How to get yellow out of gray hair

January 2, 2020

We show you how to get yellow out of gray hair

If you’re going to live and make peace with your gray hair, you have to get it right. You will need to style it perfect for making the best of your new silver locks. What if the strands aren’t silver anymore, though? What if they are starting to take a slight yellow tone? Can you help them return to their previous beauty? Yes, you can! We will show you some easy methods that will help you keep the yellow tint far from your gorgeous gray. There are several methods, and we will look through some of them. 

1. Shampoo for the Grays

The most common and obvious solution would be to look for the right shampoo and hair conditioner. When you are searching for shampoos, keep an eye on the ones that have a blue or purple tint to them. These specialized shampoos are made with the expressive purpose of keeping the yellow out of gray hair. They also ensure that your hair stays smooth and silky in the process. There are lots of shampoos with a purple or blue tint in them. Not all of them will work on your hair. We recommend trying them out one at a time to see which one seems to work most effectively. Also, always stick to shampoos that have natural ingredients in them. Chemicals can be just as damaging for gray hair and might make your hair too frizzy. 

This one is an excellent place to start:

These kinds of shampoos don’t get rid of the yellow stain in the gray hair for an extended period. It’s a temporary solution so you will have to wash your hair routinely every week at least twice. Also, shampoo twice. After you’ve cleaned the first batch of shampoo, let the second batch sit in your hair for about five minutes. Then, rinse and condition. 

2. A Little bit of Hydrogen Peroxide

Home remedies are always a good idea. Shampoos certainly have their perks for they come in pre-made bottles, and you don’t need to invest any more time than simply what you need for washing your hair. However, for home remedies, you have to spend some time preparing the mixture. All of this is worth it, though, especially when you have a preparation of hydrogen peroxide bleach at hand that can get rid of the yellow color for weeks before you have to apply it again. 

The method is secure too. Into a small bowl, squeeze out about ⅛ cup conditioner. Say, you have a 30 volume bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your hand. Add about ⅛ of it into the bowl. Now, mix the conditioner and peroxide properly using a spoon. It’s time to apply it to your hair! Don’t forget to comb your hair afterward. This way, the paste will be distributed throughout your locks properly. 

If you have a plastic cap, fit it over your hair. This will keep the paste secured inside. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes. At last, rinse your hair. Then, you can go back to your usual routine of shampooing and conditioning your locks. 

3. Vinegar- The Ever Effective Solution

Vinegar is suitable for several things, including your gray hair. In this case, you are going to need apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar should be mixed with one gallon of water. First, you will have to shampoo your hair. However, we will skip the conditioning for now. 

Instead, wash your hair with the apple cider vinegar mixture. Let it seep into every part of your hair. Then, you can wash it off with cold water. Now, go back to your usual routine of conditioning your hair. Applying the vinegar solution once a week should be enough. 

4. The Betony Infusion Method 

First, you have to prepare an excellent cup of tea made out of purple betony flowers. The tea has to steep until it turns into a shade of purple. The intensity of purple depends on how yellow your hair is. For example, if your yellow hair is light, then the color of the tea should be a deep lavender shade. If the yellowing in your hair is too deep, keep on brewing the tea until it turns the darkest shade of purple. Once you have shampooed, just like with the apple cider vinegar mixture, rinse your hair with betony tea and let it gently invade all parts of your hair. Afterward, clean it all out with cold water and then condition. Do this at least once a week. 

5. Another Infusion - Hollyhock

Again, it’s time to prepare tea out of purple hollyhock petals. No different than the purple betony flower tea, the tea should be steeped until you achieve the right shade of purple. 

Again, no different from the previous method, you will have to shampoo your hair first. Then, rinse your hair with the hollyhock infusion. Make sure you let the tea seep into every inch of your locks and strands. Wash it off carefully and then continue with the usual conditioning routine. Keep at this method once every week.


We have shown you five ways on how to get yellow out of gray hair. But why did your gray hair start to turn yellow? It’s a question you must have wondered about over and over again. Well, there could be several reasons. It could be that your current medication is in direct conflict with the nutrition in your scalp. It could be the environment. The sun can be damaging, and so can the water you’re using if it is overtly chlorinated or has high iron content. 

It could very well be your shampoo. Did you check if your shampoo has a yellow tint to it? Because if it does, you have the answer. 

The good news is that these beautiful solutions exist, as you have seen from this list. As long as you stick to one of the routines, your hair should be back to its shiny silver shade in no time.