Gray hair turns dark again

September 2, 2020

What does it mean when gray hair turns dark again?

You've come to terms with your gray hair over time. In fact, you've made them turn the most beautiful shade of gray possible, with bright silver locks flowing down your back. And then, you see changes in your hair color all over again. 

Somehow, for some unknown reason, your gray hair is starting to become dark again. Is this even possible? Actually, yes, gray hair can turn dark again. It depends on the reason your hair turned gray in the first place. 

If your gray hair were a natural result of old age, it probably wouldn't turn dark again. If the reason were stress, pollution, bleaching, dietary cause - when you take care of the root problem, your gray roots would start to turn their natural shade too. 

What do you want to do about this new predicament, though? If you've never indeed been satisfied after having to go gray, this is a piece of good news. Maybe visit a doctor to find out the exact reason your hair is going dark again. Once you know what it is, you are doing right to get your hair to become dark; also, you can concentrate on doing it correctly. 

What if you don't want your hair to become dark again, though? It's not exactly a good thing to stop the changes in your body, especially when pigments are usually good for your health. Well, you can do exactly what you did when your hair first started to go gray. 

Instead of looking for dyes that match your natural hair color, you can dye your hair color to match a shade of gray you like. Let's take a look at some of the best dyes for this. 

1. L'oreal Paris Hair Color Feria Multi-faceted Shimmering Permanent Coloring

L'Oreal Paris is a brand that's widely known and popular. They've managed to gain a large number of loyal customers over the years due to their attention to detail and high-quality shampoos and dyes. It helps that they have famous hair stylists working for them to create innovative products. 

L'Oreal Paris Feria Permanent hair dye is no different. It's a powerful hair dye that will deposit shimmering silver on your hair but won't damage the hair in any way. Unlike most dyes, it's almost like a conditioner, even sealing and smoothing your hair after the color has seeped into the locks. 

The color you will get from this dye is unique and belongs to L'Oreal Paris. It's a custom-blended shade made by the color masters at L'Oreal Paris. The objective is to give your hair a bold, shimmery look that will turn heads. 

It's a permanent hair color kit, so it will take a long time for the hair color to wash off. If you want a slightly different shade, you can mix the dye with a conditioner to get a more blue pastel shade. 

2. Il Salone Milano Professional Permanent Hair Color Kit

From Il Salone Milano, this is a hair color kit rivaling those of professional stylists. The hair dye is manufactured in Italy. The hair color cream delivers a color that can only be described as the salon shade. 

Yes, it looks that professional and real. Your gray hair will look natural yet stylish. As it's a permanent hair kit, the color will last for quite some time. Moreover, it works like a moisturizer and gloss. After you've dyed your hair, you will notice your hair looks glossy and far shinier than before. The kit also contains a moisturizing oil that, if you apply to your hair, will explode in brightness and shimmery shade. The dye has ingredients such as Linseed Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, which works together to make your hair shiny and soft. 

The dye is free of paraben, ethyl alcohol, and paraffin. It's always a good idea to use dyes that don't have these kinds of chemicals in them. The kit has everything you need to take care of your hair. It calculates what you need to do before and after dyeing and contains all the ingredients. 

3. Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color

This hair color kit contains one tube Color cream, one application Bottle with Developer lotion, one tube Color after Treatment, one pair of gloves, and one instruction leaflet. In other words, you have everything you can need to set up a mini salon of your own at home. 

The hair dye gives your hair a metallic gray hair look. The radiance is one other people won't be able to turn their eyes away from. It's a permanent hair dye that has some anti-fading mechanisms, so the amount of time it will stay is longer than even other permanent hair kits. It also uses a metallic shine booster formula to give your hair a shimmery, cool tone. The metallic silver you get is pretty to look at and would look good on almost any hair type. 

In case your hair is way past your shoulder, you are going to need two of the silver hair dye tubes instead of one. 


Gray hair can be a fun shade to play with once you get used to it. It's understandable that once you've got the taste of it, natural hair color just looks boring to you. So, while you continue to maintain a good diet that returns your hair to its original color, you can use gray dye in the meantime so that you can keep on enjoying your gray locks. 

It's essential to take care of dyed hair, though, especially if you're using gray hair dyes. While you shouldn't be shampooing too regularly if you have dyed hair, when you do shampoo, use Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless Purple Shampoo Set. This hydrating purple shampoo deposits a bit of extra silver to your hair while keeping the yellow tones at bay. It's suitable for all kinds of gray hair in general, whether you have dyed gray or natural gray hair.