For White Blonde Hair: The Best Top 13 Toner Reviews

August 25, 2021

White blonde hair can be difficult to maintain, but finally, there is a toner that does the job. This toner will not only remove brassiness and yellow tones from your locks, it also has a pleasant scent! You have probably noticed how many new products are being released for blondes lately.

This is because white-blonde hair requires special care in order to keep the color looking amazing. There are more than enough products out there that promise to do this, which means it can often be hard to decide what you should use on your hair. The best thing about this product is that it doesn't just work on white-blonde hair - it's great for any type of light-colored hair!

What is Toner for Your Hair?

Toners are great products to maintain your hair color without going through a lot of hassle. You can safely use them in the comfort of your house, and you will obtain impressive results as long as you use the right toner for your hair. And if white is one shade that has become an important factor.

When it comes to looking after our locks then there’s no better way than getting some help from these handy little formulas. That comes with all sorts of benefits including making sure we get those pretty healthy-looking locks back on track!

It doesn't matter what color your hair is as this product will work on any light-colored locks. The key to keeping white blonde hair looking its absolute best is with products that won't fade out the bleach too much or make it look brassy.

This toner gets rid of those pesky yellows without fading away anything else which many other brands can do! Plus, you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals because there are none in this product. You'll be able to keep up your bright locks for months at a time before needing another touchup!

Why Should You Use a Hair Toner?

A hair toner can be used for light-colored tones such as blonde and gray or white. It has the power to refresh your color between appointments, so you'll always have a neat look on hand any time you need one! You could also use it if you want to update your color shade but are hesitant about going too dark; by using this product before getting in at the salon, they can assess what would work best with the tone of your skin and hair pigment while still achieving that desired change down the line.

The right hair toner can save your color and make you look like a fresh new blonde or brunette even when it’s been two weeks since the last salon visit. Why is using the perfect hair toner so important? After all, who gets their color done more than twice in one month anyway?

Well instead of getting frustrated with how dull your locks are looking after just three short weeks away from those spotlights at Sally's Beauty Supply, use this professional-grade home care product to give yourself that shiny platinum or flawless brown appearance for as long as possible without sacrificing quality!

A hair toner is not a permanent color and will last at most half a month on your head. But to make the best of this nonpermanent rinse, you need to know how it works! For more information about what type of conditioners work for different types of hair or which colors are best suited for your specific skin tone, read below.

How to Use a Toner for White Blonde Hair?

It's important to use a toner for white blonde hair on the regular in order to prevent brassiness and yellow tones. There are many times when you'll need a little refresher, which is why this product comes with two bottles - one that will last about ten days and another that lasts three months! This means you won't have to worry about running out of your favorite lightning treatment anytime soon.

How to Use a Toner for White Blonde Hair

Every time you wash your hair or before going outside (especially if it's cloudy!), apply the toner from root to tip. The best way to do this is by using either an applicator bottle or a cotton ball so as not to miss any spots. You should also avoid letting the water hit your locks because it could cause the toner to rinse away and weaken your locks.

It's important to know what type of hair toner you're using, as there are many different types. Some come in the form of a cream or mask and require that it be applied according to instructions given by the manufacturer. Toners can also be used like shampoo when washing your hair which is very handy for people who don't have time for long beauty routines!

Don’t overdo it with toners! Hair color is important for your look. Plus, if you tone too often, the hair can get damaged and start to fall out - this will ruin all of that hard work in keeping your locks luscious. Using a hair toner once every month should be enough; don't push yourself more than that or else there might not be any left by then anyway!

To get the most out of your toner application, always rinse well after applying it. The best way to avoid a harsh result is by thoroughly cleaning your hair post-toning! If you're not doing so already, use warm water for this step and give yourself ample time before ending up with any undesirable effects from insufficient cleansing (think dirty-looking locks).

The best way to care for white blonde hair is with a high-quality toner that won't fade any of the bleach out! With this product, you'll be able to keep up your bright looks for months at a time before needing another touch-up. It's perfect if you're planning on going back in again soon or just want an upkeep plan.

The great part about this brand is not only doing it prevent brassiness but there are no harsh chemicals so you don't have to worry about damaging your scalp. If regular use isn't something you can commit to then make sure to stock up with two bottles because one will last about ten days and the other lasts three months!

Comparison Chart:

ImageProductTechnical SpecPrice
Blond Brilliance Lilac Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner Lilac Blond Brilliance Lilac Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner Lilac
  • Color: Lilac
  • Brand: Blond Brilliance
  • Full Cure Time: 15 Minutes
  • Material Type Free: Ammonia Free
Check Price
Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning
  • Brand: Schwarzkopf 
  • Dimensions: 5.91 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
  • Weight: 2.89 ounces
Check Price
Pantene Silver Expressions, Purple Shampoo and Hair Toner Pantene Silver Expressions, Purple Shampoo and Hair Toner
  • Brand: Pantene
  • Scent: Fresh
  • Hair Type: Color Treated, Chemically Treated
  • Liquid Volume: 17.9 Fluid Ounces
  • Weight: 1.22 Pounds
Check Price
Directions Hair Colour Directions Hair Colour
  • Color: White Toner
  • Brand: La Riche
  • Hair Type: Chemically-treated-hair, All Types
  • Full Cure Time: 30 Minutes
Check Price
Clairol Professional Kaleidoscopes Hair Lightener and Toning Clairol Professional Kaleidoscopes Hair Lightener and Toning
  • Color: Clairol Professional Kaleidocolors, Neutral Tub, 8 oz.
  • Brand: Clairol Professional
  • Item Form: Cream
  • Full Cure Time: 10 Minutes
Check Price
Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: KERACOLOR
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Hair Type: Normal
  • Material Type Free: Gluten Free, Paraben Free
Check Price
Wella Blonder Permanent Liquid Toner Wella Blonder Permanent Liquid Toner
  • Color: Pale Silver
  • Brand: Wella
  • Dimensions: 5 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
Check Price
Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment Hair Mask Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment Hair Mask
  • Brand: Pureology
  • Scent: Vanilla
  • Hair Type: Dry
  • Liquid Volume: 6.8 Fluid Ounces
Check Price
Ion Icy White Creme Toner Icy White Ion Icy White Creme Toner Icy White
  • Color: Icy White
  • Brand: Ion
  • Item Form: Creme
Check Price
Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener
  • Color: Clairol Professional BW2 Lightener, 8 oz.
  • Brand: Clairol Professional
  • Item Form: Powder
Check Price
MANIC PANIC Virgin Snow Hair Blonde Toner MANIC PANIC Virgin Snow Hair Blonde Toner
  • Color: Virgin Snow
  • Brand: MANIC PANIC
  • Item Form: Cream
  • Hair Type: Normal
Check Price

13 Best Toner for White Blonde Hair

1. Blond Brilliance Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner

 Blond Brilliance Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner

This platinum hair toner is free of ammonia and gentle on the locks. By using papaya extract, mango oil, coconut oil, and wheat proteins it can protect your locks from chemical exposure. This product works best when applied to dry hair with no more than five to fifteen minutes needed for desired results that are long-lasting.


  • For all kinds of scalp & hair, this product is completely safe
  • Natural ingredients of this toner help to protect hair & scalp.
  • To get nourished, moisture & soften hair this toner is pretty good.
  • Within a minimum time, it toned the hair easily.


  • Sometimes this toner makes the yellow color brighter.

2. Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning – Ice

Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning – Ice

The hair toner is a liquid that helps to reduce the oxidation of your color and promotes healthy, smooth locks. It takes about five minutes for it to dry before you can use any other product in your routine. You should ideally invest in one session every month or so depending on how often you want to maintain highlights and regular touch-ups!

The hair toner lasts between 15 days up until 21 days which means users need only purchase 1 per month unless they are wanting more frequent trips back into the salon with their stylist! The longer-lasting nature also ensures healthier-looking tresses as buildup from products doesn't occur like when using bleach kits weekly.


  • This toner contains a polymer which is good for hair.
  • To get icy color on your hair you can easily mix up the toner with the hair dye.
  • To get the best result you will get the instruction.


  • This toner may not suit everyone and cause hair falling

3. Silver White Hair Blonde & Grey Hair Toner

Silver White Hair Blonde & Grey Hair Toner

This awesome toner will eliminate brassy yellows and give your hair the softness, shine, and much-needed hydration. It's water-based so it won't dry out or damage your locks as typical shampoos do! The organic formula can last a long time too--so you'll be able to enjoy all these great benefits for months on end without having to buy another bottle (or spend money at the salon).


  • This toner is perfectly suited for all kinds of hair.
  • The toner comes with a 15ml bottle.
  • For PETA certified this toner is very popular among users.
  • For a long-lasting result, just a few drops are all you need.


  • Sometimes this toner can cause allergies on the scalp.
  • Complicated instructions.

4. La Riche Directions Hair Color White Toner

La Riche Directions Hair Color White Toner

The hair toner promises to work wonders for white locks. The product is vegan and not tested on animals. It's your lucky day because the temporary color adds a bright shade of white in just minutes! You may use it on colored or natural strands without any hesitation, as there are no negative side effects with this product that will ruin your tresses. You'll be left feeling refreshed and revitalized instead.


  • Perfect condition with soft & smooth hair after washing
  • No irritation on the scalp.
  • Effective on light hair
  • A thick jar makes the toner unbreakable.


  • The toner is not long-lasting at all
  • Unclear labeling

5. Clairol Pure White Creme Developer Maximum Lift

Clairol Pure White Creme Developer Maximum Lift

White hair is often a point of contention for many people. It can be difficult to find products that work well and are safe, but luckily there's one out there that doesn't disappoint! The Toner from Beauty on the Fly was designed specifically with white hair in mind so it won’t make your locks too dark or greasy. You'll also love how light this product feels going through your strands no more worries about weighing them down and looking like you're wearing tons of hairspray at all times!


  • Available 4 Strengths on the toner
  • Toner makes the hair soft & smooth.
  • Creamy consistency makes the applying method easier


  • Sometimes the hair looks drab after using

6. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye Semi Permanent Hair Color Depositing Conditioner

Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye Semi Permanent Hair Color Depositing Conditione

So you're ready to bleach your hair blonde, but don't want it to look like washed-out gold? The answer's the product! It not only removes brassiness from bleached locks and turns them platinum in color.

But after removing any damaged pigment, this toner ensures that the newly-dyed strands will become less brittle and dry with the use of its repairing formula. Trust us when we say one application lasts up to 25 washes or so - no more frustration over trying which shampoo can maintain those perfect highlights without fading for days on end!


  • Pigmenting elements of the toner spread evenly on hair
  • Provide perfect blonde color
  • Adjust the level of toning
  • Last longer result with perfect conditioning hair
  • Cruelty & Vegan free


  • Failed to neutralize the brassy hair
  • Costly

7. Wella Blonder Permanent Liquid Toner – Pale Silver

Wella Blonder Permanent Liquid Toner

The toner in this can have a more natural look than other brands. Application is easy and the effect lasts for long periods of time, so you don't have to worry about reapplying it every day or two just because your hair changes colors over time. It's also perfect if you want something that will go with all sorts of combinations from blondes to brunettes without matching too closely one way or another!

Many people find blonde locks difficult to maintain because they often change color as we grow older and our lifestyles get busier leading us needlessly to apply make-up on them constantly. When really what we should be looking for are products that keep the tone consistent despite their changing hue due to lightening factors such as sun damage, heat styling, etc.


  • Eliminate yellow tones effectively
  • The toner is long-lasting and easy to use
  • Get a nice icy look after applying it
  • Get radiant & vibrant appearance


  • Sometimes the toner makes the hair bluer

8. Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment Hair Mask

Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment Hair Mask

The perfect way to give your light blonde hair a complete makeover is the use of this amazing toner. It contains avocado oil, retinol, and silk protein that take care of all your needs for healthier tresses in just one application. This can eliminate any yellow or brassy hues from those locks and refresh it with color in no time at all!


  • Maintain hair health
  • This toner fights against yellowness of hair effectively
  • You can get perfect light & ash-blonde tones


  • Little overpriced

9. Ion Icy White Creme Toner Icy White

Ion Icy White Creme Toner Icy White

After you've washed your hair, apply the toner to remove any unwanted brassy tones. Mix with water and gently comb through every strand of hair for the best results. The creamy texture will provide an even application while giving a more natural color than bleach or dye would do on its own. You can use this process as often as needed to achieve that desired white or blonde look in no time at all!


  • Gorgeous & Stunning hair
  • Economical price range
  • Easily get rid of brassy tones.
  • No risk of hair damage
  • Perfectly suitable for all types of hair


  • Sometimes it gives a green shade to the hair

10. Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener - for Hair Lightening

Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener

The conditioning toner is so effective at rejuvenating hair that it can even lighten the darkest of shades. You will see a difference in your dark brown or black tresses, but don't worry! The conditioners help with reconstructing broken bonds and helps you grow longer looks as well.


  • Safe & sound to use
  • Not tested in animal & vegan
  • Hair will not be dry after bleaching.
  • Lighten the hair evenly


  • Not strong enough on the hair sometimes

11. Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner – Blonde Toner

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner

You don't need to worry about that pesky yellow tone in your hair. With the help of this toner, you can get rid of it with just one wash! As an extra bonus, deep conditioning is also included while dyeing- meaning healthier locks for you and me. The semi-permanent formula fades away after four to six weeks without damaging any strands or pierces the cortex which means we'll have healthy tresses well into summertime!


  • Create a soft pastel color with virgin snow white
  • PETA certified cruelty free & Vegan
  • Completely free from ammonia, resorcinol, gluten & phthalate
  • It has mixable colors & tones
  • Long-lasting product with ease of use.


  • Color mixed with yellow tone provide green hue

12. N Rage Bleach & Toner Kit, White Out Kit Pre-Color Hair Bleach Kit

N Rage Bleach & Toner Kit

The toner kit offers a two-step formula that takes bleaching to the next level. The 10-minute bleach is combined with 40 volumes of activator and pre-lightens your locks before you dip them into their color for more intense, long-lasting colors.

The toner kit offers a safe way to achieve deeper colors without compromising on quality or healthfulness thanks in part to its all-natural ingredients such as lemon juice extract which contains citric acid (potent hair lightener) and also acts as an antioxidant due to its high vitamin C content.


  • Preconditioning formula removes dullness
  • Provide brighten white hair
  • Hair frosting and highlighting suited perfectly
  • Adjust with all hair colors & textures
  • Achieve maximum lightening hair


  • Sometimes the hair is a little dried

13. Purple Leave-in Toner

Blonde Toner Spray. Purple Leave In Toning Hair

The hair toner is a product that helps in reversing the damage caused by your regular shampoo. It also prevents undesired yellow tones when you wash blonde hair, and it doesn't feel oily or sticky on your head! The toner also has natural ingredients which help to boost shine for all different types of locks.

The perfect solution: get HennaTones Hair Toners today and see what they can do for you with their ability not only to reverse any radiance-impairing effects but prevent unwanted yellows from entering into dark strands too!


  • Neutralize brassiness in blond & color-treated locks.
  • It prevents frizzing hair and restores it
  • For dull hair, this toner has Australian blue cypress oil


  • A little bit of Expensive

How To Use A Hair Toner For Best Results?

The perfect toner starts with a quality hair care regime. After you have selected the most appropriate product for your beautiful locks, take some time to learn how it works and what is needed in order to maximize its benefits. Taking these simple steps will help you use the toner like an expert!

  • The instructions for using hair toner are quite specific, but it is essential to read them carefully. Pay attention! The process of applying the dye can be a little tricky and you want to avoid messing up your tresses at all costs. So pay close attention when following these detailed instructions that will guide you through every step with ease.
  • The most important thing to do is avoid over-tonging your hair. The simple mistake of excessive dye or heat treatments will not only destroy the hair but also cause it to become dry and brittle which could potentially lead to breakage. Always make sure you are aware of how much time it takes for bleach or other chemicals like ammonia-based permanent waves.
  • The chemicals in hair toners are intense and can be damaging to your scalp. Hair is an important part of who we are as a person, but it's equally complex when dealing with the right treatment for it. A good rule of thumb would be to use them no more than once per month! It can take time to find what works best on our scalps because there could always just seem like one option that suits us all; however, people have different needs so you'll want to make sure not to overdo any treatments before causing irreversible damage.
  • The hair color you love comes at a price. You have to make sure that the toner has been washed after applying it, as this can cause your new coloring job to fade or become uneven. The application of toners is not something any hairdresser will recommend lightly - if they want repeat customers! But between these and fading due to improper washing, there are many reasons why those with newly colored locks should be vigilant when watching their shower time before getting out for some fresh air.

Safety Tips To Follow When Using Hair Toners

Hair toners have been around for centuries, dating back to the Roman Empire. Their primary function is to color and highlight hair by adding pigment molecules that are not present in natural hairs. It's important you follow instructions closely so as not to damage your locks or scalp! Hair toner has a rich history with roots reaching all the way back into antiquity since it was first used over 2000 years ago during the time of Ancient Rome! So if you're looking for something new, why don't you try using some?

  • You should always avoid mixing different products from various brands because they can react differently to each individual's body chemistry. While one set might work well for someone else, it could cause allergies in another person due to their unique biological makeup.
  • Never leave toners on your head or eyebrows unattended as these expose skin cells which allow more chemicals into the bloodstream. Exposing them over an extended period will result in excessive damage and potential burns (especially if applied near eyes).


The best toner for white blonde hair is a purple shampoo. Purple shampoos are formulated to help maintain the natural, cool tones of your delicate blond locks and keep them from becoming yellow or brassy in color. Try using a deep conditioning treatment at least once every week to ensure that your strands stay healthy and conditioned despite all of the chemicals you'll be putting on them during this time of year!

If you're looking for more tips on how to take care of your hair now that it's been lightened up with some well-earned summer sun, check out our blog post about maintaining white blonde hair here.