What Is the Best Shampoo for Bleached Blonde Hair?

August 28, 2021

A lot of people think that the best shampoo for bleached blonde hair is one that is designed specifically to take care of this type of color. This isn't necessarily true though, as most shampoos will do a decent job at cleaning and maintaining your color. What you should be looking for when choosing a shampoo for your specific needs is whether or not it contains sulfates or silicone.

These are two substances that can cause damage to bleach-blonde hair, so they should be avoided if possible. The post goes on and provides more information about what makes an excellent shampoo for blondes!

All About Bleached Hair

Bleaching hair is the newest trend to take over society. People bleach their hair for various reasons, but most do it because they are looking for individuality and a change in style from what's popular now. Bleached streaks of color make your look really unique compared to everybody else! It also makes people think you're more relaxed than before with white-streaked tips on top that give off this vibe like "I'm just here chilling."

Bleached Hair

In reality though, bleaching involves constant care which requires good quality products made specifically for bleached locks so as not to damage them or cause unnecessary breakage when styling or combing through knots; especially if you have thin strands of blonde mixed into other colors since these can easily snap under pressure--ouch!

Now that you've bleached your hair to the perfect shade, make sure not to neglect it by using only regular shampoo for just any other person. You need products specific to this type of hue on a day-to-day basis in order to protect and maintain its color vibrancy!

Now is the time when we should be protected with our bleach jobs so they don't lose their shine too quickly--instead, let's keep them as vibrant as possible through great quality shampoos which are designed specifically for colors like these.

Bleaching your hair can be a risky venture. Who doesn't love that sun-kissed, platinum blonde look? But this is no easy feat to maintain and it takes quite the commitment in time and resources for upkeep. However, there are some clever ways you could keep up on bleached locks right from home with the aid of quality shampoo designed specifically for such purposes!

If you have bleached hair and are looking for a shampoo that is specifically designed to get rid of any brassiness as well as provide protection from the damage bleach can cause, look no further. In this article, we will talk about all your choices when it comes to shampoos, including ones with purple ingredients which work best in getting rid of those brassy yellow tones!

Comparison chart:

ImageProductTechnical SpecPrice
Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo
  • Brand: BOLD UNIQ
  • Hair Type: Damaged,Dry
  • Recommended Uses For: Damaged Hair
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Material Type Free: Sulfate Free
Check Price
Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Toning Shampoo Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Toning Shampoo
  • Brand: Lee Stafford
  • Hair Type: Oily, Dry, Normal
  • Liquid Volume: 250 Milliliters
  • Weight: 280 Grams
Check Price
Jhirmack Silver Brightening Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Jhirmack Silver Brightening Purple Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Brand: Jhirmack
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
  • Product Benefits: Smoothening, Moisturizing
  • Hair Type:  Oily, Dry, Normal
Check Price
TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo
  • Brand: TIGI
  • Hair Type: Blonde/ Silver Hair
  • Liquid Volume: 400 Milliliters
  • Weight: 0.8 Pounds
Check Price
Color Balance Shampoo and Conditioner Color Balance Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Scent: Orange
  • Brand: Joico
  • Product Benefits: Instantly neutralizes unwanted orange tones for highlighted or lightened brunettes
  • Hair Type: Color Treated
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Best Shampoo For Bleached Hair

Dark, dull hair is no one's favorite color. When you bleach your locks at home or get a double-process treatment that turns out less than perfect – the result is often an unattractive shade of yellow which can be further enhanced by adding highlights and other colors in order to make it look more natural and flattering.

best Shampoo For Bleached Hair

With the advent of color-treated hair and more permanent dyes, there's a big need for toners. Unfortunately, these products are not perfect because they can't prevent those pesky brassy tones from creeping back in overtime. But that doesn't mean you should give up hope - shampoo is here to save your day!

The best way to maintain healthy-looking hair with vibrant colors isn’t always easy: it takes patience as well as dedication on behalf of both client and stylist alike. That said, fancy shampoos may be able to help combat brassiness once or twice before fading away after about one wash cycle (or less).

Here find the top 5 best shampoos that will be perfect for your bleached blond hair.

1. Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo

Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo

The Bold Uniq Purple shampoo is the best out of all. It has amazing ingredients that help keep your hair color and its natural qualities intact, while also coming in a fully recyclable bottle covered by a fully recyclable box to reduce plastic waste on our planet.

Uniq Purple Shampoo is a powerful shampoo that helps maintain and preserve your hair colour. It also makes you feel like royalty due to its purple nature! When you use it every day, the rich violet hue will make sure your mane looks dazzling all week long without expensive salon visits. Get creative with this bold, daring new product by doing different things with your tresses each time such as braiding them or putting in beads for an updated look every day!

The Bold Uniq shampoo is a beautiful, vibrant purple and yellow blend that will make your hair look radiant. This oil-based shampoo is formulated to get rid of any brassy tones in your bleached locks so you can maintain them from the comfort of home with less hassle!

Bold Uniq is a shampoo that not only strengthens your hair but also makes it easier to style and maintain. The sulfate-free formula with Vitamin B5 moisturizes the strands while leaving them bouncy, smooth, shiny without altering their color.

The sun can be your hair's worst enemy. Its ultraviolet rays cause the colour in bleached locks to wear off and fade, so make sure you protect it with Bold Uniq by using a UV filter spray before going out into the world!


  • Useful ingredients
  • Natural Quality
  • Dazzling hair looks
  • Sulfate & Paraben-free

2. Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Toning Shampoo

 Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Toning Shampoo

The Lee Stafford Purple Toning shampoo is a deep purple-colored, sulfate, and paraben-free formula that gently cleanses your hair while providing color enhancement with its unique mix of various plant extracts. It uses an exclusive blend of ingredients to replenish the nutrients your bleached locks are lacking without fading or brassiness for up to 12 weeks!

The Lee Stafford Purple Shampoo is a high-quality, violet shampoo that fights yellow and brassy undertones from infesting in bleached or highlighted hair. As long as you use the shampoo weekly, your style will stay vibrant for months on end!

This shampoo contains purple pigments that tone, refresh and restore your hair to a healthy-looking color.

This shampoo has been specially formulated to give you the best of both worlds, cleansing, and toning. It all works together to preserve your hair colour, prevent fading or damage from UV rays and heat styling as well as protect your locks against future harm.

This Bleaching Shampoo product is much more than just a cleanser; it incorporates protective features such as conditioning that help maintain healthy-looking locks so they're never fried by over-styling - even in extreme weather conditions!

The shampoo uses a blend of Vitamin B5, Chamomile, and Moringa Seed extract to soothe your hair while you wash it. Not only does the product enrich your locks with nutrients that make them healthy and strong but it also has an amazing natural shine! The shampoo is enriched with vitamins for healthier-looking locks as well as the shiniest highlights possible.


  • Enhancing toning color
  • Gentle cleanses
  • Multiple ingredients
  • Color correcting
  • Cleansing factors

3. Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless Purple Shampoo

The Jhirmack Silver Purple Shampoo not only provides beautiful hair but also helps to clean the scalp and keep fungus from growing. It's specially made for those of you that color your hair as often as possible - one wash with this shampoo can leave your locks feeling unbelievably soft!

The Jhirmack Silver hair shampoo is the ultimate silver, bleached, and gray hair care regimen. It's formulated to even out your color while making sure that each strand of gorgeous locks gets their time in the sun! This shampoo is designed to improve hair texture and restore softness. This formula is color-safe, so it won't leave your locks dull or discolored after use!

The rich violet-colored shampoo is ideal for those who have a hard time making their hair color pop. With its soothing, calming qualities and gentle cleansing agents that won't strip your natural shine, the Violet Shampoo will help you bring out all of the beautiful nuances in any hue by reducing unwanted yellow tones and brassiness.

It's hard to maintain your hair when you've got bleached locks. Even though it may be the desired look, the bleach can take its toll on both the health and style of one's tresses. That is why we have formulated this shampoo that not only strengthens but also conditions in order to get all those pesky damages under control!

As if that wasn't enough, our special ingredients - Green Tea extract and Folic acid- are there too so as make sure your mane stays up for any occasion while looking irresistible with their colour enhancing properties

With the CoQ10, this shampoo can reduce any damage incurred through styling choices and environmental stressors that affect healthy hair. One of its most unique ingredients is Macadamia Nut oil which moisturizes your rough inelastic hair without adding greasiness to it.


  • Moisturize hair
  • Conditioning & cleansing
  • Soften Hair
  • Personalize hair care

4. TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

The TIGI Purple Toning shampoo is the perfect product for those with unmanageable hair. It's gentle enough to provide your locks with adequate nourishment but firm enough to cleanse them thoroughly! The formula uses a mix of ingredients that will keep you brass-free, frizz-free, and anti-static so use it once a week for consistent results!

The gentle TIGI Purple toning shampoo refreshes and conditions hair. It also works on bleached hair to get rid of any brassy tones that may ruin the entire look, leaving it healthy-looking for a fresh style.

The TIGI Purple Shampoo is perfect when you want your shine back without breaking out in hives from harsh chemicals or stripping away all moisture with synthetic detergents like sulfates (SLS). Natural ingredients are at work here: apricot kernel oil soothes dryness while quinoa protein repairs damaged strands to protect them against damage.  Coconut extract adds natural sheen; chamomile calms frazzled nerves after color processing sessions.

TIGI will make sure that your hair colour stays put. TIGI is the best product for in-between salon visits, as it helps maintain vibrant colours and does not contain harsh chemicals like ammonia or peroxide which can dry out strands of hair over time.

The purple toning pigment in the shampoo helps to keep your hair looking healthy, vibrant, and natural. The deep purples which are found within this product help neutralize any yellow undertones to ensure that you get a clean and pure look on every occasion!

Polyquaternium 10- a key ingredient in the shampoo, helps minimize frizz and static. Simply put: it makes hair easier to manage! Polymer quaternary ammonium salt is an important component of many shampoos due to its ability to help with unwanted shrinkage or flyaways that can be difficult for people who have unruly curls, as well as those with sensitive skin.

The TIGI shampoo, while not too strong in fragrance or cleansing functions, is very gentle on your hair. It leaves you feeling clean and healthy when done with the process of conditioning it to perfection at every turn.

The suave sophistication behind this product will leave you more than satisfied without worrying about harsh ingredients that might strip your scalp down to nothing but skin cells--the toning shampoo from Tigi doesn't come off as harshly as some products do!


  • Purple toning
  • Cleanse hair
  • Brass free hair
  • Soft & health
  • Frizz-free & anti-static

5. JoicoColor Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

 JoicoColor Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Purple sets the bar for hair products. It cleanses while it nourishes, leaving your locks feeling so soft and luscious that you won't be able to stop touching them!

The JoicoColor balance set is the perfect routine for hair care. The 33.8-ounce shampoo and conditioner work together to cleanse and condition your strands, forming a complete two-step process that leaves you with healthy locks in no time! The JoicoBalance Set has everything you need for an at-home salon experience without breaking the bank or even having to leave home!

For a clean, cool, and bright hair color that radiates from the roots to the ends, you need only turn your attention towards Joico Color. The balance shampoo and conditioner set works its ingredients on your locks for an even-toned look without any unwanted brassy or yellow undertones that may taint this perfectly bleached mane of yours!

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your hair color is keeping it fresh-looking and vibrant. It can be hard with all the different styling tools you use, but this product does an excellent job at not only protecting your hair from fading into a duller hue; in doing so, it also keeps that vibrancy going for as long as possible!

No one knows your hair better than you do, so why trust the experts? If you're tired of trying to find a reliable product for repairing damaged hair or just want more information about what goes on there before spending money's worth, we've got something that will make up your mind.

The Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex uses revolutionary technology and natural ingredients like keratin to repair any damage done by environmental factors, life stressors such as too much air pollution from living near oil refineries where chemicals are leaked into the sky day after day which damages our skin and leaves it looking lifeless.


  • Both Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Cleanses
  • Soften & Nourishment hair
  • Total hair care

Bleaching your hair is both time-consuming and expensive. To save money, it's important to invest in good products that will take care of bleached hair at home as well as maintain them with frequent salon visits when necessary. This article provides you a list of quality but affordable shampoos for natural-looking white locks without the stark contrast seen from other chemical treatments such as peroxide or Japanese bleach. Make sure to read carefully before making any purchases!

Factors To Consider While Buying A Shampoo For Bleached Hair

We already mentioned the 5 best shampoos for your bleached blond hair. Still, you need to be careful while buying shampoo or conditioner for your blond hair. SO here are the factors you can check before buying any shampoo for your bleached blond hair. Have a look-

buying Shampoo For Bleached Hair

❖ Price & Quality

With bleached hair, it is a lot of work to maintain and requires the finest quality products. When you bleach your hair, it becomes very visible and easily damaged. Any mishaps or flaws can occur because of how sensitive your hair will be due to having been lightened from its natural color but they are also really noticeable which could lead to embarrassment in some situations if you don't have them taken care of quickly enough!

Whether you use store-bought shampoos or make your own, it is important to keep up with the needs of your hair. You might find that a good shampoo can be quite expensive, but they are always worth every penny as it will protect and maintain beautiful locks for longer than cheaper products.

❖ Chemical compounds

Bleached hair, being extremely porous and more vulnerable to damage than dark or natural color-treated strands of hair, is susceptible to breakage from all sorts of issues. The defects can be removed efficiently with professional help for the best possible outcomes.

For example, a shampoo made up of aggressive chemicals like peroxide could dull your bright-colored locks into looking boring and bland - when treated properly this will not happen!

The key to having a healthy scalp and hair is using the best shampoo for bleached hair. This type of product will not only moisturize, but it will also ensure that your delicate tresses are protected from any negative impacts on your scalp or color-treated locks. You’ll be left with silky mane thanks to these gentle compounds!

When you're in search of the perfect shampoo for bleach blonde locks, use one made up of nourishing ingredients like proteins and oils which won't compromise healthiness by damaging natural moisture levels. These shampoos contain no harsh chemicals so while they gently cleanse strands without stripping them dry - leaving behind luscious sheen instead!

❖  Purple Shampoos

To keep your bleached hair looking fresh and healthy, you should always ensure it is free of yellow tones. Bleach can cause the scalp's natural oils to thin out or go away altogether, which will make locks look duller than usual; this makes purple shampoo an excellent purchase because its pH balance adjusts to remove any brassiness that could accumulate on top of bleach-treated tresses.

You want your hair to be the perfect shade of platinum blonde, but that beautiful color can fade over time. Purple shampoo is a must for anyone who wants their highlights looking as fresh and salon-gorgeous tomorrow as they did when you first stepped out of the beauty parlor!

Purple shampoos are really helpful because it removes any orange undertones from bleached or highlighted locks leaving them just like new again - amazing with no fading at all!

❖ Moisturizing agents

You can keep your bleached hair from drying out and fraying with the help of moisturizing agents in shampoos. Moisturizers are often found mixed into shampoo to ensure that even those who bleach their locks will not suffer dryness or frazzled ends. Essential oils and conditioning polymers work together by hydrating deep within the follicle, pulling up natural oils such as sebum for a healthy shine.

Hair salons often use purple shampoos in their dyeing services to make the hair retain its bleach-induced colours while also moisturizing it.

❖ Vitamin-Rich Formula

When you bleach your hair, it can change the natural attributes of your locks. It could leave them porous and inelastic while also making them brittle or weak to a small amount of damage. Products that counter these effects are what's best for you--look out for ones with ingredients that work towards restoring some vitality back into your tresses!

If you're looking for the best shampoo to keep your hair strong and healthy then I recommend staying away from high-sulfate shampoos. High sulfates can be very damaging, especially if you color or bleach your hair often, which is why it's so important that a good quality protein conditioner with antioxidants is necessary as well.

❖ Cleansing and conditioning agents

You don't want your hair to be bleached and dry. The best way is to find a shampoo that cleans well without stripping away the natural color of your locks. Sulfates can do this, but they are too harsh on some people's skin. Thankfully there now exist sulfate-free shampoos which still keep things clean!

Your bleach blonde hair is an easy target for dirt and dandruff; thus it’s important you use cleansing agents like (SULFATES) that thoroughly wash off stubborn grime in just one go around - though these cleaners might also make sure not only squeaky clean but also over time decreased elasticity due to their drying nature so lookout.

Bleached Hair Care: Hair Care Tips

Garnier's home hair color products are designed to be as kind on the scalp and your locks, but coloring can have a drying effect. This is especially true for bleached blonde hair; if you want that sun-kissed look to stay beautiful this summer long, it needs some TLC.

Bleached Hair Care

Here's a list of our best-bleached hair care tips to keep your new look. Don't forget, you can always learn more about it at the salon!

  • Bleaching hair is a process that's often used to lighten your locks. If you bleach too much, it can damage the quality of your hair and make them look lifeless or faded. When using bleached products on their natural dark-haired friend, use ones with keratin for extra hydration!
  • If you have noticed that your hair isn't as soft and supple as it used to be, try adding an intensive conditioner or mask at least twice a week. Dryness can lead to split ends, brittle hair, and more so don't let this happen!
  • The sun, salty seawater, chlorinated swimming pools, and pollution can be harsh on blondes. We should use a UV spray or hair sunscreen every day to prevent damage from the environment.
  • Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair two or three times a week is plenty. It's important not to over-wash it and remove those key nutrients that keep your locks looking healthy! Try using dry shampoo in between washes for a quick fix. Dry shampoos may sound strange at first but more people have been finding their usefulness as of late: if you can't go without wetting the roots every day, try out milder brands like Garnier Ultimate Blends right away!
  • If you want to maintain that show-stopping blonde look, then don't let it turn into a brassy mess. Avoid those undesirable yellow pigments with blue or purple shampoos once every four or five washes and the Olia Blonde shampoo which prevents unwanted yellow from showing up in your hair color before it happens!
  • You now have gorgeous, white hair. But after bleaching your locks to the point of whiteness, it is important to take care during this vulnerable stage and avoid rough treatment such as using a towel on wet hair or blow-drying them every time you shower so they can regain their elasticity.
  • Women have used natural oils to keep their hair looking healthy and glossy for thousands of years. Argan oil, olive oil, and coconut oil all work wonders on dry hair by repairing it with essential ingredients formulated especially for this purpose. Apply the oils like a serum at night before bedtime or indulge in an aromatherapy session once per month where you apply these products while taking a bath together! Your skin will be grateful too as your locks are sure to shine thanks to such amazing care-giving treatments that can make them look super shiny when applied correctly

Bleaching your hair is a commitment, and it's important to take care of them. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps for maintaining healthy bleached blonde locks all summer long!


Bleaching your hair blonde is a way to make it lighter and more vibrant. But with this change, you have the potential of damaging your locks if not cared for properly. Here are some tips on how to keep bleached blonde hair healthy! 

At home, use cool water when washing your tresses so they don't become dry or brittle. To help protect against damage from excessive sun exposure, apply sunscreen before going outside in the hot summer months. And lastly, always be in a deep condition after using any product that contains bleach (like shampoo) since these ingredients can cause damage over time without proper care!