No more hair

September 28, 2019



Permanent hair removal is a process, and although it may take a long time for your next vacation or the next party to show off the bare bones. It is not too early to begin if you would like to start permanent hair removal. On the contrary!

Permanent hair removal separates the water

After testing permanent hair removal, we have since found that it is a subject that can separate the waters. There can almost be gender politics in the debate. Whether there should be a hair under the arms, on the legs or not. In this connection, we will skip this debate lightly and elegantly and say that I recommend saying yes if you for the opportunity to test.

hair removal

How does laser treatment work?

The process of laser treatment is such that when the laser light strikes the pigment in the hair, the laser light is converted to heat. The heat is passed through the hair into the hair follicle, which is destroyed. Thus the hair follicle, it can no longer produce new hair. Because the light must be passed through color, it is essential that the hair is dark. If you are light-haired from nature's hand, then not all hair on the legs can be captured by the laser.

How was the process?

We have been testing for about nine months - at about three months apart. The hair goes through three stages: the growth phase, the rejection phase, and the resting phase. Once the hair has been treated, there is a period when the hair is repelled - it can take approx. Two weeks - then the hair has a resting phase where no hair appears. The rest phase gets longer and longer, depending on how many treatments you have received. Then the growth phase starts where the hair comes out again. It depends on your hair type have - i.e., how much, how dark, and how strong it is, the resting phase will vary, and thus also how many treatments it will require. We would recommend talking to the therapist before getting her assessment of what it will expect. It will also be prudent in terms of budget assessment.

hair removal

What do you need to be aware of when you want permanent hair removed?

You must not have been in the sun four weeks before, which means that it is smart to start treatment in the winter before the spring sun begins to emerge. The reason why you must not be brown is that the laser responds to light, and thus you risk being burnt to the skin

It is for this very reason that it is recommended that you check the site thoroughly before beginning any treatment. For example, you can talk to the clinic before booking and hear if they have a doctor attached, which is a requirement for how long they have performed treatments, etc. Unfortunately, there are several (frightening) stories about women who have been made laser treatment and has been burned with subsequent permanent scars.


The result is simply amazing. It is so neat and practical to be hair-free under the arms and legs, and we certainly think it is worth the money. It hurts a little when the laser burns the hair in the armpit, but because the pain is only while the laser strikes the hair and because the area of ​​hair is so small, it is bearable. On the legs, it can not be felt at all.