Plum hair dye

September 10, 2019

Everything about plum hair dye

Plum is quite a fashionable color during the colder seasons. It has been regularly popping up among makeup looks and collections as well as nail polish, fashion and even interior design over the last few years. Adding a subtle pop of color to the otherwise neutral and sad palette which is typical of these seasons.

Gaining popularity

plum hair colorIt isn’t, thus, surprising that the shade has become quite popular. Plum hair color, giving an edgy, yet subtly elegant look to those who are brave enough to try it. It is probably even safe to say that plum is quickly and surely becoming the new red’ when it comes to hair colors. Gaining ground against colors like blood red, magenta, or midnight blue.

The success of this purple hue is becoming so vast. More and more brands, from professional to indie and drugstore origins, have been regularly coming out with different dye options for plum hair.

Doing your homework well

However, even if you can get it in a box dye’ format that does not mean going plum isn’t something you need to consider carefully. After all, we are still talking about purple hair, and it might be hard to get off if you go all out and decide it is not the look for you. So before you grab the first such hair dye you find at the drugstore, you should do your homework. Consider all the factors involved, and possibly even talk to a professional like a hairstylist or a shop assistant. Make sure you are choosing the best plum color and dye for you, as well as using the best methods. You don’t want to damage your hair in the process of getting that beautiful plum color you have been looking after.

If you are indeed sure that you are ready to get this hair dye, then it is time to start sorting through all of your options. What you will need will very much depend on what your hair is like, to begin with, what limitations you might have – such as known allergies or being vegan, which might veto a few dyes – and what the result you are looking for is. plum hair color

For those who are just looking for a plum hair dye to try the look for a while. And who want to damage their hair as little as possible, many indie brands like N-Rage and Manic Panic make fabulous, affordable, cream hair colors which wash off with time. These types of dyes are the easiest to use, as they are ready-made’, and they are also vegan, so they are great for those who are just starting.

The need for going with professional products

If what you want from your plum hair dye is to get vibrant, purple hair, though, you will need something more powerful, like a professional hair dye from Schwarzkopf or other pro brands which you can find at salons and specialty stores, as well as bleaching your hair. While you can learn how to mix and apply this hair dye at home, we do recommend that you have your hair bleached professionally if you’re not experienced in the world of hair dyes.

A final word

Of course you may not need to bleach your hair at all, if you are blonde already, or if you don’t want such a vibrant result but instead prefer to have some subtle plum tones in your hair. The secret to getting perfect dark purple hair isn’t thus finding the ideal dye for getting plum hair – though it certainly does help – rather knowing what you are doing, and how to make the dye work for you.