Henna for gray hair to brown

January 18, 2021

What kind of Henna to use to Turn Gray Hair Brown?

When our turns gray, until and unless we are ready to accept the gray shades, our first instinct is to dye our hair. Now, while hair dyes are useful, they can be equally harmful to our hair. If we don't take care of our hair after dyeing it, we risk the possibility of permanently ruining our hair. Don't be surprised if your hair starts graying faster because of it. 

Now, if you are someone who wants to cover the gray strands but doesn't have enough time in your hands to provide the full spa treatment to your hair, it's best if you opt for the natural dyeing method. And if we are talking about the natural dyeing method, Henna always comes up.

If you had brown hair before the strands started turning gray, you would deepen the brown shade and cover the gray areas. If your natural color is entirely different, the brown would appear like beautiful highlights first and then eventually turn to complete brown as you keep on using it. 

The Process of Applying Henna

To get the brown shade of Henna, one or two applications is usually enough. However, if you want the shade to go darker, you can apply it over and over again every day until you reach the shade you are satisfied with. 

The process is pretty simple. At first, you should start with the red henna dye. It will work as the initial base. After you have kept it on for 72 hours - during which time the color oxidizes - you can now apply the brown henna dye of your choice. In general, brown henna dyes are made with indigo and Henna in different ratios to create different shades. 

Let's look at some of the hennas in the market that have the highest customer approval. 

 1. 100% Pure & Natural Henna Powder for Hair Dye- The Henna Guys

From The Henna Guys, this henna dye packet will either turn your hair brown or leave behind a reddish shade. If you have a naturally light hair shade such as gray or blonde, your hair will turn a beautiful coffee brown. If you already have dark brown or black hair color, you will get a light red shade. In that case, this henna powder can work as your base henna dye. You will have to apply a darker henna powder over it after 72 hours have passed. 

The powder is completely natural and made in ethical ways. There are no additives, metallic salt, or any chemical that can pose a threat to your hair. The paste you will get after dipping it in hot water will be smooth and easy to sort through. The users of the product certainly seem to be enamored with the product. 


  • Vegan Hair Dye
  • Free of any additives that can be harmful to your hair and skin
  • Red henna dye you can use as a base


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • It doesn't work on dark hair colors

2. 1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye- The Henna Guys

Another one from The Henna Guys, this one is a darker shade. Our best advice would be first to use the previous henna dye with a redder shade and then combine it with this one after 72 hours to get the best results. While it's better if you can dye your hair with Henna frequently, even without doing so, once you have dyed your hair the right way, it will stay a pretty shade of brown for a long time. Your grays won't be visible as long as you do some root touch up.

To get the best shade of henna powder, the package contains pure henna powder and indigo powder. It also has some natural herbs. All of these work together to cover the gray strands and darken the brown or blonde hair color. No chemical dye other than the natural ones is used for this one.  

If customer reviews are anything to go by, they are quite happy to play with the powder's various shades. 


  • No chemical or color developer of any kind
  • Natural herbs such as Amla, Neem, and False Daisy are included
  • Free of paraben, alcohol, additives, and so on


  • Not suitable for black hair
  • It takes some applications to get the best brown shade

3. Just Jaivik 100% Organic USDA Certified Henna Powder

This paste is a beautiful shade of green. It's even better if you mix this henna powder in coffee and hot water. The color you get from the henna powder is either red or brown, depending on your current hair color. The more times you apply it, the browner the shades get. However, one thing is sure; your gray hair will be fully covered by the end. 


  • Lawson content is high
  • Completely organic product
  • Free of chemicals and bleaches


  • Quite expensive
  • It takes some applications to show results


If your gray hair visits you when you aren't ready to accept it, it's only natural that you will take to dyeing it. Using natural hair dyes ensures your hair isn't damaged in the long term. It requires minimum effort on your part. It certainly helps that Henna is a natural conditioner and moisturizer too. So, your hair is gaining some amount of nutrition every day. 

The fun thing about a dye like Henna is that you can play with the shades as much as you want. You can get a mahogany brown or a deep, dark coffee one you will love showing off to everyone you can. Even if your hair isn't going gray anytime soon, you might enjoy exploring the world of henna hair dye. 

For anyone who loves coloring their hair, some people have rarely stopped using henna dye once they've started. We certainly predict you will become one of them.