Gray hair at 20

January 15, 2020

Gray Hair at 20 - What can you do about it

Nobody wants to grow gray hair at 20. However, we all have that one natural gray strand. As we get older, it’s only going to increase in number until we have only gray hair. For most people, though, the first few visible strands of gray aren’t present until they are in their 30s, at least. 

If you’re in your 20s and are already seeing a generous amount of gray hair, it’s not exactly unusual. It could be due to genetics, or it could be a health problem. Whatever the cause, you will have to get used to going gray earlier than your peers. 

Now, you could deal with this problem in two ways. You can let the gray strands continue to grow. You can accept the fate of developing gray hair at a young age. You could also dye your hair.

You can color your hair close to your natural hair color or go for a bold look. You could even color it gray; only it would be a bright silver rather than the natural gray you are developing. A product line like L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color would be the perfect choice in this case.

Whatever you have decided to do, if your hair is turning gray at such a young age, it’s time you start being more careful with it. We have some tips on how to take care of gray hair that we believe you would be interested in. No need to feel sorry for your gray hair at 20

gray hair at 20

1. Keep Your Hair Soft and Shiny

Gray hair is more brittle and rougher than natural hair. This is due to the lack of pigments. What to do about these wiry strands, then? Well, a glossing treatment once a week could be enough. 

Other than using a proper shampoo, you can temporarily smooth out your gray hair by using serums and glosses. Be on the lookout for the ones that have silicone in their name. They do an excellent job of taming the wild locks. Purple Hair Repair Serum Treatment by Marc Daniels Professionals is one of the best options if you are looking for a serum. It is created using a fusion of blue cypress oil and argan oil. It will soften dry hair and make it more manageable. 

John Frieda Luminous Glaze Clear Shine Gloss is the obvious choice when it comes to gloss. The high customer rating is proof enough of its use. The fragrance is also an addictive one. 

If you are willing to splurge a little and get the salon treatment, a 6 to 8-week visit to the salon would be enough to enhance the grays into a more fashionable silver shade. 

2. Protect Hair From Product Buildup

If you have decided to go the color route, your hair has a lot of chemicals building up in it as we speak. If you don’t protect your hair from those chemicals, your gray hair could be damaged well beyond repair. By the time you are ready to go gray, your hair could be so damaged that no amount of shampoo could restore it. 

This is exactly why stylists recommend washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a week. For added effect, you could also mix apple cider vinegar into the shampoo to get rid of the chemical buildup. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that gets rid of at least 90% of all bleach and product buildup. You will also see a noticeable change in the volume as your hair remains soft. This one’s suited for all hair types and for treated or natural hair. 

gray hair at 20

3. Don’t let it Turn Yellow

It’s not unheard of for gray hair to turn yellow from too much exposure to sun rays, water, or general negligence. Not letting your hair out in the open when you are outside could be a start. Cover it up with a hat or scarf. 

In general, you shouldn’t be washing your hair too much if you have gray hair. Once a week, thorough shampooing of your hair should be enough. If it gets too much, you can try out a dry shampoo now and then. Baebody Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is our personal favorite. 

You should try to restrict the shampooing routine to once a week, though. The shampoo should also be a hydrating one with purple tones. The purple tones prevent the yellow ones from setting in. These shampoos usually have natural ingredients so you’re protecting your hair from chemicals as well. Purple Shampoo and Conditioner No Yellow Set have garnered some attention for how effective it is. 

The shampoo contains aloe vera and Manuka honey. The organic ingredients work together to nourish the strands and protect the gray hair from damage of the sun rays. It also has a deep purple tone that puts up a great battle against gray hair. 

4. Your Nightly Routine

Do you brush your hair every night? If not, it’s about time you start. When you run your brush through your gray locks every day, you distribute moisture from the scalp to the length of your hair. Your naturally dry hair needs to get as much oil as it can. 

Even if you continue the hair brushing routine for just six weeks, you will start noticing changes at the end of it. Your hair will appear glossier and brighter. Instead of a regular brush, though, a bristle brush would be a better option. Cortex Professional 100% Boar Bristles Round Hair Brush is a good example. 


We know it is hard seeing your hair turn gray while you should still be young and carefree. If it’s due to genetics, it can’t be helped, and you should make the best of it. Color your hair or let it go gray, whatever you prefer. Try out different hairstyles until you are satisfied with your new hair. 

Gray hair could also be the result of a health problem. If your family history doesn’t have an account of gray hair at a young age, you should go for a checkup in that case.