Ombre hair color

October 13, 2019

Everything about the beautiful Ombre hair fashion

We love ombre! But what is the trend now? Hair fashion abounds with several exotic-sounding names of different hair color techniques. It may be a bit of a jungle to find the different expressions: Babylights,

highlights, balayage, and ombre. Read on here and find out what is hidden behind ombre hair.

The "shadow" has come to light

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Ombre is French and means "shadow." It is merely a color technique in which the hair has one color at the bottom and middle lengths, and then "fades" sharply over to another color in the lengths.

For a classic ombre, the color at the bottom is your natural color or one that resembles it, and then brightens and possibly. Tones the hair lengthwise. This way, the hairdresser does not apply any color or brightening to the scalp. If you are brighter at the bottom, you can choose to keep your golden tips and color your base darker to achieve the ombre effect.

However, the imagination should not necessarily be limited to natural colors. An ombre can also be made with the hot pang colors of pink, purple - or why not a bold blue?

Who can get an ombre?

The hair color technique suits most hair lengths - even in medium hair, an ombre can look super pretty. The technique has a dramatic effect, so you will undoubtedly experience a significant change and an exciting result.

What are the benefits of ombre?

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Avoid traditional scrubbing and save money! An ombre made with your natural color at the bottom does not force you down to the hairdresser. You do not need to go at four-week intervals to maintain the tone like a hair color where the hair is tightened down to the hair roots. An ombre changes beautifully over time as your hair grows out, so the expression in the hair is renewed by itself. That's smart!

What, then, is sombre?

A somber is a discrete version of ombre where the contrast between the two colors is not so sharp. A sombre is often made with more colors and less bleaching and is perfect for those who dare not venture out into a full ombre.

What should you consider before getting an ombre?

You can do ombre/somber yourself! But you need to know that the color techniques require knowledge of where to place the bright fields. Also, you need to understand how brightening products work on your particular hair and what shades are right for you.

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We recommend that you go to your hairdresser and get your ombre done professionally. Take a picture of your "dream-ombre," so the hairdresser can see what thoughts you have made. An ombre can be made in a variety of ways, so it's a good idea to set expectations together, so you get precisely the ombre you dream of.

How do you care for your ombre?

You with naturally dark hair

If you are dark-haired by nature, it requires a clearing to get ombre hair. And no matter how we turn and turn it, it can be a severe turn for the crap. Therefore, you should subsequently pay attention to giving your hair plenty of care. A nourishing shampoo and conditioner is, therefore, a must, and preferably supplement with a weekly hair treatment.

Use the moisturizing Elements Xclusive Moisture range, which, in addition to shampoo and conditioner, contains a Leave-in Conditioning Cream. It is used in moisturizing hair and makes your hair feel silky smooth and shiny.

Avoid the yellowish tones that may appear after brightening the lures by using the Elements Xclusive Silver series. The hair care series consists of a pigmented shampoo and conditioner that neutralizes the unwanted warm tones and is specifically designed to keep your blonde hair beautiful.

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You with light natural hair

If you are light-haired by nature, you have probably been able to avoid a brightening and just have coloration in connection with your ombre. Use the Elements Xclusive Color series, which consists of color-protecting products that keep your dyed hair shiny and retain color.

Protect your hair from the heat

You will probably want to style your luscious ombre hair, for example, in the form of beautiful curls with a curling iron or by using straight irons for ultra-smooth hair. That is why we have developed a heat-protecting hair product that protects your dyed hair from possible damage that warm styling tools can cause on your hair. Use Elements Xclusive's Heat Shield, which fits your hair and contains UV filters that help preserve the color of the sun.