How to Maintain Purple Hair

April 13, 2022

How to Maintain Purple Hair

Purple hair is a hot topic in the beauty industry today. With the launch of cool brands like Black Magic and a slew of new colors hitting the market, purple hair has become mainstream. However, not everyone can pull off this color. Before you try to dye your hair purple (or blue or green), here are some tips on how to maintain purple hair for longer.

How to Keep Purple Hair

Purple hair is a very funky, fun and one-of-a-kind color. So what's the best way to take care of your cute new hue? For starters, the best way to keep purple hair healthy is to use deep conditioning treatments as often as you can. This will help reduce frizz, dryness, and breakage. 

Ensure that you are only using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners in your shampoo and conditioner routine. If you don't have a violet shampoo, try one of the brands below: Purple Shampoo Suds - Bamboo Crime

Purple Magic Shampoo - Green Beautee Reparative Conditioners are great for adding extra moisture to your hair instead of simply washing it out with regular shampoos and conditioners. 

How to Create Silkier Hairs 

We can all agree that deep conditioning treatments really help bring out the most lavender hues and flavors. With that being said, having a good deep conditioning treatment once in a while is just not enough. You need to keep your hair nourished at all times!

A cool hairstyle for a wedding or special event, purple and grey can look very chic even if you don't have the classic "purple hair" tones. There are tons of different ways to achieve this blue-ish tone in your hairdo without resorting to having too bright a shade ask your stylist about toners that add just the right amount of undertone.

  • Hair Tip #1 ­­ 

Do not wash your hair too much. Because blonde and purple coloring doesn’t necessarily work well complimentary, you ought to pay more attention to keeping them away from each other. This can be done by making sure that your highlights are kept fresh at all times; it is also recommended for black women to get samples of a salt spray developer and test the effect before fully using colored products on their locks.

  • Hair Tip #2 

When washing your hair, make sure that you are using the correct shampoo and conditioner. Shampoos contain chemicals that will lighten or oxidize/fixation deep-colored hairdos more rapidly than lighter / lighter shades; depending on what is being used as a developer (usually spray), toners should not be allowed to mix in with whatever product is on top of any shampoo. 

Shampoos and conditioners which contain chemicals should likewise not be used on any type of coloring; you can get away with using gentler shampoos that do not cover your hair in huge amounts of foam but make sure to go back into the shower after a while to wash it out (if possible) and re-condition Only take hot showers because cold water will have an adverse effect on your color over time.

Method of Maintaining Your Purple Hair

Method 1:Dyeing Your Hair Purple

(This method may be considered to be a bit old-fashioned, so you'll have better luck with it if your hair is free from any streaks of purple or unnatural gold coloring.) The main thing here is that you're aiming for the natural shade of your hair before touching anything else. If It's lighter than you want it to turn out, this just means that whatever red dye color will make your natural color look more true; choose something that is NOT permanent. 

This dye won't do anything to your hair if it's been dyed blue, purple, or another unnatural color beforehand (and rinsed out); this was way before anyone knew how indigo turned black! So Turn in with Dark Purple

After Deep-Conditioning:

Allow the coloring process to happen over a few weeks; upon rinsing off that first red-colored foam feeling you may want to wash it out a couple of more times in-between. Shampooing will also help, but it's not necessary unless you are going for some sort of 'blonde' effect; provided your hair isn't just blonde root this should work fairly well even on dark henna dye shades). When the color appears to have cleared up enough that you can get away with rinsing off way too fast without damaging or affecting anything: 

Hairdressers hands in colorful client head and hair after coloring or hair dyeing.

Apply Your Moisturizer : 

This is one area where everyone has different opinions and I was lucky to have tried A LOT of moisturizers before finding something that seems NOT too heavy or greasy at all; this alone might make the difference between achieving EVEN better results – even if you don't color again for a while. Upon first use, it may feel like an odd feeling sensation but everyone should be able to get used to it within a single application and even at the first wash. 

Don't worry about how long you let it sit. Here is my hair just before I applied: And here are two pictures a couple of minutes later: That's pretty conclusive, isn't it? It should be noted that even this short amount of time means there still probably wasn't enough protection or moisture in your hair yet to actually prevent the color from fading. 

(Ideally, you'd have let your hair go through its usual 'deep conditioning' overnight so that applying a moisturizer beforehand may even better service to seal in moisture)

Your Result: 

This method really depends on what level of maintenance/care you currently give your hair – which also correlates with just how long an average chemical process will take/look effective before starting to fade away, especially over time; but I'm willing to bet that regardless of your situation, you won't be disappointed in the results whether it's a week or two. Just remember how far down this rabbit hole we go and hopefully your patience with us as we are learning 🙂

This steaming/drying technique completely eliminates any tugging-twisting which can remove one layer of curls at a time – plus makes sure no water is allowed into little pockets where hair tends to stay relatively flat (which is the root of most production loss, not damage due to coloration)

Also helps keep your head warmer than regular methods thanks to less air movement and doesn't dry out the hair either. Additionally, because all water has been removed from your curls you get more nutrients/moisture - which translates into healthier growth!

Because hair is being heated up it also provides time for product buildup by trapping moisture & seals in your hair's natural oils, making it much easier to apply the product in a more effective and smooth manner.

If you prefer this method over the chemical dyeing methods just remember that once those chemicals hit your head they need 10+ times (or even 100 plus) as long as normal heat, but because of how simple steaming is & how quick results show up let us know what steps YOU take to improve quality control which could be helpful for others.

Note: At this point, I should mention that natural hair also benefits from a steam/scalp detoxification process - because it uses the very same processes for growing healthy growth of coarse and tight strays.- so please consider trying our Detox Shampoo & Conditioner if you have Damaged, Bleached or Straightened Hair to keep those damaged tresses hydrated throughout their lifetime.

Method 2: Washing and Conditioning Purple Hair 

Purple hair can be obtained by mostly any method of dying the color, but there are other options available. Treatments and conditioning treatments can help to make purple washed-out blonde or grey strands darker again.

One way is applying Keratin Complex Shampoo/Conditioner on damp hair with a leave-in treatment product for about  45-60 minutes then rinse thoroughly with cool water after washing your head that already has one decent coat of Purple Hair Dye. 

The rinse water contains essential oils that help to retain the hair's natural moisture and color, but it doesn't use any peroxide according to which means tons of benefits without excessive chemicals! Another option is applying Nioxin follicular care products like scalp therapy or this regimen & leaving it on for 20 minutes before washing out.

Once your head is completely dry you'll then need a maximum of two more good coats of Purple Hair Dye.

Note: Using Keratin Complex Shampoo/Conditioner immediately after rinsing your hair from Purplehairdiy will help to clear up buildup issues faster, while Nioxin gives better conditioning or deeper treatments lasting 4-6 weeks depending on frequency and length of course! Heck, there are even purple shampoos that sell for $19+ a bottle...

Method 3: No Purple Hair Dye Method

No purple hair dye can also be achieved through the use of bleaching and dying your regular brown/blonde. Any time you take a shine to another color or have hues that have been a fad, remember with no Purple Hair Dye methods like using Keratin Complex Shampoo 12 times (1-2 tbsp each) in 6 weeks. Of course, this shampoo contains real keratin as well for a silky smooth finish with no risks of copper issues. 

In addition to Deltasone, you need Alpha Keratin which is the 3rd ingredient on the list, and ALL keratin from Hair Dye Directions Plus contains real wild-caught fish collagen (the highest) & this will really help keep your locks hydrated, soft & healthy even if not getting purple hair dye! 

Method 4: Protecting Purple Hair from Damage (Straw & Fade)

Since methods 1 - 4 use chemicals that build up in your hair, a conditioner type of buildup can occur which will diffuse/reduce the intensity and length of color...You'll have to be able to keep alternating preventative shampooing or Keratin Complex Shampoo at least every three washes. 

By now you're probably wondering about rinsing out purple liquid damage solutions! Well, guess what ...many are out there...Fade, Restaurateur, and Prosperous all cater to this. But if you're a fan of NotYourAverageDoll's DIY Rubbing Alcohol rinse then have that at the ready & a white piece of cloth on hand! Boil some water take no more than 1/3 cup per wash use boiled hot water not cold! 

Spritz your hair with enough rubbing alcohol (your fingers will smell like it!) to cover the front spectrum of your hair. And then let it sit until somewhat cooling down (it will lower slightly in temp)'ll want to very gently apply a washcloth or hand towel across the scalp before rinsing out that purple liquid..This is like having someone else wash out the color...don't expect results as intense, but this technique does help remove any residual dye from purples especially if you're not familiar with it yet! Treat it like a jigsaw puzzle, that’ll help reveal the highlights and tone down purple tones...

Method 5: Protecting Purple Hair from Damage Using Search/Removal (No Bleach) 

If you're new to using bleach in your hair or bleached out by mistake & need some professional color services to save those magical purples then since deep dark roots are not really safe for coloring stick with a good 2 part Special Effects hair color (don't go with anything cheaper! that'll be very harsh on your newly dyed locks) or. 

If you've gone through this whole process and need some purple protection while waiting for the service to take effect then search/removal is a great way to do it. You can also use this method after bleaching, but let me warn you again: don't bleach any areas of deep dark roots...the effects will last MUCH longer.

How to Keep Purple Hair Color from Fading for Weeks Longer

Hair dye can fade in on average 8-10 washes, and still looks uniform even after. Depending on hair length and type it can take up to around 20 washes for natural color to show through. After that, the lightening of roots will become more noticeable when you wash your hair daily.

There are a few ways that you can keep purple hair from fading for weeks longer than usual: 

  • 1) Dry Shampoo Clothing protectors

You can get clothing add ons that block the washes from dyeing all over your clothes which will prolong how long you can retain purple hair color. This is also very necessary, as otherwise your dyed hair won’t look uniform and it'll become obvious by how fast or slowly different areas of your new locks fade out!   PES Auto Hair Protectors for Brown Hair - Deep Purple V vibrancy Hair Color Auto Protectors - e.l.f Professional Grade Dry Shampoo PES-X5 Steel & Clay 5 oz 

  • 2) Purple Hues in Your Livestrong Diet

Moderators/admin of this website sometimes have stayed with the same hair color forever after years and even a decade, so it's not THAT bad if you don't cut yourself out from ever having purple again.  Eggs can do wonders for your hair. If you went into the salon and it looks bright red then stick with that color until whatever light heats up will fade out even a "fainted" colored skin does not harm any part of our body, like when we stay or go tanning for a week/weekend/preparation time as long as its one of those nice natural pinky hues from summer-time. Just don't try to extend it to a year or so. 

Eventually, you'll have to cut your hair short and if the lighter shade is gonna look unpleasant when trying, try at like 4 1/2" long first before cutting down all the way. You can wear that color for any length of time than this but just in case it’s not an extension, no matter how much water you keep them curly they need some trimming up every now and then! 

Sometimes (not always), it's best to change up the combination of shades if you notice your hair is not looking so "wish I could have that shade" or once it’s faded out a bit.  I did not try any henna/clay add ons as firstly, this was my FIRST time dyeing, and secondly, I didn't want to mess with it because one, most purple dyes need WAY too much conditioner afterward (which was what I had WITH henna and clay) to even out my hair (even if too much conditioner is good for your ends). 

You only need a nickel size amount of the universal moisturizing shampoo before dyeing in order not to damage your hair or split ends. My fine thin straight Asian strand got somewhat manageable on day two with Smooth & Clear which dried very super fast so I knew it wasn't going that long longer but planning on using a hair conditioner to help soak up oils. 

I am not always doing the full extra mopping step with my strawberries straightened out.  I think this time I did have some of that smelly moisture build-up in areas but it usually happens about 2 weeks after you wash your locks, for me anyway. 

In terms of very general maintenance tips (either on rare occasions or a monthly 'cheat sheet' if you will) - Shampoo at least once per month, conditioner every other or third wash and wrap/protective style 2 (sometimes 1) times a week to help alleviate knotting hairs. I used my Fructis texture spray with baking soda on my roots (only covering the tips), which helped instantly decrease split ends increase the softness of color saturation, lessen frizzies and very minimally thicken up any unruly hair.  One little trick to getting your roots even is this old trick from 'all shampoo and conditioner free' friends whiter whites, just avoid milk products a few weeks prior to dyeing or any vitamins that contain iron. 

On the second day, I noticed some yellow highlights throughout my hair but that’s ok cause you can cover those up easily with big chunks of henna in the very back area where it was most prominent (you will be able to see them once they're incorporated in your strands).

This time I decided to scotch and grow out my bangs a bit so I was able to get two days of life out of them despite the drier climate. So there you have it if ur interested in more hair dyeing/fading stories check this site generally with video guides on different dying techniques (this is something I don't do terribly often ) or also let me know which shampoo &

 How Hard is Purple Hair to Maintain? 

The lesson to be learned from my last tutorial for those of you just reading about it:

- It's ok if your bangs are long because, in the end, everyone has a different face shape 3b/4a 2c 4b (straight) curly, and so on. The tips I replay here depend upon where I'm at with dying damage as well.  

In some instances every now and then hot water will cause roots or fringe to fall out, depending on the length each technique will be suitable for their roots.  So if you're used to adhering to a particular method of dying /shampoo and conditioner use (depending upon your hair type) don't get so rigid that only doing "one" thing is going to solve anything!

The problem lies with people likening curly/wavy texture or fine strands of tan layers to something thicker as some sort of "layer".  The problem lies on not the hair strands themselves but instead, it's oh so easy to become 'lazy' with your "touch-ups" making people assume that is what they are dealing with.  

For me, I’ve gone through over 2 years now beginning from a blonde, to dying them dark/brassy-brown before settling into my current favorite of ash blondes. I also go back and forth about keeping all.


Purple hair is the latest trend and it's super fun to have. Purple hair comes in all different shades, but we are going to focus on a very light shade of purple for this blog post. Purple hair is beautiful and with some simple tips, you can make sure your new look stays looking fresh!