Hair getting darker with age

January 21, 2020

Is Your Hair Getting Darker With Age? 

If you’re asking this question, you must have been wondering why your hair got darker. It is something that happens to everyone. What hair color you might have if hair shades get darker as you age. For brunettes, it’s just several shades deeper while for blondes, it can turn to dirty blonde or light brown as they age. 

Why is that the case, though? Isn’t your hair merely the result of your genetics? If it is, shouldn’t it stay the same until at least your hair starts turning gray? 

Well, this is dependent on melanin. How much melanin you have in your hair is what determines how dark your hair color will be. In general, it’s an umbrella term to define the group of pigments that are in charge of controlling the coloring of our skin, eyes, and hair. 

Two different types of melanin work together to determine our hair color. These are pheomelanin and eumelanin. Eumelanin is in charge of deciding how dark your hair should be. Pheomelanin, on the other hand, factors in how warm your hair tone should be. This means people with red hair have more pheomelanin than blondes. 

Hair Getting Darker With Age

Ultimately, the ratio of pheomelanin and eumelanin in your hair is entirely unique for you. It is also somewhat decided by genes. These genes that are involved in melanin production can change a little bit throughout our lifetime thus changing our hair color and tone. 

Usually, as we continue to age, the genes that produce eumelanin are more dominant. That is until our hair starts to lose all pigmentation and starts turning gray. 

So, you will be enjoying a lifetime of dark, vibrant hair until your hair finally starts losing all its pigments. Nothing really can be done about the gray strands unless you color your hair. Once you do get gray hair, you will want to take good care of it. 

Try to take care of your hair as much as you can. The more attention you give to it, the longer it will take for your hair to go completely gray. Let’s look at some of the shampoos that are good for gray and blond hair. Alternatively, these shampoos ensure that your hair doesn’t become darker.  

1. Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless Purple Shampoo Set

This shampoo is a good one to use, whether you currently have gray, bleached, highlighted, or blond hair. For someone with blond hair, it does exactly what you don’t want your still pigment-rich hair to do. It deters your hair from becoming a dark or ashy blonde. 

The shampoo is made with folic acid and green tea extract. It conditions and strengthens your hair. Along with it, we have CoQ10, which protects the hair from environmental factors and damage caused by styling products. Furthermore, it has macadamia nut oil which provides moisture to the brittle and harsh hair without providing excess grease to the scalp. Experts have a massive preference for this shampoo over others and who are we to not listen to them? 

2. Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo for Blonde and Silver Hair

Another one for people who have silver and blonde hair. Your determination to preserve your lighter hair color is possible with Clairol shampoo which works to make your hair shimmer, as the name claims. It’s a pretty sought after one and even won an award for how effective it is. The shampoo deposits a generous amount of protein into your hair, thus enhancing the color. 

If you have gray hair, it will brighten it. If you have blond locks, it will make them shinier. If you have highlights, it will deepen them, so they don’t fade quickly. It deters the dull yellow from invading your gray hair and keeps it shiny and fresh. The shampoo is suitable for colored and treated hair, which might be one of your biggest concerns. 

3. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Shampoo

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go is essentially a cleansing shampoo that brightens your hair. The shampoo contains citrus and chamomile combined with a formula that John Frieda calls BlondMend Technology. The shampoo is safe no matter what kind of hair type you have - be it highlights, natural or color-treated hair. It only deposits more blonde color into the hair and doesn’t wash away the dye you already had. 

If possible, buy it along with the conditioner. Together, you will be able to achieve optimum lightness. The company recommends that you use the shampoo every time you wash your hair. Every wash will add new, bright tones to your hair. 

It has a high rating, so it’s easy to tell that it is genuinely kind to its users. It does the job of hydrating and cleansing your hair as well as brightening it. The ingredients are organic too so you won’t be damaging your hair with chemicals in any way. 


There are lots of things we can’t control in our life. Sadly, our hair falls into that category. Our hair will become darker with age and then turn gray eventually, and this boils down to genetics. However, while we can’t control our hair color, we can try our best to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

We can take good care of our hair in the meantime and use the right shampoos and conditioners. We can prolong the changes in our hair color for some time. And of course, if nothing else works, we can dye our hair. We have to be careful about the dye we are using.