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October 2, 2019

When summer is upon us, it's time to show off our legs in short summer dresses and jump in the bikini at the pool and beach. Therefore, it is often even more critical to control hair removal during the hot time.

If you are tired of ever stabbing stumps on your legs, under your arms, and in your bikini line, luckily there is help coming. Because it doesn't have to be cumbersome or time-consuming to get rid of unwanted hair if you know how to do it.

Get summery with a wonder product

If you dream of silky smooth skin before the holidays so that you can show your body with confidence, we have found the solution for you. Pearl Wax is a product that effectively kills all your unwanted hair without having to pay for a professional wax treatment. Namely, it can be a costly affair to get others to arrange the bikini line or legs for you, which is why Pearl Wax is the perfect friend in need. With a hair removal kit from the brand, you can achieve the same great and long-lasting result at home that you get at a professional clinic.

Less pain and longer shelf life

In addition to being a more easily accessible and cheaper way to remove hair, there are also many other benefits to throwing yourself into a wax treatment with Pearl Wax. You altogether avoid the pain that undeniably comes when removing the wax with strips. The adult wipes itself completely, so you can peel it off without the use of aids, which makes for a more comfortable experience. Another great advantage is that the result lasts for up to four weeks, which is said to be far longer than when you do the hair removal with a regular scraper. Last but not least, you can put the wax on the body with a good conscience, as it is a natural product made from beeswax.

hair removal

Hair removal waxSmart hair removal for the entire body

But how do you go about it when you need to get the stubborn hair to life? At first, you must choose the area to be waxed. However, there are very few restrictions with Pearl Wax as it can be used both for removing unwanted hair under the arms, in the bikini line, on the legs, on the arms, on the upper lip and in the forehead. Then it's time to find the product. Starter packs consist of a smart wax heater that quickly heats the wax to the required temperature. Also included is the wax itself, which comes in the form of unique wax beads, which melts and gives the most beautiful scent. Last but not least, you also get ten application sticks in the bargain, which easily as a game distributes the adult in that area.

Guide to Brazilian Wax

When it comes to intimate shaving, it is crucial to be gentle and look after the susceptible skin in the area. Therefore, it is essential to use a product suitable for a Brazilian wax treatment. In the bikini line, it is not appropriate to use strips to remove the wax, as it can leave tender and reddish skin, which is difficult to heal. One of the best to use is Pearl Wax, designed to bring the hair to life even in the most intimate of places. Read on, and you will find a full guide on how to achieve the perfect Brazilian wax treatment at home.

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Prepare the skin

First of all, turn the wax heater on and turn it on to the highest temperature so that it can just as quietly begin to melt the wax beads. However, keep an eye on the machine, as soon as the pellets are melted, turn down on medium. While you are waiting for it, you may begin to prepare your skin for treatment. It is a crucial step if you want to achieve a beautiful and durable result. Here, it is vital to thoroughly cleanse that area with soap so that the skin is clean and excellent for treatment.

Apply wax and remove unwanted hair

Before applying the wax to the skin, you should just test the temperature with one finger. Then use the applicator to distribute the wax in the hairline of the bikini line and where you would otherwise want to remove hair. You need to put a thin layer of wax on, as there is not much to do to achieve the desired effect. Then it's just about having patience and letting the wax dry in. The

hair removal

Takes about 20 minutes, after which you can wipe the wax with your fingers against the hairs of the hair. If there is some residue of the wax left, it can be removed with a little warm water. After treatment, it is always a good idea to lubricate the skin into a delicious and moisturizing cream so that the skin stays soft and delicious. From there, you have to clean the heated bowl in warm water, so it is ready for the next time you need to remove hair. Fortunately, it's not often when using Pearl Wax.

That was the simple guide, to help you achieve a perfect wax treatment every time, and with a Pearl Wax hair removal kit, it won't be any easier.