Hair trends 2017

August 2, 2017

These hair trends hit's 2017

Should your hair be short or long? Dark or bright? It all comes down to personal preference, but these hair trends are hot right now.
There are many people who know the feeling that something has to be done with the hair when the weather is soothing and the sun is looking forward.

Maybe you just need a bounce of the tips to give you a spring-free feel, but if you're hungry for new inspiration, it's worth reading here. We have asked three hairdressers what to choose this summer if you want to be on the move!


Hair Trends - Colors

Hot Toner:

hair trendsA large group chooses warmer tones for the hair when we approach summer, such as honey blonde, caramel and beige. People often choose to get a little brighter stripe around the face to get a natural, summery look that had they been a lot in the sun. Some also choose to let their own hair color grow out, and so few colored lighter, hot stripes in it.

It is great now to get the colored stripes using the balayage technique, where the stripes are painted with a loose hand on the hair instead of using a foil or hood. In this way, you get more natural transitions between the stripes, and it can create more life in the hair than the sharply colored stripes you would otherwise get.




plum hair colorPerhaps you have noticed the pastel colors in the form of pink or light blue, which have gotten into the hair fashion for the last couple of years. Well, they are still hitting this summer. But consider it carefully before you go into blue summer hair.







ice blondIf you do not have the warm shades, the ice-cream color, where the hair is colored completely in a very cold light shade, is also really hot. However, it should be noted that it may take more colors to achieve the right color. Especially if you are dark-haired.






Hair Trends - Cutouts


The very big trend-frisure this season is the long page, also called a lob. Which comes from a long bob, which is an extension of the traditional page. Many well-known people also swear to this haircut that is wearing a lot of clothes.


Straight lengths:

As we also see in the lob, it's about cutting hair just over - even if it's far. Floors, where the hair is cut in uneven lengths, is not something that a lot of customers demand more.