Shampoo for gray hair turning yellow

Joico Color Balance Purple

  • Eliminates yellow
  • Protects
  • Prevent fading
  • Repair



Purple shampoo No yellow

  • Organic
  • Protects
  • Boost hairtone
  • No fading

Aveda by Aveda: blue Malva

  • Plant based
  • Organic
  • Gentle on the hair
  • Large bottle

Gray Hair That’s Taking A Yellow Tone

Did you make the transition to natural gray hair already? Or are you sporting a vibrant dyed silver? Either way, you need the right purple shampoo that will let your hair retains its silky shine. If you have been negligent, you most probably have noticed the bold shades in your hair. The yellow tones aren’t exactly pretty to look at, and your hair most probably has started to become dry and frizzy.

 Well, it’s about time we change that. The good thing about those yellow tones is that it’s manageable. The right shampoo and conditioner are all you need to restore your hair to its vibrant silver locks. Of course, you have to be sure it is a hydrating shampoo that has natural ingredients too. Anything else would only cause your hair more damage. We have just the right list of those shampoos. 

The best reviewed Shampoo for gray hair turning yellow

Joice Color Balance Purple

This is an excellent choice if you have color-treated gray hair. While it’s a good shampoo to use, even if you have naturally gray hair that you want to protect, this one is specially made for dyed hair. It is specifically made to balance the color of your gray hair. The manufacturers use hair-identical keratins that are blended perfectly to create Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex. The goal is to repair your hair from the roots. Apply the thick shampoo to your hair two or three times a week. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes for the shampoo to seep in. After that, you could wash it out. For the best result, don’t forget to use Joico Color Balance Purple Conditioner.

  • Eliminates brassy/yellow tones on blonde/gray hair
  • Protects color against fading
  • Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex protects color from fading
  • Contains hair-identical keratins that repair hair from the inside out

Purple Shampoo No Yellow Set

From Honey Skin, the purple shampoo and conditioner set is made of 75 percent natural ingredients. The shampoo is free of paraben, sulfate, and all chemicals. Chemicals have never been good for your gray hair, so you can see why we hold this purple shampoo in high regard. The shampoo has an intense purple tone that counteracts the yellow ones. It even deepens the hair color you have, so if you have a beautiful silver-gray, well, you will have an even deeper gray. The shampoo has ingredients such as Aloe vera and Manuka Honey. It nourishes, conditions, and repairs your hair. While conditioning is a must, this is one of the few shampoos where it’s okay to skip on the conditioning once in a while. The UV filter is another plus. Gray hair usually retains some damage from sun rays, and this shampoo is sure to protect your hair from that fate. 


Aveda Blue Malva Color Shampoo

Other than purple-toned shampoo, blue-toned shampoo is just as viable for gray hair. Among them, Aveda is what we would call the best of the best. The company has made a reputation for itself by using entirely plant-based natural hair products. This one’s made with the pure essence of the Blue Malva flower. The aroma of Aveda is mixed with lemon, eucalyptus, and ylang-ylang. What you have at hand is a sweet fragrance that stays with you all day after you shampoo and washes your hair. It works as a gentle cleanser for the hair and scalp. If you have colored gray hair, we can assure you it won’t wash off the hair dye. The shampoo fights against the brassy yellow tone and even adds a touch of bright silver to your hair. 

  • Do not make your hair blue with daily use
  • Do not test on animals
  • Entirely plant based
  • Reduce yellow tones and bring out the silver

Purple Shampoo By Get Back Gorgeous

From Get Back Gorgeous, this purple shampoo has the backing of celebrity stylists. Usually, you would definitely get recommendations from salon to use this in-between appointment. You will notice a brighter gray tone once you use this. It offers UV protection, which is a must if you are someone who has to be out in the sun a lot. The collagen in the shampoo protects your hair from developing split ends and breaking. After using it for a few weeks, you will be happy to see your hair no longer has that brassy tone. It also should be significantly stronger. The ingredients are quite assuring as well. The shampoo is made of compounds that are derived from coconut oil. It rids your hair of the day’s dirt and grime while making sure your hair stays soft and shiny. Depending on how deep you want the gray to be, you have to keep the shampoo on your hair from 3 to 5 minutes before you wash it off. 



This is another shampoo for gray hair that is entirely paraben and sulfate-free. The natural ingredients used in the shampoo are coconut oil, bitter orange, aloe vera, and green tea. All of these are organic products that are usually recommended if you want to use home remedies for gray hair. Fortunately, Botanic hearth combines it all to create the ultimate purple shampoo. The ultraviolet pigmented formula protects your silver shades and keeps it silky soft. You will be happy to know the company doesn’t test the product on animals. However, the shampoo is a little strong, so be careful while applying it. Try not to get it in your eyes and keep it away from children. Try to check if you have any allergic reaction to the shampoo before using it. It has a gentle aroma that you would find refreshing. Be sure to follow it up by conditioning your hair. 

  • Sulfate Free & Paraben Free, made in USA
  • Enhance and extend hair color while deeply nourish hair
  • Not tested on animals
  • Neutralizes unwanted brassy tone


Gray hair is rougher than natural hair as it is. Treated gray hair color, even more so. If you aren’t careful about your choice in shampoo and conditioner, it won’t take long before the brassy tone sets in. Once it does turn yellow, it will take time before your hair can be silver again. So, try not to let that scenario occur in the first place. Maintain a good hair care routine and shampoo and condition your hair on time.