south. 

After-hours sitting under heat lamps working on those last-minute Christmas gifts before tomorrow morning's early wake-up get my drift (no pun intended).

Can I Put My Hair up the Same Day I Got a Perm?

When you perm your hair, it changes. The natural shape of our locks goes to an artificial one and the links in those practiced waves get broken by this process- but not for long! 

After 48 hours without wearing clips or putting up with accessories that will mark them until they’re washed out from all angles (which can take days), these salons recommend washing away any residue before applying neutralizer/perm finisher which lasts indefinitely so there's no need worry about getting rid of perms just yet…

There are a few different ways you can wear your hair without getting curls. You could use rubber bands, clips or ponytail holders which will cause the natural texture of strands to be altered but not permanently fixed in place with an iron-on treatment like Jenna heat press spray does because once washed these marks disappear.

There are a few things you should remember when it comes time for your perm, and I’m going to give these recommendations so that there aren't any mistakes. 

A lot of people think their hair is fully dry before they leave the salon but this isn’t always true because some water can still get trapped inside even after sitting on top for two hours! So make sure all excess moisture has been trimmed away by doing something like patting down with paper towels or running under cool air from an oscillating fan if necessary. 

Different Perming Techniques

Digital Perm

Perms and curls are an East meet West fusion that is sure to please any woman. For example, digital perms use heated curling rods for the shaping of the hair while hot ones require time-consuming preparation steps like relaxing treatment or waving but can give you tight ringlets at a moment's notice!

In today’s world where so much information concerning style trends circulates within seconds through social media platforms such as Facebook Live sessions on Instagram stories; it makes sense then why some people might want their locks processed quickly without too much effort required (especially those who already have long flowing tresses). 

At last, your hair is finally put in hot rollers! You will experience a tingling sensation and an unpleasant smell as it shrinks away from the root. The device helps regulate their temperature so you can have more control over where to place this tedious treatment for maximum effect without burning yourself or others around you (unless they're wearing perfume). 

This process can take up from four hours on average all the way down to less than one hour depending upon how long/thick your locks are; just be sure not to break any bones while getting ready because tomorrow's workday starts early without fail every single time.

The digital perming method allows you to get curls of varying lengths, which helps give your hair a very natural look. Your locks are usually straight while they're wet and Curl up as it dries- this process was specifically designed for East Asian people with thick layers or textures so only works on them! 

The cost can be expensive but less damaging than other methods out there in terms of preventing breakage; however because these types of treatments require special equipment (like an air fryer), I wouldn't recommend using yours often unless absolutely necessary. 

Cold Perm

Cold perms are the traditional way to perm your hair. In this process, you soak it with an alkaline solution and then tightly wind small curls around rollers until they form tight ringlets which can't be achieved by using digital perm rods or mops. Natural ringlets do not come easily. But with time, patience, and a little know-how you will be able to achieve the look that lasts for days! 

The process takes about 2 - 3 hours depending on your desired result (natural-looking or kinky). Unlike chemical relaxers which make all hairs straight regardless of texture; this technique only works best on those who have naturally curly hair because it relies upon their natural curl pattern being intact before applying heat appliances like flat irons/curling rods/baking tools etc. 

Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Perm When You Put Your Hair Up

Avoid Elastic Band to Tie Hair

The perm rod is a great way to keep your curls in check and not lose any shine or softness, but if you use rubber bands on the tight elastic it will cause damage.  The tension from these appliances usually puts too much stress on hair that has just come out of service - especially since we're talking about sensitive skins here!

Use Thick Elastic Band

We all know that rubber bands can be a pain to deal with, but it's not always easy finding something suitable in the store. If you want an elastic hair accessory without any metal pieces and don't mind having more reasonable durability than pure leather or velvet ones; try using buckle pins instead! 

They're low maintenance - just slip them through your own head right when they come off of my rack (or if wearing another style) so there will never again need adjusting on what looks great too- plus no one has seen anyone who wears this type before anyways. 

Use Silk Fabrics

The use of silk fabrics in hairstyles has been a trend for years and it’s easy to see why. They help take tendu or other low-prowl hairs away from your face, giving you the perfect amount of loose curl that can be difficult otherwise with stick straight hair like mine! 

Even though this style ties up very delicately on top (and maybe even below), by tying them back with one simple accessory a delicate piece o' fabric--you'll find yourself achieving everything from sleek ponytail buns all day long through messy bedhead looks while still keeping those ends under control

Protect your Hair

Take care to treat your hair gently when exercising in the great outdoors or exposed areas, like windy days. If you're wearing it up high on top of your head then chances are there will be fewer tangles and roughness caused by constant movement!

Don’t Go to Bed With Your Hair Wet

It’s important to care for your perm at night because it can affect the health of curly perms. If you don't give them time to air dry naturally, then avoid wetting or showering immediately before bedtime so that they're not sitting in all that moisture overnight.

The next morning when we wake up our hair feels more porous and dull than if someone had washed their long lengths during these hours earlier today instead; plus it might look dirty too! Some people think this rule doesn't apply since many relaxers have chemical treatments that 'cook off by noon anyways (which would only make sense given there's nothing left on us).

Wrap Up

While most people think that curly hair needs more care than straight, from modifying styling accessories to the way you hold it; there are actually many ways of getting creative with our tresses.