Burgundy plum hair color

September 10, 2019

A complete overview of burgundy plum hair color

Bright and unusual hair colors have become common and fashionable over the last few years, especially among younger people as well as celebrities. Whereas before you would only see punks, gothic kids and members of other subcultures sporting bright hair, it has now become so mainstream. Even box dye’ companies are bringing out these fun colors into their line so that those who are interested can achieve the look at home.

Much like makeup trends, hair colors change with the seasons as well. So while pastels and neons are fun colors to try for spring and summer, fall and winter are all about the dark, vibrant, decadent hues like blood red, mahogany brown, midnight blue, and deep purples.

The popular choice among all of the plum hair colors

plum hair colorOne of the most popular options among these rich, deep tones is the burgundy plum hair color. This color is a perfect mix between a dark plum berry and a dark red, burgundy color. Which suits several complexions and looks quite natural and discreet on those who already have dark hair naturally or as a result of previous hair dye experiences.

Factors to take into account

It is, however, still an unusual color which needs to be considered carefully before you commit to it, as it can be quite shocking. If you dye your hair with permanent dye, it won’t come off unless you bleach or cut your hair. You need to consider your skin tone and the exact shade you are looking at, to see if they complement each other. And you need to consider your natural hair color as compared to the result, to determine whether you might need to bleach your hair or not.

Consider taking a professional’s advice

As burgundy, plum hair color is still quite unusual and is most likely only available from professional brands, retailers, and formats. It is wise to either get your hair dyed at a salon or at least ask for a hairdressers opinion and guidance on what products to get and what processes to use. If you wish to do this at home, to make sure you get the best results possible instead of damaging your hair for nothing.

The uniqueness that comes with this form of plum hair color

Apart from that, how you rock this burgundy plum hair color trend is pretty much up to you. You can mix your shade – or have it done at the salon – and have it customized to suit your skin tone, by adding more of the plum or the burgundy tones. You can go all out and bleach your hair to achieve a more vibrant color or dye it directly for a subtle effect. Or you can even opt for a dip dye, ombre look. It may not be as fashionable as it was last year, but it is still an excellent way to rock a unique color in your hair.

A final word

In the end, unusual hair colors are a form of expression, and having fun with your look. Burgundy plum hair color, while it is fashionable at the moment, is no different. What matters the most is that you are confident in what you are doing and that you feel beautiful with your new hair color. So you can make heads turn during this colder season.