Plum brown hair color

September 10, 2019

Plum brown hair color

The size of the global hair care industry in 2013 was approximately 77 billion dollars, out of which the hair dye industry forms a substantial chunk. Even without statistics, we can very well make out how popular hair dyes are by just looking around our surroundings. Everywhere we turn to; we will find a crowd of hair bleached or streaked or highlighted or low lighted with varied colors. Consumers looking for hair dyes can choose from plant-based hair dyes or chemical ones.

Why choose plum brown hair color?

Men and women today can choose from a wide variety of hair dye colors according to their taste and preference. Colors such as plum brown, chestnut brown, blonde, burgundy, ombre, etc. are quite popular when it comes to hair coloring. Among all the different hair dye colors present, one that seems to have caught the fancy of both celebrities and common man alike is the different shades of plum. Celebrities like Rihanna (With dark plum hair), Cheryl Cole, Selena Gomez have made it the new fad and is being opted both by those who want to hide a few gray strands of hair and by those who wish to experiment simply with their looks this season.

plum hair color

All those looking for a very dark and vibrant shade of purple can without any worry choose from different shades of plum and are sure to be satisfied with the result. Being a shade of auburn, plum proves to be a winning shade the winter and fall. Being a stylish and contemporary color, different shades of plum tend to suit a majority of skin tones. Anybody sporting this cheerful, and bright hair color will instantly become a head-turner. Although plum hair color can be used in women with any natural hair color, the best effects will be visible on those with medium to dark brown hair. With those women who have naturally black hair color, plum shades would be visible in light such as out in the sun. But with those having lighter hair color, plum will blend as the second skin and give beautiful results.

Things to remember when opting for plum brown hair color

Whether you choose to dye your hair plum brown, plum burgundy or are just opting for plum highlights or lowlights; be sure that you will grab attention wherever you go with this new hair color. So if your job is a regular 9-5 office one where you would not like to stand out, it is best to avoid it. Also, when opting for plum, the entire head should never be colored in it. The best results are achieved when different shades of plum are mixed to give a few highlights here and there. The third and most important thing worth noting when opting to dye hair in any shade of plum. Whether dark or light- is always to wear minimal makeup to create the perfect balance between the face and head.

Remembering a few essential points while getting the hair colored plum will go a long away and help you achieve a whole new look. So if you are bored of your old look try this new color and show the world the diva that you are. You will never go wrong with a plum brown hair color.