Fun facts about red-heads

September 20, 2019

28 fascinating things you need to know about redheads

Both history and science can tell a lot about what redheads have been exposed to overtime, and how, at some point, they are all superior to us.

If you are red-haired, you have undoubtedly been met with one of the most vivid myths about the color of your hair: that your kind has more than usual oxygenated temperament. However, there is no scientific evidence that this is the case.

In turn, science and history can tell us some other noteworthy things and features that are going on again in red-haired people based on the genes that give them the orange lures.

red hair color

The list

1 The red hair color is due to a mutation of the gene MC1R, which both parents must carry to have a red-haired child.

2 Between 1 and 2 percent of the globe's population has red hair.

3 It is a myth that redheads are an extinct "race." Although you may not have red hair, you can easily carry the gene and carry it on. It may take many generations to come to fruition, and scientists are not worried.

4 Redheads do not get gray hair but on the other hand, brighter red, then blonde and then white.

5 The country with the most significant proportion of redheads is Scotland with 13 percent. Up to 40 percent of the population is believed to be carriers of the gene that can give red-haired children.

6 There are predominantly red-haired people in Western Europe, but there is also an area in Russia where just about 10 percent of the population is red-haired.

7 The gene MCR1 was discovered in 2000 by scientists but probably originated 20,000 - 100,000 years ago.

8 Red pigment is more persistent than others, and therefore red hair must be dyed before it can become, for example, blonde. At the same time, red is also the most challenging hair color to "fake."

9 The rarest combination of eye color and hair color is blue and red. Most redheads have brown eyes. And some have green. This is because the genes for both red hair and blue eyes are not dominant and that a child must have two parents with the blue eyes genes to get that eye color.

red hair color

10 Redheads are more often affected by skin cancer than people with other hair color and makeup 16 percent of patients diagnosed worldwide despite being only 1 to 2 percent of the population.

11 Your body can create vitamin D itself because the bright skin fails to be exposed to the sun for quite some time. Smart!

12 The least dominant genetic traits often occur in pairs and therefore are more red-haired than other left-handed ones. This is because genes such as right-handed and brown hair are dominant.

13 Redheads have less hair than others on their heads. In turn, each straw is thicker.

18 The first stigmatization of redheads began when we became Christians. Because red hair was already associated with "sinful" in ancient Greece, Judas was portrayed with red hair, and it was not suitable for people with rare hair color.

19 Hitler forbade redheads to marry each other. He reportedly did so to avoid mutations.

20 Why some have become red-haired, geneticist Emily Prichard believes, is due to both genetics but also weather conditions. During sunny skies, the red-haired gene will die out because they are more predisposed to both skin cancer and sunburn. As some smaller tribes in the morning traveled to the outer shores of Europe, where the summers were shorter and the winters longer, the mutation that led to the red hair occurred.

21 Redheads are about four times more likely to become CEOs than others in the same demographic. A British-American study has shown.

14 It is the rarest hair color on the globe.

15 In the heyday of the Roman Empire, red-haired slaves were more expensive than others.

16 Redheads are at higher risk than others for skin cancer, Parkinson's, and Tourette's syndrome. Also, those that are merely carriers of the MC1R gene.

17 There is an annual convention where thousands of redheads flock to the Netherlands to pay tribute to themselves over a weekend. Among other things, it offers pub crawls and speeding dates and takes place on the first weekend of September in the city of Breda.

22 In the Middle Ages, people were burned at stake because of their red hair because they saw it as evidence that they were witches, vampires, or werewolves.

23 Redheads feel pain differently than others and must have 19 percent more anesthesia in the dental chair than people with other hair colors. It is thought to be the gene mutation MC1R, which affects receptors in the brain associated with anxiety and pain.

24 Redheads don't have their emoji yet. But it is reportedly on the drawing board.

25 Redheads respond far less to eating strong food with chili than others. On the other hand, they are more sensitive to cold than others.

26 In Egypt, redheads were buried as a sacrifice to the god Osiris.

27 When England's first Queen Elizabeth sat on the throne, for the first time, the redheads experienced a headwind in the community. She was red-haired. And though it was fiery and associated with something primitive in her time in the 16th century, she stood by it, choosing red wigs as well. Over time, the hair color became associated with the queen, and her supporters also dyed hair and beard in the eye-catching color.

28 Last but not least, you should know that red-haired women have more sex and other women. This is proven by the German scientist Dr. Werner Habermehl.