How To Tell If Follicles Are Dead

January 14, 2021

Can you tell If Follicles Are Dead?

Have you ever looked at a mirror to see if you're presentable for the day, only to stop short when you saw your scalp peeking through? The sight sends most of us into a frenzy. What's happening to your hair? Is it finally damaged beyond repair?

Is the hair there ever going to grow back? All of this depends on the follicles in our head. Hair grows from there, so it is only natural we will hold it responsible. What you want to know is if your hair follicles are still alive. Are they still active and capable of producing more hair?

The reason your hair follicles might be facing imminent death or well on the way to dying can be narrowed down to one reason - lack of nourishment. The follicles start to get thinner and thinner, until eventually, one day, the follicles slip off our head. It is at this point the hair in your scalp will start to disappear too. 

So, how can you tell if the follicles are dead? Well, a better look at your scalp will show you the answer. If you still spot hair on your scalp, no matter how short, thin or small in quantity, as long as they are there, it means your hair follicles are still alive. 

However, it's a good warning sign. It's time for you to buckle up and take proper care of your hair so that the follicles don't die completely. If you have gray hair, though, bringing adequate nourishment to your hair is even more challenging. Gray hair is naturally brittle, rough, and dull-looking as it is. It also attracts too much dirt and grime that takes away a lot of nourishment and oil from the hair. 

Don't worry. We have particular recommendations in terms of shampoo for gray hair for this very reason. 

1 . Cel Microstem Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Set

This shampoo is specially made to maintain the health of your follicles. It has the wonderful formula of biotin and ginseng infusion. The aim is to provide you with hair that's much thicker and stronger than before. As you make it a point to use this shampoo, your hair will finally stop shedding and falling all over the house. 

For nourishment, the shampoo contains protein extracts and Olive Fruit Oil. It will hydrate your hair as well as protect it from further damage. If you've been feeling a sense of irritability in your scalp lately, which is also a sign of undernourished follicles, it will soothe the pain away. 

It also has an enhanced version of Arginine Extract. It extends the Anagen phrase, thus regulating the proliferation of cells. The shampoo is also free of parabens and sulfates, all of which are not good for hair. The shampoo is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.

It's a shampoo that will suit you no matter what kind of hair you have, whether you still have your natural hair color, or have color-treated hair, or your hair has gone completely gray. It's made with all-natural ingredients to make sure your hair gets the best treatment possible. 

2. Hair Restoration Laboratories' Professional Strength DHT-Blocking Hair Restore Shampoo

This is one of the most preferred shampoos by customers. The company is quite proud of how they have managed to fit an incredible amount of ingredients in the shampoo that blocks DHT from the scalp, thus keeping it healthy. The effectiveness of the shampoo is visible from the stellar reviews. 

The hair restoration shampoo has caffeine, pygeum bark extract, pumpkin seed oil, and cayenne fruit extract. While this shampoo had a previous version, this one has 25 percent of more DHT blockers. The nutrients are vital for activating the follicles and promoting better hair growth. 

The shampoo also doesn't have parabens, sulfate, or silicone. These are all harmful ingredients that damage our hair than good, and you should never buy a shampoo, dye, or conditioner containing these products. 

You can use this shampoo daily if you want. The shampoo's fundamental aim is to prevent hair loss and even reverse the thinning process of hair. Your follicles will be healthy and happy before you even realize it. 

3. OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo

This is a powerful shampoo infused with the qualities of Moroccan argan oil. Your dry, brittle gray hair will be repaired in no time with the use of this one. An intense moisturizer uses the silk protein-infused in it, which helps the shampoo lock in moisture. What you get is silky, perfect strands that you are proud to show off. 

Argan oil is fantastic for repairing hair follicles. No matter how damaged your hair has become, it floods them with a bout of moisture that revitalizes them instantly. The aim of the shampoo isn't to make your hair look perfect. Instead, it makes it look natural. 

Whether you have messy curls or bouncy straight hair, it will make them look smoother and fuller. Yet, your hair will also feel lighter, so you can enjoy the full effect. It's good for gray hair as it is for color-treated hair. It doesn't matter which shade of color you're using. It won't wash it all away. Instead, it ensures your locks stay the deep shade of color you've decided to paint it while keeping them hydrated and nourished. 


Your hair follicles are probably the most essential part of your hair. They pretty much determine whether you have a head full of thick locks or go bald before you have even reached 30. So, try to take care of your hair as much as you can. The shampoo isn't the only thing you should be focusing on either. 

Use conditioners such as Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner, which will lock in the nourishment your shampoo has provided to your hair. It's also essential to keep a proper hair care routine.