Copper supplement for gray hair

January 17, 2021

Are there any good copper supplements for gray hair?

If your hair isn't gray due to hereditary reasons, why is it? Do you have a medical condition? If so, better give your doctor a visit. If not, could it have something to do with how you have been taking care of your hair and your health in general?

You will be amazed at how much your diet can be responsible for affecting your hair's quality. Whether you want your gray hair to go back to its natural color or want shinier, healthier, gray hair, you will need help from some nutrients. Copper is one of those nutrients. 

Copper deficiency can lead to low energy production. When that happens, it affects the tissues and blood cells in your body as well. Your melanin production count also lessens due to a lack of copper. So, if you increase copper count, melanin increases, which helps you keep pigmentation in your hair, so it doesn't turn gray. As such, copper should be an essential part of your diet. 

Usually, you can get copper nutrients from crab meat, white mushrooms, almonds, peanuts, and lentils. However, if you don't feel these are enough, we have reviews some excellent copper supplements. 

1. The Best Nano Colloidal Copper - 30 PPM of Colloidal Copper - Colloidal Minerals -Colloidal Copper Liquid

If customer reviews are anything to go by, people have been gleaming benefits from the colloidal copper bottle for various health problems such as digestion, energy, connective tissues, etc. That's not the only thing the supplements are suitable for, though. People have seen definite results for their gray hair. They have seen the grays in their hair lessened the more they use the product. If you combine the product with the quality of castor oil in your hair, it will only get better. 

You can take the supplements twice daily, or if you prefer, the effect to be lighter once. It can be considered as a supplement or applied to your skin and hair. It's best used before moisturizing. You will notice more supple skin and shinier hair once you start using the product. Your tendons and cartilage will start regenerating healthily, and your body will be more open to iron. 

Even antioxidants can get some push from it. The 125 nanometer passes the brain barrier quickly. More than anything, though, the customer's positive response is proof enough of its effectiveness as a copper supplement. 


  • Follows the standards set by GMP strictly
  • Necessary for iron metabolism, which again helps in keeping healthy hair
  • It helps antioxidants function, which is again good for gray hair


  • The results take some time
  • Has no taste, which can be good or bad depending on your preference

2. Pure Encapsulations - Copper (Glycinate) - Hypoallergenic Essential Mineral Supplement - 60 Capsules

While the copper supplement from Pure Encapsulations is highly effective, no doubt, it's recommended that you use it carefully. Too much of the product and can reverse the effect on your body becoming copper toxic. A doctor's consultation for compatibility of one's body with the capsule is required for better results.

Many people suffer from fatigue, and if the positive response is anything to go by, it takes excellent care of it. Essentially, it replenishes our body, making us more energetic, making our cells work better. The result is faster-recovering hair. There has been definite proof that this product is capable of reversing gray hair. Many customers were surprised when they saw their gray hair fading and becoming shinier even though they brought the supplement for other health purposes. 

The best time to intake the supplement is usually 30 minutes before a meal and an hour before sleeping. It would be best if you made a plan when you will consume the supplement with your doctor to get the best results. 


  • Made with all pure ingredients
  • Free from gluten and artificial sweeteners
  • Activates energy metabolism


  • It can be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions
  • We, Will, have to regulate the copper level

3. Swanson Copper Antioxidant Immune System Red Blood Cell Support Mineral Supplement

From Swanson, the supplement is mainly for boosting the immune system. However, it has also been noted to help prevent gray hair and even reverse the gray hair effect. It also has a fair amount of antioxidants that can replenish the body and free it of stress. Stress can be a significant contributing factor for gray hair, and when we take care of stress, we keep gray hair at bay. 

Along with your hair, the supplement has been noted to provide some support to your joints. The company also swears by the product's effectiveness and promises compensation in case it doesn't work. 


  • Good for your joints along with your hair
  • Works fast, well within 30 days
  • Certified by GMP


  • Contains trace amount of allergens
  • People with certain medical conditions might not benefit from it


In general, copper is one of the essential ingredients of the human body. Even if you don't have gray hair or want to reverse it, it's a good idea to intake some copper supplements. Your natural hair can take some help from these supplements after the abuse you put it through daily. 

You can take some strength from the supplements as well. It's good for your hair as it is for your body. Of course, no matter what kind of pills you are taking, you should consult your doctor first and foremost. You might have some medical conditions that can be at odds with the supplements, so it is always a good idea to get a checkup before trying anything. 

Other than that, we can only hope you will find the right supplements among the list that will deliver speedy recovery to your hair.