The Truth about Brazilian Hair Removal

September 11, 2019

The Truth About Brazilian Hair Removal


Do a quick search about Brazilian hair removal on your computer, and you will find more information on the topic than you probably need.  With so much information and disinformation floating around out there, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to locate the truth about any given subject.  When it comes down to having hair removed from your bikini zone by some strange professional, you most likely want someone to shoot you straight about what to expect.  The truth about Brazilian hair removal is that it hurts big time, but the results are fantastical. Cheaper than most other options, and you wind up looking pretty good when you’re done too.

What exactly is Brazilian Hair Removal?

brazilian laser hair removalHave you ever seen those beautiful models sporting lovely swimsuits without a stitch of hair on their bikini zones?  Most likely, those guys and gals did not spend a second shaving or dealing with razor burn.  Instead, they probably opted for Brazilian hair removal and wound up looking like superstars afterward.  Brazilian hair removal is usually done with hot wax, but nowadays, more and more people are using lasers to get the job done.  Either way, after a gentle Brazilian treatment you won’t have to worry about any nasty hair poking out of your swimsuit bottoms anymore. And though you might not look like a model you will feel like one.

What does Brazilian Hair Removal Cost?

How much you end up paying for Brazilian hair removal is dependent upon where you go to get the procedure done.  Some places charge an arm and a leg, while others are always running specials.  What makes finding a deal so tricky is the fact that Brazilian hair removal often requires some trust between the client and the professional. So just going wherever to find the best price isn’t always an actual option.  On average, the waxing procedure costs about $80-$100, while using a laser can run you as much as $2,000.  Depending on what you need out of the process, you will most likely have to adjust what you are willing to spend to get it done.  As always, take your time and look around for the best deals but make sure you land on someone who is a certified professional.

How long does the Hair Removal Last?

It is difficult to say what you should expect from Brazilian hair removal in terms of longevity. Especially when you consider the fact that every person is different, while some folks enjoy a hair-free bikini zone for months, others must go back for repeat treatment in just a few weeks.  Regardless, getting Brazilian hair removal is much simpler and most easily maintained than having to shave every single day, and the cost of razors and shaving crème balances nicely with the price and longevity of the typical treatment.  Figuring out if it is right for you is just a matter of sitting down and deciding what kind of grooming habits you want to keep.