Mahogany haircolor

September 9, 2019

Benefits of Mahogany Hair Color

The recent trend in the world of hair color is to go with mahogany hair color or shades that give a vibrant and lush feel to your hair. For those who are considering this trend now is as good as any day to know all about it.

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It is a color that top celebrities in Hollywood swear by. There are several shades of mahogany that you can choose from, with many of these venturing closer to red than to the original dark mahogany. However, no matter what you want, as long as you maintain your hair correctly, you will have a vibrant color that is both daring and beautiful. And top it off with perfect makeup, and you’ll become the center-stage of attraction almost immediately.


Benefits of Going Mahogany


For those who are considering using a mahogany hair color will be pleasantly surprised by its attributes.

These benefits include:

  • Easier dye to deal with
  • Hides hair flaws
  • Hair looks shiny and silky


mahogany hairOne of the main benefits that people with a dark red hair dye will tell you is it’s easier to deal with. You’ll also have to spend less time having to color the hair to make sure it looks great. Also, darker hair colors tend to cover up the flaws with your hair entirely. For instance, those who have dry, brittle, or breaking hair will find that the darker hair colors, like mahogany, help to hide these flaws immaculately. Due to the vibrancy of these darker hair colors, it reflects the light better, which in turn makes your hair look shinier and silkier.


Maintaining Mahogany Hair Colors

 With dying your hair to a mahogany color family, you need to follow some simple tips. Make sure your hair colors last longer and remain more vibrant throughout:

  • Use hair products for red hair
  • Use cool water
  • Use a glaze

Start with using hair products that are designed for red hair as these have unique ingredients in them to keep the color vibrant. You must never use hot water to wash or condition the hair. Hot water strips out the natural oils in the hair-- one of the ingredients responsible for keeping up the hair shine.

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Coldwater is always the best option, especially for color-treated hair. Lastly, you must use a glaze that is meant to keep the hair color locked into the hair. These glazes help the hair color to remain vibrant, while also offering protection against the natural elements, like dirt and grime.


There are several benefits that you can come to expect with a dark mahogany hair color. The key is to keep the hair color as vibrant as possible and making sure the hair looks healthy for weeks to come.