What color goes best with blonde hair

August 10, 2021

How to Get the Perfect Blonde Hair Color

You don't have to be a model or actress to know the importance of having the right hair color. Blonde women, in particular, have all sorts of options when it comes to picking their hairstyle and deciding on what colors complement the blonde hair best. In fact, many women either dye their hair blonde or are born with blonde locks because they know that this color suits them best and truly compliments their facial features.

If you are looking for the perfect blonde hair color, then this blog post is for you! Blonde hair can be tricky to maintain. There are many different shades of blondes and it can be tough to figure out which one might look best with your skin tone. In this article, we will discuss what colors go best with blonde hair and how to get that perfect shade.

How to Get the Perfect Blonde Hair Color

Here are some tips and tricks on how easily you will get the perfect blonde hair color. Let's start digging- 

Know your hair type and what it needs

Blonde hair can range from light blonde to a deep, copper color. This is because when you take the red out of your natural brown hair and replace it with yellow and white highlights (aka making it blond). But what if your goal is platinum? You'll need to pay more attention than just using bleach or dye that will lift away all pigment in one go.

Store-bought dyes are usually not strong enough to get rid of dark roots without some help such as adding toner or highlighting kits into the mix for maximum results on bleaching. If you're looking for bright colors like blue, green, pink & purple then buy specialty products that cater specifically towards brightly colored locks!

Remember: avoid hydrogen peroxide. If you want to play with color, use a semi-permanent hair dye instead of bleach or store-bought dyes that may contain hydrogen peroxide. If your goal is platinum blonde, then it's best to have your roots bleached first so they are the same shade as the rest of your locks before applying toner and highlighting kits for maximum results on bleaching!

Research the Best Products 

The best products for your hair type are the ones that will help it to reflect light, making it brighter. This is because blondes tend not to have a lot of pigment in them and normal shampoo and conditioner just won't cut it. High-quality shampoos and conditioners made specifically for blonde locks can give you bright colors with minimal effort!

Just remember: bleaches aren’t always enough so if you want platinum-level results then go ahead and use toner or highlights kits before applying bleach as well. High-quality shampoos & conditioners can provide brilliant color without much fuss (just be careful with using too many chemicals).

Get a good haircut 

If you want a good haircut, it's important to remember that your locks need plenty of protein and moisture. This will help keep your hair healthy, strong, and full! If you are looking for the perfect blonde hair color then this blog post is for you! Blonde hair can be tricky to maintain - there are many different shades of blondes and it can be tough to figure out which one might look best with your skin tone.

Protect your color 

Blonde hair is quite fragile and needs to be treated delicately. The best products for it are shampoos, conditioners, toner kits, and highlighting kits that have been specially made with light-reflecting colors in mind! These specialty items will also help protect your color. So you can enjoy beautiful blonde locks for many months on end without worrying about them fading or turning grey from overuse of stronger chemicals. It's important to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair as this will keep harsh chemicals out of your delicate blondes (chemical treatments break down the bonds holding different strands together).

Creamy Colored Hair Dyes:

When it comes to choosing the right haircut style for your face shape, you should always remember that asymmetrical cuts can really flatter any type of face shape as they provide much-needed balance for those faces which feature any kind of asymmetry. If you want to choose an asymmetrical haircut, but you don't possess a face that naturally features any kind of asymmetry, then you should look for an easy way to achieve such balance. 

One thing that you can do is dye your hair color to the same shade as your skin tone and highlight it with highlights which are complementary to your hair color. This will help provide some additional symmetry if needed. 

According to the experts, there are plenty of blonde hues out there which compliment different skin tones very well. If you have a fair complexion, then honey-colored blonde shades like soft ash browns or champagne blonde are likely going to turn out best for you. Those who have darker complexions will do best with bolder colors like soft black, purple, and red hues.

These women who have medium skin tones give a perfect example of what types of colors complement blonde hair best:

With the help of good cosmetics and makeup tips, you can improve your looks by wearing the best colors with blonde hair depending on your complexion. If you like light eye shadow shades, then choose cool-toned ones for blue-eyed beauties or darker ones for brown-eyed beauties. Avoid using too much eye shadow that would provide contrast to your overall look because this might seem artificial and unbecoming. 

Just apply enough eyeshadow so that your eyes are put into a sharper focus without being unnaturally highlighted in order to avoid making them stand out too much from the rest of your face. While on the topic of eye makeup, you should know that colored eyeliner pencils can also help improve color combinations.

For example, if you have blue eyes, then use a deep purple or black eyeliner to minimize the stand-out effect of your eyes and provide contrast. If you have greenish or brownish eyes, then choose a golden tone for them so that they can add additional warmth to your overall appearance.

Golden Blonde

Products which contain bleach are very harsh on your hair and they deplete it of its luster and quality instead of enhancing either of these attributes. As such, you should stay away from buying chemical products in order to enhance your hair color. Instead, look for naturally derived ingredients such as herbal extracts and vitamins which can be used to preserve the health of your hair and its resiliency. 

You should also make sure that you pick a shampoo that won't damage your hair's natural structure too badly while still providing it with the additional nourishment needed to provide extra shine and luster. While many commercial shampoos promise radiant locks, not all of them deliver on these promises because most contain harsh synthetic chemicals which actually do more harm than good. 

Another thing you need to consider when choosing the best color with blonde hair is your overall look. You should pick a style that complements your face shape and looks natural on you. If you want to experiment with a new hairdo, then choose one which can be easily changed back into your normal hairstyle if it turns out badly or doesn't work well for an occasion.

Getting Great Hair Color Ideas Is Simple With These Tips While many people would like to sport colored hair but don't have the time or courage, there are still options available for helping them achieve their goal without damaging their locks too much. One way they can do this is by having highlights added to their hair. Highlights are used to emphasize certain features of your face and they can be done in a number of different ways. 

For example, you can choose to get highlights which start at the roots or ends of your hair depending on what you have in mind. This is actually one of the best ways to avoid having problems with color later down the line because it preserves the natural healthiness of your hair by minimizing damage from chemicals and other substances. 

For a more modern appearance, you should try not to use too many colors. Instead of choosing one color and sticking to it, you can alternate between two different hues. For example, you can get your hair done in red during the summertime and go for copper or darker blonde shades during the winter. This way, you'll always have something new and fresh to show off which will help give your overall appearance a boost at any time.

Know Before You Go For Color Changes As A Permanent Option The reason why many people prefer using dye instead of getting their actual hair color changed completely is because they want something which will last longer and won't need to be redone on a regular basis. 

Dye jobs only attach themselves to the outermost layer of hair strands meaning that your natural color might start to show up sooner than expected if not appropriately maintained. By taking care of this problem, you can prevent your hair from showing through after several weeks.

It's worth knowing which type of dye is going to be used on you before the session begins because this will affect how well everything goes and whether or not it turns out as expected. Since each product has its own set of pros and cons such as strong smell, wet look, color intensity, etc. it's essential to choose one correctly in order to get what you want. 

Even though most brands claim their products are easy to apply and last for quite a while, some of them aren't even suitable for people with blonde shades let alone other kinds. If this is the case with you then reconsider the permanent option since there's no point investing in something which won't even suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Some frequently asked questions while making decisions about perfect blonde hair color. 

What's the best type of shampoo to use? 

Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners will work well since they don't contain any harsh chemicals which can strip away color over time. Shampoos containing sulfates will also cause dryness in your hair which can eventually lead to breakage and damage. 

What's the best way to style blonde hair?

Try using a leave-in conditioner or serum that contains lightening agents that will help keep your color looking as bright as possible for longer periods of time without damaging it with too much heat styling down the line. Also, try using a heat protectant on top which is specially designed for use with lighter colors! This will help prevent any unwanted tone changes due to overuse of hot tools. 

How do I get rid of buildup from shampooing my hair every day? 

Add some apple cider vinegar into your routine by replacing one rinse per week (or more if you have thicker/denser locks). The acidity of the vinegar will help to strip away residue from shampoo which can be damaging to your hair.


The perfect blonde hair color is one that matches your skin tone and eye color. Whether you're looking for platinum, honey, or a golden hue, the shade must compliment your natural coloring to give off an authentic look. If you want more information on what type of blonde hair would work best with your features, we have plenty of resources available at BlondeHairExpert.com! Get started today by browsing our blog posts about different types of blondes as well as reviews of products like Olaplex shampoo and conditioner which will help maintain its healthiness over time.