What does clarifying shampoo do to colored hair

April 13, 2022

What Does Clarifying Shampoo Do to Colored Hair?

The best way to fix a hair mistake is by clarifying shampoo. Hair colorists at David Mallet Salon NYC recommend using this solution for unwanted colors and Ooops! moments happen all too often, making it important to know how to get rid of them quickly so your locks stay vibrant longer.

I’ve tried this method a few times, and I know it works. However, the right balance between stripping and moisturizing is crucial to avoid harming your hair or being too harsh on those tresses with color treatments coming up in future months/years! Let me show you how using clarifying shampoo will remove any mistakes without nuking away all of that lovely lusciousness we worked so hard for (I promise).

What Is Clarifying Shampoo?

What if you could take the extra step to protect your locks from breakage and make them look their best? The answer is as easy as a few minutes of cleaning. Shampooing every other day will keep dirt out. 

Using clarifying shampoos 2-3 times per week helps get rid of any oils build-up caused by sweating during workouts or overdoing styling products, while deep conditioning treatments help strengthen fine hairs with much healthier ingredients. 

So you want to know what a clarifying shampoo is, huh? Well, I’ll tell ya - it's not just for your hair! You see the main function of this product (and why their names are so similar) has nothing to do with ridding or cleansing our scalps from dirt and grime.

But rather helps get rid of any built-up oils in order for them to become clearer. A good example would be if someone had oily skin; they might use make-up which only worsens the problem by adding more. 

A clarifying shampoo is supposed to be used once a week or less, and it's important for colored hair not to use one more frequently because then your color may fade faster. There are also different types of shampoos: some work best on normal hairs with no buildup while others can get rid of scalp problems like dandruff - but all will help clean up oily roots which could lead you to confuse what kind of product works better than another!

How To Use A Clarifying Shampoo To Remove Hair Dye

In order to get the most out of your hair dye, make sure you use a clarifying shampoo. This will not only lighten or remove any unwanted residue but also balance moisture levels in between shampoos so that it's easier on weak spots and provides more protection against Shedding Agents!

Wet Your Hair And Apply The Shampoo

Shampooing your hair is an important step in the process. Soaking it with warm water and then applying shampoo will ensure you get all of those stubborn strands squeaky clean, while also keeping any color from fading or destroying its vibrancy! Massage into a rich lather until fully covered before rinsing off under running water for best results. 

If dealing with intense dye jobs be sure to use more than usual as this stuff can build up quickly if left on too long- that's why I always make sure my sink has tons of room when doing double washing days like today. 

Put A Plastic Cap On

After gently wiping your head with an absorbent towel, place a plastic cap over it and sit in the shower for 10 minutes. The steam created by this process will help to lift up any residue or hair dye that may be on top of the cuticle layer inside your locks without doing any damage!

Rinse Thoroughly

The sooner you rinse out your shampoo, the better. Some colors will come off in the water and that's a good thing!

Follow Up Immediately With Moisturizing Mask

To ensure your color stays vibrant and healthy, it's important that you follow the proper care process. To start off with a clean cuticle base is crucial for helping prevent unwanted buildup which can lead to dryness or frizziness in hair as well as easy cleansing of sebum oils from pores on the skin. 

A clarifying shampoo uses higher pH formulas tailored specifically for each individual needs so they're gentle enough without compromising its effectiveness by over-drying out natural proteins found within strands--leaving behind the only residue-free products!

Argan oil is an excellent product to restore the moisture that your hair needs immediately after clarifying. After applying a generous amount of Arvazallia mask, let it sit in for 15 minutes and you'll notice how much easier combing through those tangles becomes! It has healing properties which will leave hydration where it belongs-on top.


If you dyed your hair a few times in one week, it will gradually lighten until the color is completely gone.

How Does A Clarifying Shampoo Work To Remove Hair Dye?

A clarifying shampoo is a hair exfoliator that scrubs out buildup, residues, and gunk. It can also be used to loosen up semi-permanent colorants stuck on the outside of your natural hair fibers because it has deep cleansing action with a higher pH formulation which relaxes cuticles for better detangling properties.

You can also use clarifying shampoo to reverse keratin treatments! That's right, it won't damage your hair like strong bleach does. The best part? This safer alternative is affordable and comes in different formulas for every type of concern from dryness or frizziness - so find one that works with you rather than against you. 

It's a good idea to use clarifying shampoo after you've had your hair colored or treated with keratin treatments. Unlike harsh bleaching agents, this is safe and won't damage the roots of your locks!

Unfortunately, a clarifying shampoo will not work for removing permanent hair colors. Yes, it may fade your shades slightly over time but if you are looking to correct an old dye job or even dark solid color (like black), then there is no hope of getting them lightened without professional strength treatments done in salon only environments that specialize on this type of service!

How Long Does It Take For A Clarifying Shampoo To Fade Hair Dye?

It takes a while for semi-permanent hair colors to budge. However, if you have low porosity or porous locks they will bleed more after every wash and may take up to 5 washes before the color is removed completely depending on how intense the dye was in the first place (and your personal condition).

Semi-permanent hair dyes do not last when you wash your hair anyway. Most of them only last for around 15-20 washes and the ones that say they don't can be reset in as little as 4 hours after application!

A clarifying shampoo will shorten their lifespan, so use one every 30 days to keep things fresh between appointments with me or another professional who understands color correction properly  (ie educator).

The Manic Panic Prepare to Dye is a great way for beginners who want their colors fast and fade-free.

A friend recommended this product because it only takes one application before your paints are completely gone, unlike other dying kits that require many washes or waiting around while they dry in between applications!

What To Consider When Buying A Color-Lifting Clarifying Shampoo

Sulfates. Sodium Chloride

Sulfates like sodium lauryl or Laureth and chloride are the essential ingredients required in a clarifying shampoo to get rid of hair dyes. These surfactants create friction which scrubs away at your outer layer, removing any unwanted color from it!

Squalane is also an ingredient found within this type of product because its natural oils help moisturize after stripping with sulfate-based products like those used for bleaching processes so you won't experience dryness anymore on toper skin types 3 & 4 - just make sure not to add cheap scent without thinking.

High PH

Most people have heard of pH conditions, but do you know the difference between an acid and an alkaline? A high-alkalinity (high in terms of acids) cuticle will help strip hair dye. This is because it acts as a solvent for stripping away dyes from your locks without damaging them as other solvents would!

Avoid “Color-Safe” Labels

Color-safe clarifying shampoos protect your color and leave it cleaner. When you want to remove hair dye, then a neutralizing shampoo will be the best for removing all traces of what was applied in that salon visit or DIY attempt at self-care

For Blonde Color-Correction

A purple shampoo is an excellent option for correcting the tones of your hair, but there may be times when you only want to fix certain colors. If that's the case and instead of using a clarifying shampoo like purple power or Correcteur Violette - which can strip away unwanted substances such as build-up from protein treatments--you would use one designed specifically with reds in mind (like Redken Colorsilk+P Rosenthal Spectrum Magic Shampoo).

Purple shampoos are great for correcting the warm tones, but they're not designed to remove oxidizers like chlorine and hard water minerals that make blonde hair look dirty. A clarifying shampoo before using a purple color-correcting one can really help bring out your desired result!

Other Natural DIY Ways To Remove Hair Dye At Home

You can also try other suitable DIY methods at home to remove hair color. For instance, you could use a clarifying shampoo or chemical dye remover but be aware that they are harsh on the locks so keep that in mind before trying out these remedies!

Vitamin C Tablets

For years, people have used lemon juice to lighten their hair colors and even skin tone. This is because Vitamin C or ascorbic acid in lemons helps fade dark spots and discoloration - an effect that has been seen across many organisms from fruit flies, corals all the way up through human beings!

Modern science has discovered a new ingredient that can make your clothes wash stay whiter longer and more vibrant. It not only makes your laundry look better but also works as an all-natural bleaching agent to produce hydrogen peroxide - which in turn helps break down color pigments on fabrics! 

To use it simply combine 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts water (or other liquid) in whatever machine you're using for washing soaps work best).

You can make your own clarifying shampoo with these simple ingredients. Mashup some C Vitamin tablets and mix them in a bowl, then add enough regular shampoo to create the paste-like consistency that you want for applying it on hair. Let this mixture sit for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly until all water runs clear!

When you dye your hair, make sure to keep it in for at least two washes. The first few tones may fade a little bit but once the color is completely gone and only highlights remain on top of natural-colored strands - voila! 

You've transformed into an all-new person with lighter locks than before who can now go out without worrying about being recognized from years ago thanks to those pesky childhood flashbacks we are so unfortunate enough to experience daily as adults. 

Like any other beauty product though there are precautions one needs to take when using these methods: avoid sun exposure while applying high levels of toxins such as bleach (it'll dry up quickly) which also causes burns if not handled properly; use gloves or wipe off excess powder immediately after application. 

Dandruff shampoo and Baking Soda

Baking soda is not just a sweetener. It has been traditionally used for centuries to lighten hair color and achieve that perfect platinum look, but this ancient recipe can also be applied as an exfoliator! 

Dandruff shampoos are ultra-concentrated with sulfides which make them even more effective than traditional bleach formulas--sometimes up near 100 times better according to the experts at Superdrug Online Chemist (UK). 

Combine these two ingredients together in one pot of hot water while wearing protective gloves so you don't burn yourself then apply evenly all over your head covering any exposed areas such as scalps close by scalp area where it may irritate slightly if adverse side effects occur use caution

The preparation is simple, but it will take some time. Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda in your bottle and use as you would a regular shampoo to avoid getting the mixture on other parts of your body that shouldn't be exposed such as the face or eyes. 

I recommend tipping over any sink when mixing this recipe so that all ingredients are thoroughly washed off before rinsing out hair with clean water alone. After following these steps carefully (patience!), apply the argan oil conditioner according to how much moisture needs replenishment. 

Not too little just because there could potentially also be itchiness from what has been left behind after treatment), then leave them overnight if possible!

Final Thought

You can fix a bad hair color job by clarifying, which is the easiest way. Just make sure you support your locks with plenty of moisture in process and be careful not to shampoo too often or else it might fade faster than expected!