Plum hair

September 10, 2019

Plum hair: Perfectly fun fall hair color

Unique and unusual colors have become a big beauty and hair trend in the last few years. Blue, purple, pink, and gray are now cool and admired hair hues among young and hip women who turn to salons. As well as online experts and retailers to get the latest and most fashionable hair.burgundy hair

Going with the fall-appropriate hair colors

However, if you are unsure about dying your hair a bright, unusual hue like lavender or hot pink, or prefer a more discreet look. There is a range of dark, fall-appropriate hair colors which allow you to adopt the look in a sophisticated, low-key manner.

An overview of plum hair

Plum hair, for instance, has become increasingly popular over the years, especially for the colder seasons. This shade of dark purple is fun and vibrant, but also quite safe, especially on brunettes, whom the beautiful berry reflexes will suit and flatter perfectly.

Plum is such a cool, sophisticated way to add a touch of unusual color to hair that several celebrities. Including Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Sharon Osbourne, and UK’s pop princess Cheryl Cole have rocked it over the last few years. Proving that the color can be easily pulled off by people with different natural hair colors, skin tones, and even ages.

What this newfound popularity means, aside from the fact that there are a lot more encouragement and sources to take inspiration from, is that getting plum hair isn’t nearly as hard as it may have been before. Whereas a few years ago you might have had to go to a salon or resort to unknown dyes which are only available online to get this kind of color. Nowadays, even popular box dye’ brands like L’Oreal are coming out with some plum or burgundy hair dye. And while this may not save you all the trouble – you may still need to bleach your hair if you are aiming for bright instead of dark plum. It does even help a great deal, as it saves you from having to mix your custom shade, which can get quite expensive.

Taking care of your hair is necessary

But even if achieving beautiful, plum-colored hair is a much easier task these days, Plum hair coloryou need to be aware that maintaining a color like this takes some effort. While some dyes are better than others - professional brands, in particular, tend to be more long-lasting – red and purple pigments tend to fade quicker than others. What this means is that you need to take extra good care of your hair, by using specific shampoos and masks. Sometimes even color enhancers, which are formulated to intensify and refresh’ your hair color, giving it an extra shine.

If it all fails, you must also be prepared to have to refresh your color by dying it again frequently. Especially if you opted to bleach your hair. As your roots will show, and the hair might also fade unevenly, or become a very different color than what you had initially. In which case you may even need to bleach the hair again, to get back to a more natural hue.


Plum is a beautiful hair color, which suits many different women, but it also a high maintenance color. So you need to take that into account when considering whether or not plum hair is for you.