Plum hair color

September 10, 2019

The Mystery of the Plum Hair Color


The plum hair color has begun to catch on throughout the world due to its ability to be used in multiple environments. While it is considered a bit of an outlandish color, it is one of the few unnatural colors accepted in the professional setting. The exciting part about the plum hair color is that it is being used by older and middle-aged women much more than it is for the younger crowd. Older women see it as a way to keep a more youthful look while still displaying the sophisticated aura necessary for the professional landscape.burgundy plum hair

While it is becoming increasingly popular, there are still a lot of questions about the plum hair color and its use throughout the world. Many beauty websites and magazines have not yet caught up with this new trend. There isn’t much information out there to offer to users of it about which type is best, showering practices with it, what it looks good with, etc. This article attempts to solve the mystery and gives consumers a solid knowledge base to stand on when deciding to go with the plum hair color.

 Type of Hair With plum hair Color

The first thing that needs to be spoken about is the length of hair of women deciding to go with the plum color. It seems as if plum is much better designed for women with shorter hair and is not necessarily overly attractive with the ladies with hair below their shoulders. While this isn’t always the case, it is recommended that women with a long hair stick to the straight hair look when sporting the plum hair color.

Women with longer hair should go with a plum hair color that is as dark as possible. Going with a plum option that teeters further on the bright side can look a bit awkward with longer hair. The darker plum colors, however, actually go very well with longer hair. One of our favorite looks is that of the dark plum hair color with shoulder-length hair and curled tips. This young woman certainly has the right idea.

Overall, the longer your hair, the darker you’ll want the plum color to be. Shorter haired women may be able to get away with some of the much brighter plum colors, but women with longer hair should go as dark as possible. There is also a plum brown hair color that may be best for longer-haired women, especially those who work in a professional environment.

 What the plum hair color Does

plum hairOne thing that women need to realize when going with the plum hair color is that this darker hair is going to bring more attention to their other features. While plum is a bit outlandish, it is dark enough that people will subconsciously be more drawn to facial features like your eyes, nose, and mouth. With a lighter and brighter color like blonde, attention goes to and stays on the hair and body. With darker hair, that attention begins to go straight into the face.

This can be a significant advantage for women that regularly get comments about their eyes as the plum color will help them stand out even more. It can also be a benefit for females that consider some of their facial features as strengths. For women that are a bit sensitive about some of their facial features, however, it may be best to go with a lighter color. Check out the transformation that Kelly Osbourne went through when she went from blonde to plum.

 Plum Highlights

plum hairPlum highlights are much more popular with the younger population as they go through the stages of experimenting with hair colors in their younger years. The plum lowlights have become especially popular as they draw a unique complexion with just about any other hair color. The lowlights do work well with straight blonde hair color, although it seems that they should be added subtly to create the best combination. Using heavy or bright plum hair color highlights can lead to a bit of an awkward mixture with any hair color.

 Different Types of Plum Hair Color

One of the most challenging parts of deciding on plum hair color is figuring out which brand to go with. As the trend is just recently becoming popular, many brands haven’t made the plum color a priority yet. Therefore very few brands offer high-quality plum colors. Let’s take a look at some of the better ones on the market right now:


  • L’Oreal Paris - Plum 316 --- This option is best for longer-haired women looking to achieve the most natural look possible. The L’Oreal brand is more expensive than many other quality brands. But you won’t find a better plum hair color option for maintaining a natural look. It’s perfect for women in a professional setting that can’t afford to be too outlandish.
  • Clairol Natural Instincts - 32 Egyptian Plum Burgundy Brown --- This is another excellent option for women with longer hair. It is also known to do an excellent job of hiding gray hairs. They are making it perfect for older women, looking to bring on a beautiful dark color where they can bring on a bit of a younger look.
  • Wella Kolestint Color Creme Plum 5/66 --- This plum hair color is designed for shorter hair. It is quite a bit brighter than the other two options on this list. Along with the attractive bright hair color, it also helps to increase hair density to give the aura of a full head of hair.


The plum hair color can be an excellent option for all women. It is essential, however, to understand which shades of the color are best used for different hair lengths as well as what it will do for your facial features. Hopefully, this article can serve as a reliable guide for you when deciding whether to go with the plum hair color or not.