Do men needs hair removal?

October 7, 2019

Should a man think about hair removal? Yes, he should - unless he wants to let all his hair grow. Few people leave all the hair, so you need to decide which hair removal method you like most.

It hurts, it is cumbersome, it takes a long time ... The excuses are many when it comes to hair removal methods, but it is not at all as difficult or time-consuming as you think. Once you are the master of the technique, it does not take you any time to remove the unwanted hair.

Hair removal for men

Have you decided which hair removal method you want to use? Or are you looking for a new hair removal method? There are now many different hair removal methods available.

Gradually you can also do most hair removal methods at home - however, it is essential to emphasize that any methods should not be done at home unless you have experience as doing more harm than creating a good result.

Hair removal is also a hot topic. Should we men remove all the hair on the body, or should any hair become? And if so, what will you become? After all, it's impossible to know what the ladies want - and that's why you have to make the decision 100% yourself - unless you know otherwise from home!

Four hair removal methods for men

Of course, there are hair removal methods that are harder to master than others - which is why you have to choose the one you feel safest in. Also, there are of course the pros and cons of all types of hair removal - and we will give them to you so you can choose your method.

Hair Removal - Shaving

hair removal

This hair removal method is probably the easiest and fastest way to go - most people will think. Hair removal with shaving is familiar to everyone - which is why there is no focus on this method. It's just off the road as we all know it.

Always be sure to have a sharp tool, so you get the best results and avoid redbuds and irritated skin.

Benefits of shaving

  • It is very easily accessible
  • Everyone can do it at home
  • It's fast
  • Easy to bring on holiday/travel

Disadvantages of shaving

  • It typically only lasts one day
  • You risk your skin becoming irritated and red
  • There may be an ingrown hair


Hair removal - waxing and sugaring

hair removal

The hair removal method with wax or sugaring is immediately something that requires professional help. You can make bruises, scar blisters, and you can break hair, which becomes ingrown if not done right. Also, you will not get the optimal or correct result. If you are considering a method where you do not have to worry about hair, then you should choose to get help with this!

The difference between wax and sugaring is that sugaring is a natural product and is made from sugar and water. Therefore, if you cannot tolerate wax, we recommend that you go into sugaring. However, they both have almost the same advantages and disadvantages!

Benefits of waxing/sugaring

  • Removes the hair with the root
  • You can be hair-free for up to 3-4 weeks
  • Avoid the stinging sensation
  • May appear hair growth inhibitor

Disadvantages of waxing/sugaring

  • Cannot be done at home
  • May be painful - depending on your pain threshold

Hair removal - epilation

hair removal

Epilation has become an important topic - for what is it? And how good is that? Epilation is done with a machine that you can carry with you anywhere, even if you are on vacation, or traveling for an extended period. That's pretty smart!

It is relatively easy with an epilator. It is important to emphasize that it always hurts the first time. When the hair follicles are not used to being ripped out, they are incredibly well stuck in the skin - which is why it hurts the first time you have to do an epilation. As soon as you have epilated a few times, you get used to the pain, and it gets milder and milder.

Benefits of Epilation

  • Easy to use
  • Provides a longer-lasting result
  • Fewer ingrown hairs
  • Mostly less skin irritation
  • Easy to travel with

Disadvantages of epilation

  • Can be painful
  • Takes a little longer than the scraper

Hair Removal - Cream

hair removal

If you have delicate or sensitive skin, we do not recommend that you go for hair removal creams. Simply because your hair and skin are exposed to basic products - and it can cause an allergic reaction to those with very sensitive, sensitive, or delicate skin.

You must keep an eye on what your skin looks like when using a hair removal cream. There are some rare cases where the skin has been etched because it has been too strong. But don't worry - you have to pay attention if you use it.

Benefits of Hair Removal Cream

  • It's easy to do yourself
  • It takes a little longer before the hair is out again

Disadvantages of hair removal cream

  • May have an allergic reaction
  • Pay close attention while the cream sits on the skin
  • May be harsh to the skin

Which hair removal method should you choose?

This question is tough! It's all about yourself. You must choose the method that suits the result you want. Therefore, it is only you who can make this decision.

If you want your hair to stay away longer, we recommend using an epilator or getting a waxing/sugaring done. Should you, however, want the process to be faster, you should choose a scraper or hair removal cream.

It is, therefore, only you who can choose which hair removal method you want to choose or prefer. All of them have pros and cons - but best of all, try a little different to find out which way is best for you.