Reversing gray hair is it possible

January 15, 2021

Reversing Gray Hair- Is it Even Possible?

We don't imagine you were exactly thrilled when you saw the first strands of gray. Now, if the gray you got is on the silver side, you were probably more accepting. After all, silver hair has become a style statement for people whose natural hair color isn't anywhere near it. 

If you fall into the camp of unfortunate people that got brittle, dark gray hair that you will gladly shave all of it off at this point, though, your priority might be wanting to know if you could reverse your gray hair. 

It's wrong to say you can reverse gray hair, not entirely, at least. You can delay it for a while longer, though. There are plenty of home remedies and even shampoos that takes care of growing gray hair and deposits it with a darker color to reverse the graying effect.  Let's take a look at some of these. 

1 . Color Depositing Shampoos

There are plenty of color depositing shampoos in the market. These are different from dyes in the sense that they darken your hair color and do the work of shampoo, that is, clean your hair and scalp. These are mainly used if you have lowlights or highlights or have gray hair that's slowly growing in and is barely an inch right now. 

As these shampoos have nourishing qualities, they take care of gray hair and provide them with ample moisture and strength. The gray hair might not be reversed this way, but the process is undoubtedly delayed for a long while. 

If you are a brunette, our favorite of these shampoos would be John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Bundle: Color Deepening Shampoo & Conditioner. It leaves a rich, deep brown impression on your hair. Your brown hair will look deeper, while your gray hair will have a deep brown layer covering them. A formula of cocoa and primrose oil is mixed to create this ingredient. The shampoo certainly has its approval from customers. 

Another one of our favorites is Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorwash: Color Depositing Shampoo. It has a range of colors that get rid of brassy tones and gray hair. If you have taken to dyeing your gray hair, it will deposit color over it, so you don't have to touch up at a salon anytime soon. 

2. The Black Tea Method

The caffeine in black tea has a generous amount of antioxidants. This adds a dark tone to your hair. It's also good for strengthening your hair and making it shine. It's a useful natural method to help you take care of gray hair if you can do it regularly. 

You only have to boil black tea leaves and then add salt once it has cooled down. After you've washed your hair, dip your hair with the black tea. Let it dry, and then you are done with your hair routine for the day. 

Home remedies can take a bit of your time. We understand if you aren't exactly jumping at the prospect of preparing black tea every day and then applying it to your hair. After a long, tiring day, even that little bit of effort can feel meaningless. While not a perfect replacement, you can use Molton Brown Shampoo, which uses black tea extract, so you will get some of the qualities. 

3. Henna And Coffee Method

Everyone knows henna has an excellent quality of acting as a brown hair dye. It's also a good conditioner, and when you combine it with coffee, which contains plenty of antioxidants from caffeine, you have a genuinely lethal weapon against gray hair at hand. 

The preparation is quite simple. You will have to add the henna powder to a cooled down cup of coffee. After letting it sit for a couple of hours, add any oil you prefer to it. Apply it to your hair, and once an hour has passed, it's time to wash it off.

Again, sitting with henna paste on your head for a full hour might not be something you're entirely comfortable with it. You aren't exactly pleased with your gray hair either, though, so an in-between solution would be to use a shampoo that has henna in it. 

Shikai Henna Gold Highlighting Shampoo & Conditioner Set is a good choice if you decide to go the shampoo route. It uses a henna extract formula that adds a shine to your hair. 

4. Lemon Juice And Almond Oil

Add lemon juice to almond oil and then massage it on your scalp. After 30 minutes, you can wash it off. 

The Vitamin E in almond oil is the friend you seek to nourish your gray roots and even delay the graying process. While some of your hair might be already gray, almond oil can slow the ones that are yet to sprout. Lemon juice is good for making your hair healthier and making it voluminous than before. You can see why we will recommend creating a mix of both, right?

Now, for those of you who don't exactly enjoy the sticky feeling of oil on your hair, perhaps an almond shampoo would act as a replacement? Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Sulfate-free Shampoo is a creamy shampoo that blends coconut oil, aloe vera, and almond oil to create a shampoo that also acts as a conditioner and hair mask. It's free of sulfate and mineral oil, which is a must for gray hair. It helps that it is a moisturizing shampoo. Using the shampoo won't get rid of gray hair, but it can keep it at bay for a bit longer. 


Gray hair is a nightmare that we will all have to wake up to one day. In the meantime, though, it's okay to delay the inevitable for a while longer. When the time does come for a head full of gray hair, make sure it gets the proper nourishment and treatment so that you are just as confident in it as in your natural hair color.