How to Get Blonde Hair from Red

August 25, 2021

Many people dream of having blonde hair but are not sure how to go about it. There are a few ways that will help you get the look you want without spending a fortune on expensive treatments. The first thing we will discuss is whether or not you should bleach your red hair before dying it blonde. This can be done by using a semi-permanent dye and applying this to dry hair, then letting it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing out.

It is also possible to use an ash tone in order to lighten your locks while retaining their natural color as well. This can be done by mixing two tablespoons of cocoa powder with two cups of water and heating this up until it becomes thick like dough when cooled down again.

Tips To Go From Red Hair To Blonde Hair

It’s safe to say red and blonde hair are two of the most eye-catching options for any mane. If you have a deep, dark mahogany hue or lighter fresh ginger color on your head—you’re probably used to people staring at it in awe. But whether you want more attention this year during NYE festivities or simply asking what I would look like with blond locks, keep reading! It might be time for a major change from brunette shades to light golden tresses without having damage after following these steps:

Red Hair To Blonde Hair

When I dyed my hair red, it took a good amount of time for me to figure out how long the color would last and what products were most effective. Red dye is known to have an unparalleled ability to stain everything around you with its vibrant pink tones! One day you might want your shade lighter or even blonde, but that won’t matter if it doesn't wash away in one shower. You will need some help from experts on this journey as well so read up about going from red hair coloration naturally!

Without Turning Orange go from Red to Blonde Hair

After a long and tiring process of stripping out the color from your hair, it is hard to admit that you are left with an orange hue. But don't worry, I'm here for you! Read on as we learn how to turn this terrible shade into something cool like sandy blonde without having to go through the whole process again!

The first thing one has to do when they find themselves with "orange" hair is bleach it back out. This can be done by purchasing some professional-grade home-bleaching kits so they may apply them at their own convenience just in case there might be any lightning mishaps or if things take too long and need adjusting along the way.

You can get a tangerine to look if you don't use the right toner when going from red to blonde. The best way is to buy an at-home kit that includes everything and read all of the instructions before starting your hair color transformation journey. To complete this change in colors successfully, it's important not just to know-how but also what chemicals will be used along with understanding each step thoroughly so as not to mess up your hair or end up looking like an orange blob instead of being able to have healthy locks once again!

Apply Home Remedies to go from red to Blonde Hair

If you are an adventurous person who wants to go from red hair to blonde but isn’t afraid of bleach then it is possible for you. Bleach can be a little scary if this will be your first time with the process and has never bleached their head before so make sure that someone knowledgeable goes through the steps with them! If not, there might just end up being more damage than what was originally done which always leads back to money wasted instead of saving some.

If one were looking for something like an adventure in life they may want to investigate how changing their hair color can help save money by doing it themselves at home. Bleaching your own hair doesn't have too many risks as long as someone is going along.

For those with dyed red hair, it's important to do a strand test before bleaching your hair. You never know which colors will come out as the bleach does its work on your tresses!

 A few of us have tried various hair dye methods. Some used it as a way to cover up their roots, while others wanted something more creative or even temporary like getting streaks done with henna or ombre highlights. However you want to do your locks, there are some things that everyone needs when they're going at it solo.

Bleach powder and gloves for the initial lighting process; 30 volume Hydrogen Peroxide for mixing in with peroxide-based dyes afterward; bowl and brush set courtesy from Sally Beauty Supply (or wherever else) because not all brushes can withstand full-strength chemicals without breaking down too quickly!

Shampoo and condition your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Apply the bleach from the middle of the hair to tips, which will create an even distribution for those stubborn roots that never get lightened up! Leave about an inch without touching the scalp so you don't burn yourself or have that embarrassing streak on top of your head when it starts to grow back out. The ends are much more susceptible than the root strands - always apply their last- just make sure not touch them afterward because they'll be lighter faster too!

When going from red hair to blonde, it’s important not to just put a shower cap on and watch TV. Bleach can keep lightening your hair as long as it is in contact with the dye for an extended period of time so be sure.

A strand test will ensure that your hair is not damaged after bleaching. For those with color-treated, fragile, or delicate hair make sure you do not overdo it by leaving the bleach on for too long before washing off and evaluating your new lighter shade of locks.

Wash your hair properly and make sure to scrub until all the bleach is gone from your locks. Really, get in there - this will be a more challenging task than you might think at first glance! The key here is to not leave any traces of damaging chemicals on or near skin so that you can avoid irritation down the line. Believe me when I say it's worth it for healthy tresses as fun shades are temporary anyway!

If you want your hair lighter, it is going to take some work. You should start by applying protein treatments and rebuilding the strength in your hair. Olaplex step 3 will do wonders for this! Once your hair has regained its health, you can bleach again; but make sure not to overdo it: wait at least a week or two between bleaching sessions if possible, though waiting one month would be even better (it gives time for new growth).

Going From Red To Blonde: Toning

A purple toner is a deposit-only dye designed to cancel out unwanted tones in hair color. They work like a semi-translucent layer that doesn't change the base tone of your hair but adds just enough nuance for an eye-catching effect. Toners are available as single colors or mixed blends, so it's best to consult with our stylist about which type you prefer and what will be most flattering on you!

Red Hair To Blonde Hair

In this case, we want more coverage against orange and brassy hues. Typically those who have natural dark blondes can use any complementary shade from reds, purples, oranges. It all depends on suitability based on complexion types.

If your hair is blonde and you want it to be platinum, Wella Hair toners are the perfect match for this. T-18 White Lady can work on already very pale yellow hair but if not then medium smokey ash will do best or perhaps even try out medium ashy blondes!

I know you want to go light, but remember that toner won't be able to do the work for you. If your hair is already very damaged or if this sounds like too much effort on top of everything else in life right now, try using a purple shampoo instead!

You may not be able to walk around with a purple-tinted head of hair, but you'll certainly enjoy the way it makes your locks look. The best part is that this treatment only needs to last for about 10 minutes in order for color deposition and subsequent washing out! Try applying once weekly or every other week as needed if brassiness starts creeping into your blonde tresses again.

Treat your hair after a day of skiing with the love it needs by using deep conditioning treatments and a nutritive mask. Give your locks some much-needed TLC when you're done for the day because they put in good work!

How to Go from Red to Blonde: Maintenance

If you've ever wanted to go blonde, but couldn't because of your natural hair color or the way it reacts with different shades, there are a few simple steps that can help. One is ensuring your shampoo and conditioner do not contain any brass-fighting ingredients in them as well.

If you were originally a brunette who struggles to keep their virgin locks from going brassy after dyeing them platinum blondes - never fear! There's an easy fix for this frustrating dilemma: simply use products free of copper which will strip unwanted tones out over time without affecting its ability to process other colors effectively or damaging already sensitized strands like bleach does on redheads' hair.

Some people might think all you need for a red to blonde maintenance routine is purple shampoo and deep conditioning masks, but this isn't always true. If your hair gets too dry or if it's prone to getting frizzy then make sure that you add some heat protectant spray before styling with any type of hot tool. You also want to invest in oil like argan, jojoba, coconut - anything will do!

Want your blonde to be as bright and healthy-looking as possible? Use violet shampoo! It will cancel out those brassy tones that can dull it. But, beware overuse this product or you may end up with a strange purple tint in your hair color.

To keep your blonde hair looking great, find a shampoo that will nurture and repair it. Try to avoid using purple shampoos if you don't want the color to fade - use them sparingly so they can work their magic on all of those stubborn grays!


Blonde hair is a rare beauty, but not as impossible to get as you may think. The secret? You can actually go from red hair to blonde without taking any drastic measures with just one simple product! It’s called the Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 and it will turn your locks into graceful waves of golden goodness in no time at all (1-2 weeks).

In the world of hair color, going from red to blonde is a big deal. Professionals can help you if going for it yourself seems too daunting- but beware that your hair will suffer in the process! Going from anyone's natural shade to lightened locks may be difficult at first.

So don't hesitate to consult with professionals before making any drastic changes like this one. If self-doubt or fear has made you apprehensive about taking on such an endeavor by yourself and want someone else there who understands what they're doing... then contact professional stylists asap because neglecting your healthy tresses might not always work out well for them either way.