Can hair turn white from stress

February 6, 2020

Hair Turning White from stress? Can that happen?

It’s only natural that our hair color will change the older we get. As for white hair, though, it seems to decide when it will appear. 

You could be a teenager or in your twenties, and you will still spy that one white strand peeking out from your otherwise brown or black locks. This is because of your hair follicles losing pigments. 

There are multiple reasons this could happen. It could be genetics, medical conditioners, oxidative stress, or stress from real-life events. 

There is some conflict in opinion among researchers if stress could lead to the whitening of hair. Some believe injuries or stressful situations could lead a person to get white hair quickly. A study even found that the cells that produce the color for hair can decrease because the body is experiencing stress. 

Others suggest that while stress plays a certain part, it is only possible if the body is already suffering from certain medical conditions which are making it weak. 

can hair turn white from stress

So, it’s safe to say hair can turn white from stress, due to direct or indirect reasons. 

Well, what can we do about it? There isn’t much to be done. If your hair is white due to medical conditions, now is as good a time as any to visit a doctor. If it’s from stress, the obvious solution would be not to get stressed. 

However, we all know that’s not as easy as it sounds. You might be getting more stressed by the minute seeing white hair pop up. The only option left is to either dye your white hair or to take good care of it. 

If you let it be, you can make your white hair look like a purposeful style statement instead of a result of unforeseen circumstances. The only thing you need is a good haircut and some brilliant shampoos for white hair. 

1. Loreal Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Neutralising Shampoo

The shampoo has a dark purple tint to it, which helps your hair look brighter, softer and shinier. It will keep any yellow tone from invading your hair. Loreal Paris is a trusted brand for many and they haven’t failed to keep their customer’s faith this time either. 

It’s generally recommended that you use this one about twice a week. It’s a neutralizing shampoo, so the focus is on moisturizing and softening your hair. It will also bring out the color of your hair. Depending on how white you want your hair to look, you can apply it once or twice. If you pair this with Touch of Silver Intensive Treatment Conditioner, you will have the white, silky hair of your dreams. 

2. Natur Vital Henna Shampoo for White and Gray Hair

The company prides itself on its organic products. It has the essence of blueberry and Pro-vitamin B5. Not only will it deepen the color of your white hair, but it will also give it a gentle silver hue. It will brighten your white hair and then add a sprinkle of silver to it. The silver color will stay for about a couple of more washes. You will probably end up washing your hair with the shampoo before it fades anyway. 

The shampoo is also suitable for neutralizing the yellow tone that easily sets in on white and gray hair. It’s a soothing, moisturizing shampoo that will make you feel good even while you are lathering it on. White hair needs as much moisture as it can get, for it tends to be dry naturally. It also acts as a conditioner in part so you could pair it up with a  light conditioner to get the full effect. 

3. AVEDA by Aveda: Blue Malva Color Shampoo

Instead of the usual purple tint, you see in white hair shampoo, Aveda has a blue tint. It’s an equally effective one and gives your hair a natural white color. The white isn’t too bright that it looks unnatural and not too dull and yellowish that no different type of hairstyle can repair. 

This one uses the extract from blue Malva. You can smell the organic flower once you open the bottle. Aveda produces a pure fume aroma of its own, which is also traceable in the shampoo. Other organic ingredients such as ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, and lemon are also used. 

It’s a gentle cleanser that takes excellent care of your hair and scalp. It adds a touch of brightness to your hair and works on neutralizing the rapidly growing yellow tone. It will keep your hair healthy and strong. It’s a great transitioning shampoo if you are going from brunette or black to white. 

4. Baebody Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Other than brightening your white hair and protecting your hair from brassiness, you also need to make sure your hair is well moisturized. White hair is naturally dry and grimy, as it collects dirt and pollutants quickly. From Baebody, this shampoo cleanses your scalp and hair, slowly returning it to its original lush state. 

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that’s quite well known for its healing properties. It takes care of dirt buildup and even removes dandruff from your hair. It’s a perfect aid that keeps your hair healthy. 

The product is also paraben-free and suitable for all hair types. It’s a safe product that’s cruelty-free. The all-natural product also means it’s free from chemicals, which is a must if you want to protect your white hair. 


Once you figure out precisely what kind of style you want to go for with your white hair, you will see it’s not that bad of a situation to be in. Yes, your hair needs a bit more care than pigmented hair but it’s not that bad. If you stick to the right shampoo and conditioner, half of the work for your hair is done. The other half involves a nice haircut and maybe some regular visits to the salon to make sure your hair stays in tiptop condition.