Mahogany brown hair color

September 10, 2019

Mahogany brown hair color

Mahogany brown hair color is a color that most people can bear. It is a combination of purple and red colors which provide both a cold and a warm appearance at the same time. Even those with a lighter skin tone that you usually would not recommend red hair dyes to can have a great result from mahogany brown hair color.

What exactly is mahogany brown hair?

mahogany hair colorMahogany color incorporates a beautiful red tint which will be mixed with a purple nuance. The purple will most often be a little less dominant. It gives a glow very similar to mahogany wood which in itself has a warm and  deep reddish color

Since mahogany color has a little shade of purple, it will match very well to people with lighter skin tones. Who usually would not try to carry the red hair color. The purple hue softens the warm red color up a bit, and therefore it can be used by most people. Mahogany brown hair color is for everyone !!

Coloring  process

The workflow to color your hair mahogany brown is slightly different depending on your current hair color. Blond, black or brown, everyone has its requirements for the process to achieve the best result.

Are you blond,  you have to dye your hair in a gold or copper hue before the mahogany brown hair color can be added. Is your hair already brown, you can jump forward in the process and provide the right hair color directly.

If your hair is naturally brown and not colored before, you have several options. Not only can you color your hair mahogany Brown directly, but you can also actually lighten it a little. Thereby achieve a lighter shade. If your hair has been previously colored, it is not always possible to alleviate it. You will still be able to make the deep mahogany brown hair color.

Choose the right hair color

When you choose a shade of mahogany brown hair color, make sure that it is lighter than your current color. Particularly if your hair has been previously colored, a lighter color could create problems, and you will not achieve the desired result. Therefore, you should choose the same or darker shade than your current color.mahogany hair color

A darker color will not just provide a darker mahogany color, but give a more lively and vibrant mahogany brown hair color with a more intense red and warm nuance. The only way to achieve a lighter shade is to bleach the hair a little before you apply your new mahogany brown color.

The best result will always be achieved at your hairdresser, but should you insist on doing the dyeing at home this can also be done. The easiest way is to mix the color in a bottle with a small spout and applying the color in small doses, in small sections of the hair using a brush. The only thing you need to do is to separate the hair into sections — one in the middle and then again at each ear. So you should have four roughly equal parts that are much easier to work.

When you add color, you start at the top and colors small tufts at the time and in no time you finish a section. Continue with the last third

When color is added, you must add the developer, and then allow it to work. How long depends on how bright a shade you want. The more colorful you will be, the longer it sits in.

Different brands of developer may also have varying strength, and processing time may vary.

Some brands allow you to add heat and thereby shorten processing time.

From Blonde to  mahogany brown hair

mahogany hair colorTurning blonde to mahogany brown hair color is a slightly different process. The starting point for brown hair varies from orange to red, and this is lacking in the blonde hair. If you add the new dark color, you risk ending up with a strange result, and this would probably not.
Often, the mahogany brown hair color ends up being beautiful but without depth and quite fast losing its glow. Other times, especially in the full light hair, the purple color will be too dominant, and the hair will appear more purple than mahogany.

The easiest way to avoid this is to pretreat the hair first. It is done very quickly by adding the hair a dark base color before starting to add mahogany color.

This base color can be either a protein filler or a demi-permanent dye.



Maintaining the  color

You cannot avoid your color fading out over time. No matter how good a hair color you have used,  repeat shampooing will slowly get the color to fade. With mahogany brown hair color, you will experience your hair start to get a dull red/brown color without warmth and glow.

Be sure to use a good quality shampoo that is suitable for colored hair and avoid direct sunlight is the best advice that can be given. But no matter what  you do, you will have to freshen  your new hair color around every four weeks