How to Get Blonde Hair Without Bleaching

February 5, 2021

Natural ways to get blond hair

When a person is trying to dye their hair blonde, they may think they need to use bleach. The only problem with bleach is that it can destroy the hair. Bleach can dry out the hair and make it brittle. There are other ways to get blonde hair besides using bleach. There are different techniques based on how dark a person’s natural color is and how the light of a blonde shade they are looking for.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a natural way to lighten the hair. Organic lemon juice works the best. The juice from the lemon can be put in a bottle and then squeeze on the hair. If a person has long hair, it will take around 2 cups of lemon juice to cover all of this hair. If a person has shorter hair than a half cup may be useful. Lemon juice is applied to the hair in sections. To active the lemon juice, a person should take a blow dryer to the hair. The heat will activate the natural acids. The lemon juice can then be washed out. If a person has dark hair, they may not see the results the first time. This process can be repeated several times until a person has their ideal shade of blonde.

Home dyes

Many different dyes on the market will allow a person to lighten their hair at home. These dyes do not contain bleach. To make sure, a person should look for a bleach-free formula. The dyes may not show up on dark hair right away, and they may need to be repeated every couple of weeks until a person reaches their desired shade of blonde.

Honey and vinegar

This natural mixture can lighten the hair. Raw honey will work the best since it does not contain any processed ingredients and will be better for the hair. This dye is made by mixing up 2 cups of distilled vinegar, 1 cup of raw honey, a tablespoon of olive oil, and a tablespoon of ground cinnamon. This mixture should be applied to damp hair and worked in a section at a time. The hair should be wrapped in plastic, or a plastic bag or shower cap can be placed over the head. This should be left on overnight, and in the morning, the mixture should be rinsed out of the hair. This process should be repeated until a person has reached their desired shade of blonde.

Ascorbic Acid

This acid is also known as Vitamin C. Not only can this lighten the hair, but it is also good for the hair too. Twelve vitamin C tablets or 500 mg of vitamin C can be crushed up and mixed with some shampoo. A person should wash their hair and then apply vitamin C and shampoo to the hair. They should allow it to sit for as little as 5 minutes. This will allow the hair to become lighter. The hair should be washed out using some regular shampoo and conditioner.


Cinnamon can be added to other mixtures to lighten the hair, or it can be used to make its mixture to give the hair a lighter look. Cinnamon will also leave the hair smelling nice. Four tablespoons of cinnamon are mixed with enough water to turn it into a paste. A little honey can be added to the mixture at this time if desired. The hair is washed and dried as usual. When the hair is still damp, the cinnamon mixture is put on the hair. The hair then needs to be wrapped up and allowed to sit on the head for around 2 hours. The mixture should then be rinsed out and conditioned. The mixture can be put on the hair and allowed to sit overnight to see even more dramatic results so the hair will be even lighter.

Chamomile Tea

This tea can lighten the hair and help a person get the blonde look they want without using bleach. The tea should be brewed so that it is strong. At least two tea bags may need to be used. Allow the tea to cool down, and then apply it to the hair in sections, working it in with the fingers. It is best to then stand in the shower and pour the tea directly on the hair. Allow the tea to set in the hair for 15 minutes and then washing it out. If a person chooses, they can leave the chamomile tea in the hair until the next time they are ready to shampoo. Allow the hair to air dry, and it should be noticeably lighter. This process can also be repeated until a person has reached their desired shade of blonde.

Color Remover

If a person has dark hair, they may need to get rid of some of the colors. The methods may not always work if a person has dark hair. They may need to take some of the colors out of their hair without using bleach. Two applications of color remover may be necessary to lighten the hair. This will take some of the darker colors out, which will allow the hair to lighten easier. This color lifter can also be used with a developer. The developer will keep the hair even and will help remove a spotty look. The developer can be mixed with the color remover and should be allowed to sit on the hair for at least 30 minutes. While it is sitting, the hair should be covered with a shower cap. If there are spots, more of this mixture should be added and allowed to sit on the hair for at least another 15 minutes. This mixture can be rinsed out using shampoo and conditioner.

These are some ways to get blonde hair without using bleach. Bleach is harmful and can ruin the hair. These methods will lighten the hair and allow a person to get the blonde locks they have always wanted.