Shampoo's to Darken Grey Hair

January 2, 2020

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Do you have a problem with grey hair? Well, you're certainly not alone. Around 50% of people get grey hair until the age of 50. These problems are generally related to factors like stress, heredity, and aging. Your hair gets its color because of melanin. So, the less melanin, the lighter the hair. After a particular age, or in some cases right from the beginning, melanin production is less, resulting in grey hair.

What to look for:

As we age, our hair loses its fullness and shine as well as all the natural oils present in the scalp. So, we need to use shampoos that won't strip down our natural hair nourishment factors and will also be gentle on our hair. Pick a shampoo that'll moisturize both your hair and scalp and don't overuse it since it can cause dryness and irritation.

Shampoos ideal for Darkening Grey Hair

Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo


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Redken Color Extend Gradient Shampoo


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Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury


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Shampoo reviews

1. Joico's color endure violet shampoo

Joico is a brand known for creating products for differently treated hair-tones.

They also have shampoo for darkening the hair color. Joico's color endure violet shampoo is used to remove a brassiness from grey hair so that its vibrancy increases.

Restores hairs optimal pH level

Banishes brass, and produces a luscious lather

Cleansing your highlighted hair

Sulfate free shampoo

Pros and cons for this colourant


  • remove brassiness from the grey hair
  • cheap compared to other products
  • prevent yellowing of grey hair


  • Not intended for daily use
  • needs some time, around 3 minutes for results
  • dryness or brittleness after using this product

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2.Redken Color Extend Gradient Shampoo

Redken is a salon staple is also known for its range of products that care for colored hair.

Whether your hair is naturally grey, or you've chosen to give a silver tone to your hair, Redken's color extends gradient shampoo can help remove the brassy tones so that your hair will always have that shine.

Smells nice and make my hair soft

Great value for the price

Makes your hair shine

Doesn't stain

Pros and cons for this colourant


  • removes yellow and brassy tones
  • has amino acid protein, which will help you strengthen your hair
  • contains grey-tinted pigments


  • Its grey tints are synthetically emanated
  • You must leave products on for 3-5 minutes to get full results
  • Your hair might get dry after using this product

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3.Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury

Klorane anti-yellowing shampoo will use the same principle used by all the products given above for darkening your grey hair, that is, decreasing the brassiness of your grey tone.

But, this particular shampoo uses natural pigments for that, which will avoid the dying effect caused due to synthetic pigments.

Makes your hair soft

Works on all hair types and textures

Easily washes out

Gentle on your hair

Pros and cons for this colourant​


  • contains centaury, which is a plant-based ingredient as a pigment
  • suitable for all shades of grey hair
  • doesn't contain any synthetic color pigment


  • contains another synthetic ingredient

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These were our picks for getting back your original hair color or making your grey hair look less brassy and stop yellowing.

Always remember that every user is going to have a different hair type. So, different shampoos are going to work differently on different users.

You need to determine which one suits you the best.


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